Topics regarding layoffs at TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.

Is anybody safe?

I know there's a lot of redundant positions that have to be cut, but what about the rest of us? Are any of us safe from these layoffs? The way things have been going, I'm not sure there'll be more than a handful of TD folks left once the merger and... —  read more 

More Layoffs Today - Unfair

Well, as you probably all have heard there were more Schwayoffs today, all to (former) TD Ameritrade employees and none to Schwabs. This is some Schwamily they are making. I know things will be alright in the long run, but I feel betrayed. Was TDs... —  read more 

Layoffs are here

Springfield, scottrade layoffs - 100s laid off so far Does anybody have more info on this? Is this it for this round or can we expect more people and more locations to be hit sometime next week? It's been a rough weekend thinking about possibly not... —  read more 

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The merger - Omaha is safe, for now

They announced the acquisition of Scottrade this week. Although there will be no layoffs in Omaha, at least for now, we should expect a lot of changes soon. A lot of overlaps, so Jersey and Texas may be at risk. Good luck to us all.

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Pete Ricketts

Pete Ricketts is running for Governor of Nebraska, saying he is a job creator. I'd like to know how many people he is responsible for laying off in his time as COO of TD Ameritrade.

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