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More layoffs at Credit Suisse

My best friend was laid off a few weeks ago, at their Raleigh office. They received a WARN Notice and a very vague explanation about the termination. Due to the sensitivity of it, they were not even allowed to tell anyone at their job what happened... —  read more 

Denials about planned job cuts at Credit Suisse

They keep denying it, at this point Credit Suisse HR the Comms team are on the defense. I think we'll se a few hundred folks cut and there will be more jobs that will be shipped overseas. Just watch it, I do not believe these PR stunts any more... —  read more 

More cuts

More rounds are coming, mostly for the large centres (NY, London, Zurich) but definitely everywhere. Also more and more jobs moving from everywhere to Poland. Everywhere, even lost cost locations. —  read more 

1.5K to go very soon

1.5K to go very soon. It's not even funny to see the big boys ax thousands of people and the market not even notices. Not sure who's going to be affected but you can find that on any news site - what perplexes me are the numbers - this is massive and... —  read more 

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