Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Quiet firing in action

This article brilliantly sums up what is happening at Schwab:

Another round in April

Mostly Green Square redundancy that didn’t get the axe in the previous rounds. I’d love to see the RTO related departures impacts, heard a bunch of people just hanging around to see if they actually do get 73% of their bonus opp. —  read more 

Troubled emp

I hope my PM quits that guy is mentally abus1ve to our team. He causes more problems then he solves. At this point I'm thinking my only option is to report to HR but I don't think they will help. Any tips on what I should do?

It's a morale issue

One of Schwab’s biggest issue right now is employee morale. There is no quick fix for this and leadership seems unable to effectively manage it. There is a level of elitism, fake humility, etc that is palatable. Without broad-based trust the company... —  read more 

Bonus is a Sick Joke

73%? They lay us off because of their bad judgement and then want to further short change us in this market? I just found out so even if this is old news, it’s new to me. I’m livid because I’ve always gotten above the funded target and now was laid... —  read more 

Post March 8

How is this company going to keep running when the remaining smart ones all quit after March 8? We’re stretched thin as it is and it’s going to be he-l when the PM-to-doer ration jumps from 50:1 to 200:1.

Skewed Messages

I just want to be clear that I’m no fan of Schwab as a company since I was impacted by the layoff. But the messages on here seem quite skewed because they cannot always be relied on. The anonymity makes it so we cannot always trust what we read. .. —  read more 

May, post TG predictions

there will be another round of layoffs. They will be labeled as achieving post TG synergy targets. Unfortunately, the EC has already announced twice in the last year that the reduction in force due to integration of TDA is over followed by Walt... —  read more 

Even more lies

A huge portion of my team is remote, including my direct manager. The reps impacted by RTO were told that reps in the remote positions would not have new roles opening, and not have the same level of career growth. A new manager position has opened... —  read more 

I’m so tired

I’m tired of these terrible phone systems. I’m tired of taking calls for departments that aren’t mine when I’m supposed to be a highly specialized department. I’m tired of talking to ancient people who scream at you when you try to answer their... —  read more 

“Anonymous” Survey

I was given an opportunity to submit feedback in a more free form manner (this was not the Glint survey). I had to disclose my business unit before filling out the survey, but not my immediate team or location. I was very direct with my feelings... —  read more 

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