Topics regarding layoffs at BlackRock Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at BlackRock Inc.

Budapest is gone

I work in Budapest. Every smart person is leaving, all the foreigners and many locals. I feel they will soon close the office or at least close a lot of groups. These jobs should be done in GGN not Europe!!!

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Does BlackRock have any morals?

Just wondering. Does a company like BlackRock have any morals? I see that they own millions of shares of predatory for-profit colleges. But my guess is that they are doing far worse with that much money and power (and so little transparency).

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NYC Layoffs in 2012

We axed about 500 people in 2012. I was part of that cut. I think it was maybe 5% of the total global workforce, and if I remember correctly, most of the cuts where here in New York City. I liked working at BlackRock and I liked my peeps, managing up... —  read more 

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