Topics regarding layoffs at Toronto-Dominion Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Toronto-Dominion Bank

Sr Management Titles at TD

I have that TD had 4 levels in terms senior management titles which includes AVP, VP, SVP and EVP. Can anyone shed light the equivalent of these titles and salaries compared with US Banks? TIA

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Here we go again

First comes the hiring freeze and next comes the layoffs meanwhile they continue to hire for senior positions outside the company while overlooking their internal strong performers. Eventually those strong performers will realize that the low... —  read more 

And so it begins

More layoffs and now the company is starting these quarterly check-ins so now I get reminded each quarter why there are no growth opportunities for existing resources yet the continue to hire externally for higher level positions. While the... —  read more 

Due to covid-19.

Due ot Covid-19. The closing of branches was not from (digital enhancments) it's because they are not making profits for sharholders and executives, as well as, the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down.

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Sinking tank, run away

TD Securities is a joke. They violate and neglect compliance all the time. SEC will get their bu.. eventually. The US business is the worst. Culture Is horrible. Heard real bad things about their Houston business and the harassing bankers there. —  read more 

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Major Layoffs coming in 2021

Senior leadership will look to get rid of many people in 2021, especially outside Toronto. Call Centre in London is safe, business units are not. TD needs to get expenses under control and travelling has always been a major expense. Packages will not... —  read more 

TD SECURITIES layoffs in New York 2019

TD proceeded with layoffs (again). April 30th, 2019 . Pushing the stupidity to its maximum velocity after launching "Gigs" a new platform for TD Employees who can volunteer hours to work on internal projects. Germinal - a good reading for you Ty.

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Layoffs 2018

In the next couple of days layoffs will be announced. There will be no more customer service jobs anymore. A few of us were layed off effective the end of this month. TD doesn’t care about their employees. We achieved our sales goals but no bonus was... —  read more 

No way up

Moving up the ladder at Toronto Dominion is pretty much unachievable unless you have really good friends at the top. There is an equal amount of favoritism and politics playing a role in who gets promoted, and the rest of us are simply out of luck... —  read more 

Left on my own

I worked for TD quite a number of years until the lack of work/life balance forced me to look elsewhere. This is not your traditional banking institution with its 7 days a week open hours. Schedules are not set, demands are high and most of the time... —  read more 

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TD layoffs 2017

TD again started laying off staff after hefty bonuses to executives. In 2017 , TD is targeting more and more staff cuts on the name of organizational changes . Really annoying and stressed.

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