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Layoffs happened one year agi

So, it’s September 17th now and it’s the one year anniversary of the 2019 layoffs which occurred on Sept 17/18 last year. As one affected, it s—s more now than it did last year since no one knew what Covid would bring and the once booming economy... —  read more 

$40M in Savings

By deferring a week of payroll, the company is saving close to $40M by moving us all to the bi-weekly payroll with a week in arrears.

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Next to go?

PortfolioCenter is one of the better plays Charles Schwab has made in a long time and one of the few software products it can be proud of. That old bird could do so many things so well that even long after it was due for an overhaul it sold for a... —  read more 

Talent Profiles

I saw a PowerPoint template of the talent profiles they want us to fill out. It really sounds like they are going to use them to figure out who can get axed. Thoughts?

Lay-off no longer needed

Looks like Schwab leadership has decided that layoffs are no longer needed. They did an evacuation and discovered that layoffs are not needful, and hence forth have decided that the needy need not be performed at this time. They have no doubt. They... —  read more 

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Lots of .net positions open

Here people are talking about layoffs, but Schwab has so many .net positions open. Don’t know why you guys feel layoffs coming? Am I not able to see, what you guys are seeing? Can someone share your thoughts 💭🙏

May 1 passed....

Ok, so reading all the posts here, everything was pointing to huge layoffs to take place today. From what I have heard, no one has been layed off. And all those rumors about lists, at the 5%, 10%, and 15% cut levels. So is this just delayed? Do... —  read more 

Layoff status May 2020

So are we getting layed off or not? Will someone in know please confirm this one or the other. A lot of us here are just hanging on by a thread. I know a lot of people in Schawb getting layed.

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