Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Safe until August?

This company is so horribly non-transparent... After the cuts of these 75 people, can we now be relaxed and believe that there will be no new layoffs until August?

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Which groups will be impacted?

There are more and more rumors about layoffs, but there are not many insights about who will be the target? Any thoughts? I don’t worry much because I’m prepared, and even if I get laid off I would avoid the ridiculous RTO plan. On the other hand, I... —  read more 

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Schwab is hiring?

Why does leadership feel like it's okay to tell TDA teams that they're aggressively hiring (especially in tech) as they continue laying off thousands of people? They have so much work but we sit here with nothing meaningful to do. Does anyone at... —  read more 

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Q2 layoffs: May 10

They are coming, a few different groups will be involved. Ongoing layoff planning for every quarter, the second Monday – Feb 8 happened, May 10 coming, look for similar in August and November all the way past CD1 in 2023.

Micromanaged even while WFH

Has the manager found an effective and super ingenious way to continue to micromanage you even while working from home? Mine has. It's amazing really. I thought that working from home I would be able to take a break from him since creates abnormal... —  read more 

Deffered Promotions

Is any one else's org deferring all promotions until the axe drops? (Is anyone else's VP using the layoffs to encourage their employees to take on more work and more responsibilities without changes in title or pay, while using layoffs as a very... —  read more 

Return to Office

March 31st passed and no return to the office notices were delivered as predicted in an earlier post ( Does anyone have any new information? A lot of financial institutions are aiming for June. I imagine Schwab... —  read more 

Is it over yet?

Man, that joint call we had with anonymous Q&A was comical. It was very clear which side wrote each question. I'm w/ Schwab, but I now report up to a TD person. Really hoping to not get canned, but I guess I have no say in the matter. I look... —  read more 

Hard to start over?

After many years of working at CS, I think I would like to move to a much smaller company. I used to be proud to work here and build a career but lately CS and all of its elitism has become so tiring to me that I can’t wait to leave. Why am I not... —  read more 

Q2 Layoffs

And just like that Q2 is here, and we are all on the potential chopping block once again. Does anyone have any dates for the next round? Will it come with the HR consolidation?

Bonus Pool Funding

Seriously? Kicking an extra $30M to fund the pool to only 90%. What a joke. This company spent $20B+ for Ameritrade, but can’t kick in a few extra dollars to fully find the bonus pool. Give me a break.

Layoffs 2021 Happening

The estimate is about 2k will be laid off in January February 2021 time frame. Business units have been quietly telling employees for weeks to prepare. It will be bigger than September 2019 layoffs. It is absolutely happening.

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