Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

How is next week looking?

I won't be able to relax the entire weekend for fear of the layoffs continuing next week. I don't understand why we're having layoffs in the first place when we're having so much trouble hiring for roles that have to be filled. Nobody is applying!... —  read more 


Is every area of this company completely insane? Or is it just the bank? The refusal of leadership to prioritize anything, false deadlines etc creates a horrific environment for employees. Everything is a fire drill. There is no time to do quality... —  read more 

Their so-called support

“Despite turning marketing back on and our plans to un-pause our mortgage products here in April, these headwinds are expected for the foreseeable future and the size of our current workforce is larger than what is needed for the work ahead,”... —  read more 


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Holiday Bonus

I recently received a pending offer from USAA. The offer mentions a Holiday Bonus which is the equivalency of two weeks Base Pay if awarded by the USAA Chief Executive Officer. How regular has the company been paying out the holiday bonus in the... —  read more 


How did we come up with our new CIO, I would have preferred the interim CIO. It seems like it's a wrong choice. Too early to tell, but I can feel it. She seems like she would accelerate attrition.

Layoffs in reverse

I started at USAA not too long ago. I like the team I work with and everyone is nice. The problem is the compliance work will over rule any passionate work you were hired to do. Basically this has led to distrust. What you interviewed for is not... —  read more 

Risk layoffs coming

Those of us in the know have very intimate knowledge of the new CRO and Banking President. They're executioners, here to play the villains and layoff huge swathes of the entire banking unit. We know that USAA likes to hire contractors as needed... —  read more 

Firings imminent

Changes in compensation are incoming, and the rumor mill is churning. Not sure what the changes are, as nothing positive or negative has been released, but after being fined again any change cannot be good. Probably here of lay offs this week... —  read more 

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