Topics regarding layoffs at Scotiabank

Topics regarding layoffs at Scotiabank

Recent BNS Layoffs

Over 100 BNS employees were given pink slips in February 2023. These were Canadian employees from across the country. My daughter was one of them...she was a long term employee with BNS. Layoffs for some were effective February 28th; others later... — read more 

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Our VP said employees will still get payouts (bonus etc). It will be less than previous years. I was worried we wouldn't get any bonuses because of the cuts to the contractors. Scotiabank thanks for looking after us as we look forward to this bonus... — read more 

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Layoff Criteria

What I don't understand is the selection process for layoffs ... there are a couple people I know that have stellar reviews - Superior annual reviews, Best of the Best awards, etc. yet they're still laid off while someone else within the department... — read more 

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Horrible place to work

I worked for a division of scotiabank as a supervisor. The upper management team was horrible and disrespectful and seemed to take great pleasure in putting us down and literally making us cry. They never wanted to listen to those on the front lines... — read more 

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I worked at BNS.

Used to be a great place but ever since Brian Porter came around its been a sh-- show! The training sucks, employees aren't given the training they need. No ones there to help. It sucks for employees that actually work. They should get rid of the... — read more 

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Poor Management

Management is horrible! Branch managers don't tell their employees anything and keep reassuring them that their fine. No one knows! Another thing I'd like to understand is that the bank is trying to work with technology which I totally get as I'm a... — read more 

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Scotiabank Layoffs 2015 and 2016

Many folks are simply shocked, it's hitting the back office support staff the most. I have not anticipated this, Scotiabank was good to me and I hope that I will not be hit this time around. I hear that TD is cutting resources today too, this is not... — read more 

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More layoffs?

Do you think that Scotiabank will continue to have layoffs in 2015 and 2016. I know that many people are anxious but I can tell you that I feel that the worst is over and that we will not be having any layoffs soon.

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Scotiabank layoffs 2015

I hear that we might be spinning off some units and that some shared services and IT functions will be shipped out. Scotiabank used to be a great place to work at but recently things are not working out really well for us, we'll continue to lose... — read more 

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