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USAA/Schwab Merger/Acquisition Layoffs

Another opinion, layoffs to follow though: Charles Schwab will acquire USAA’s brokerage and wealth management business for a value of $1.8B. The deal will add 1M+ new customer accounts with $90B of assets split across self-directed... —  read more 


Sh-- company filled with an army of Indians. Welcome to segregation USA 2019

USAA layoffs September 2018

San Antonio is being hit hard. Here's more info in case somebody missed it: USAA is eliminating approximately 110 positions in San Antonio in the Real Estate Lending and Real Estate Rewards Network field... —  read more 

2019 Prospects

We'll see what happens if the numbers continue to go down. Maybe layoffs at USAA in 2019 - we'll see - I am very concerned, no insider info just my gut feeling.

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