Topics regarding layoffs at Credit Suisse

Topics regarding layoffs at Credit Suisse

UBS to buy Credit Suisse

UBS reaches agreement to buy Credit Suisse after upping offer UBS is taking over Credit Suisse even after Credit Suisse received a $54 billion financial lifeline from the Swiss National Bank to bolster its liquidity last week. UBS said it... —  read more 

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Robert Kiyosaki’s warning

Even as financial markets across the world, particularly in the US, are still reeling under the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, a noted Wall Street analyst has predicted which bank is likely to collapse next. Robert Kiyosaki... —  read more 

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Timeline of the collapse…

2009: Fined $536 million for bypassing US sanctions 2014: Fined $2.6 billion for evading US taxes 2021: Lost $5.5 billion due to risky exposure to Archegos fund failure 2021: Froze $10 billon in funds due to Greensill collapse 2022:... —  read more 

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How much worse can it get?

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Stock cratering

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Apollo Global?

"Under the terms of the proposed transaction, investment vehicles managed by affiliates of Apollo and PIMCO would acquire the majority of SPG’s assets and other related financing businesses from Credit Suisse, form a new platform to enter into an... —  read more 

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Dr. Doom

"Markets should brace for a period of decline that echoes crashes of the 1970s and 2008, according to Nouriel Roubini." —  read more 

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More layoffs

The latest issues are bringing on the possibility of more layoffs. It seems investment banking and wealth management are among the areas that are going to be hit. It's not clear enough how many of the layoffs will be in the U.S., but I will admit... —  read more 


Credit Suisse has already hired many Chinese and is tripling their workforce in Mainland China. Internally, we've already seen many functions already being replaced with Chinese counterparts or are in the process of beginning to do so. Additionally... —  read more 

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Something Needs To Change

Credit Suisse Is Preparing For Layoffs As CEO Admits "Something" Needs To Change Source below... Credit Suisse is leading the charge, revealing this week that the investment bank will need less employees on the other side of the coronavirus... —  read more 

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More layoffs at Credit Suisse

My best friend was laid off a few weeks ago, at their Raleigh office. They received a WARN Notice and a very vague explanation about the termination. Due to the sensitivity of it, they were not even allowed to tell anyone at their job what happened... —  read more 

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More cuts

More rounds are coming, mostly for the large centres (NY, London, Zurich) but definitely everywhere. Also more and more jobs moving from everywhere to Poland. Everywhere, even lost cost locations.

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