Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charles Schwab Corp.

Changes CS needs as a priority

It's not the employees' fault, but those at the top that this company has become such a mess. I had a little discussion with colleagues about which changes are necessary to be prioritized here and I'm also interested in your opinion?

Layoff process

how’s the process at Schwab? Do they give you advance warning to do a handover to another colleague? or do they meet with you on Friday evening and cancel your computer access on the spot? Pls share from your experience so that we know what to... —  read more 

Schwab and rising rates

All we heard about over the last decade plus was how well Schwab was positioned to profit when rates started to rise. Now we hear Schwab is taking huge losses because of rising rates How does this happen when they were prepared for it? How is this... —  read more 


Did everyone else who is salaried get very poor raises? Schwab made record all time profits last year and we got short changed. Inflation is rising so much that now I feel like I’m making less even though our workloads are much higher. Now they are... —  read more 

Bonus %

Level 57 (non-STS) here and my bonus target is 15% of base salary. Does this increase with career progression as you move through the levels or is it pretty much fixed until Level 60-61?

Inadequate pay

Considering the amount of work I do and my responsibilities here, I feel quite underpaid. Has anyone asked to get a reasonable raise or is it better to focus on looking for a new job?

The final straw to leave

Sometimes it is not easy to make the decision to leave, especially if the other offers are not that much better. However, lately I am more and more sure that leaving is the best option because the amount of work I have to do, the level of stress... —  read more 

Big disappointment

I really thought Schwab was a much better place than it turned out to be. Elsewhere, too, the employee should mostly be a yes man and glorify his manager in order to be more comfortable at his job, but here it's all about over-inflated egos... —  read more 

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