Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Does Schwab HR Exist?

Have a HR question? Submit a case. Question about change in benefits? Submit a case. Employee dies, submit a case. If you ask 5 different people you will receive 5 different inconsistent answers. You try to search the Schweb or myHR and you... —  read more 

Waiting bonus to leave?

I wonder how many such cases are there, people who are just waiting to get a bonus before they leave. I think there will be a lot of resignations, judging by my colleagues' comments. I am also just waiting for the bonus and then goodbye CS.

Why not just move on?

I left Schwab recently. I’m happy I did, but it’s not as bad as people a few voices on this forum make it out to be. Yes, there’s lots of confusion with the merger and yes, there are groups where it sucks to work. But its not all groups If you... —  read more 

Schwab needs to move on from Simon

His lack of vision and leadership are the main reasons STS has been stagnant for years now. Well before covid and TDA. He lacks vision and awareness of the modern workplace and his own org. Schwab technology needs a better leader to drive change.

Rejected WFP Request

Did anyone else get their request to work from home 70-90% rejected? My position requires a license. But the information provided said as long as it’s not the 9/10. All metrics and progression were reached for every quarter this year. There was... —  read more 

Reasons to reorganize

There are many who argue that the CS should be reorganized without delay. There are also those who think otherwise, of course, but I am primarily interested in what are the arguments for the reorganization of those who claim that it is necessary... —  read more 

New Bonus Structure

Schwab's transitioned to a new bonus structure as a % of base salary. Existing employees have their bonus % based on where they are today. However standard rates have been set for future hires that in some places exceed existing employees % bonus for... —  read more 

Small cuts happened today

Guess my prediction held… just got a note from my MD about a single layoff in our area, and a ping about an unexpected one in another area. Seems to be long-tenured folks mostly. Let us know if you hear of/see anything.

It's a trap!

Advice to all young employees who are eager to prove themselves here----- the fact that you are overwhelmed with work gives you a false illusion that you are in high demand and trusted with a lot of tasks. It's a trap. It may be good for your... —  read more 

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