Topics regarding layoffs at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Topics regarding layoffs at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Rant ahead

Rant ahead so move on if you don't want to read it. With the significant zone differences, communication difficulties, lack of knowledge about regulatory compliance for US based banks, really bad coding, not too great work ethics (not everyone... — read more 

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Audit is a huge joke at this point as the company continues to struggle. Is the board aware the front line is a complete disaster? RMF and all the tentacles... no one is complying. Continue to monitoring the monitorers. Keep going until they... — read more 

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Layoffs in Q4

Victor just commented on Q3 analyst call that layoffs will begin in Q4 (Aug - Oct). This was previously announced during the Q1 earnings release, but was postponed due to COVID.

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The next scandal

Will be coming soon for illegal termination. It’s one thing to fire someone if the position is no longer needed. It’s dirty and illegal to make things up.

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