Topics regarding layoffs at BMO - BMO Harris - Bank of Montreal

Topics regarding layoffs at BMO - BMO Harris - Bank of Montreal

US having problems

BMO US had a material weakness in their financial statement disclosure and issued their financial statements late. I’d expect to see the Controller in the US “retire” s/b fired and perhaps layoffs in finance and risk.

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Bmo transportation finance

Hello, All. Never ever apply to this company. Worst time ever. There management style is from the 1980’s. Managers make you feel low and have no thought process for the future. Yelling at employees is common, no matter how much you work. Facility is... — read more 

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Work at Home

Hey BMO, large corporations are now having their employees work at home until 9/2022. AT&T, Apple to name a few. How about you get on board???

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Layoffs outside of Canada

Who else is worried that this is just the beginning and we might be seeing some local layoffs really soon? Bank of Montreal is winding down its energy business outside of Canada, a spokesman for the lender said on... — read more 

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2020 layoffs

Just got laid off from BMO, was working from home and they refused to provide a box for me to ship my laptop back to them, can you believe it? The layoffs are apparently to cut costs due to the bloat and inefficiency of the company but you can bank... — read more 

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BMO bad management

worked in the IT dept over 22yrs, i got cut two months ago. Over 20 years what i saw in BMO was giving management opportunities for unfit individuals, who you know get hired not for what you know. Bad/mismanagement brings the productivity down... — read more 

This is despicable

the target would be 70% Offshore (India) vs 30% local This is what is wrong with both Bank of Montreal and most of other companies today. They have completely stop caring about the employees and the community they are in in favor of more, more, and... — read more 

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Canadian Banking Layoffs

A career plan used to be as long as I am happy with the company I am working for and am a productive and hard working employee it will be up to me if I decide to retire with that company. Now as a soon as you celebrate your 50th birthday your... — read more 

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