Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Layoffs planned for Q3

Rumors of layoffs planned for Q3 are circulating. I know this is stressful for some, and may cause unwanted side effects, such as losing hair. If that is you, then I have good news. Rogaine. Easy to use and apply the topical solution to the... —  read more 

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Too many contractors

It made me laugh when I read someone's post saying that contractors outnumber full time employees at Shwab... But then again, when I think about it a little better, maybe that's not so far from the truth? Shwab definitely has no hard choice between... —  read more 

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Attitude Change Required

Employees matter, but he clients matter more. That’s why the business exists in the first place—to serve clients. You work for the company, they don’t work for you. You may be entitled and have the attitude “well I’ll just go somewhere else, it’s an... —  read more 


Who is in charge of the Career Progression dashboard? Can someone please look into getting it fixed please? The data has been out all quarter. Oh and there’s a spelling error in the word difference, on the core rep snapshot. The data is super helpful... —  read more 

Working smarter

"Work smarter, not harder" - this is just another empty phrase that everyone uses. And what exactly does it mean to work smarter? My superior doesn't even want to hear about prioritizing activities, for him everything is always a priority and... —  read more 

Overworked and exhausted

I don't really care if it's a normal attrition or a mass exodus. The only thing that interests me is what does Schwab intend to do so that those of us who are left would not be so overworked? I can work under this pressure for another month, after... —  read more 

Less motivated than ever

I certainly didn’t start to hate this place all of a sudden. I went from being full of enthusiasm and gradually came to a point of zero morale where I am today. It is difficult to work with such morale. How to regain the lost motivation? Perhaps... —  read more 

SCS Leadership

Awful. On so many levels. Everyone is burned out. I’ve never seen anything like it. Direct people managers don’t know what’s going on, upper management is touting themselves as “premier” and building “world class service”. We’ve been hearing for 2... —  read more 

Bonus actuals

Former level 58 who left for greener pastures last year. I'm curious how much bonus I would have gotten. I see $30-60k referenced here a lot. What's the actual # that hit your bank account?

No end to incompetence

Dear Simon and Mitch, thanks for basically letting everyone on our team know that we are not valued. You let go the one leader that actually knows anything about their domain. You’re left with the clown troupe. We’re all quitting very soon. Can’t... —  read more 

Schwab Blue Thoughts

Here is an opinion of a blue employee here. I have read many of the issues that green employees are facing and some, if not most of them are shared by blue employees as well. The funny part is that you have not even seen the worst of it yet. For... —  read more 

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