Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Bonus %

Level 57 (non-STS) here and my bonus target is 15% of base salary. Does this increase with career progression as you move through the levels or is it pretty much fixed until Level 60-61?

Inadequate pay

Considering the amount of work I do and my responsibilities here, I feel quite underpaid. Has anyone asked to get a reasonable raise or is it better to focus on looking for a new job?

The final straw to leave

Sometimes it is not easy to make the decision to leave, especially if the other offers are not that much better. However, lately I am more and more sure that leaving is the best option because the amount of work I have to do, the level of stress... —  read more 

Big disappointment

I really thought Schwab was a much better place than it turned out to be. Elsewhere, too, the employee should mostly be a yes man and glorify his manager in order to be more comfortable at his job, but here it's all about over-inflated egos... —  read more 

Message to IO&C leaders

It’s amazing how you plead ignorance whenever someone good leaves and then think offering an on the spot promo can actually force someone to stay. People are leaving because they can’t stand the Simon says culture, constant change in direction and... —  read more 

I see no reason for cuts

My colleagues are talking about possible cuts, many rumors are already circulating, some are already looking for other options, thinking that they might be a target. I wouldn't say that Schwab is doing badly, and that's why these rumors surprise me... —  read more 

Cash flow problem?

Is Schwab having a liquidity problem? Earnings last quarter say no, prior quarter say yes… client here that cannot access monies…you tell me why? Account issue remains unresolved despite promises

Stupidest thing to do

I would also like to receive a package and then find something better. However, I still don't think it's a good idea to provoke the management in order to increase my chances of becoming a target, and I know several people who are doing exactly... —  read more 

Layoffs planned for Q3

Rumors of layoffs planned for Q3 are circulating. I know this is stressful for some, and may cause unwanted side effects, such as losing hair. If that is you, then I have good news. Rogaine. Easy to use and apply the topical solution to the... —  read more 

Too many contractors

It made me laugh when I read someone's post saying that contractors outnumber full time employees at Shwab... But then again, when I think about it a little better, maybe that's not so far from the truth? Shwab definitely has no hard choice between... —  read more 

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