Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Topics regarding layoffs at USAA


ECIO and a few other areas in the company are going through additional budget trimming exercises now. They're digging hard to cut more expenses. The previous expense cut a few months ago which eliminated contractors was not enough. In many areas... —  read more 


I think how our IT leader has stated that cost cutting will happen so probably jobs will be cut. If someone does loose their job, does anyone know what’s the Severn we package like for someone with 3 to 5 years experience.

Wells Fargo to USAA

So disappointing that many of the leaders that flopped at Wells Fargo are now moving into USAA pushing the same agenda. Burn and churn sad to say that’s their plan and have a lot of money thrown at them


I think that unnecessary bureaucracy does enormous damage to the company. Honestly, have you ever worked in a company that has a bigger problem with unnecessary bureaucracy than is the case here?

I hate it here

It's not that I simply dislike working at USAA or that I'm burned out, I'm actively hating it. I'm sick and tired of the stress that comes with working here. I'm sick of the politics and sick of having to clean up messes made by my manager who got... —  read more 

Unmanageable Workload

Worked 16 hours today and normal is 12. Most checked out at 1pm for early release. Could work 24/7 and still not be done or be thoughtful in my work. Manager does nothing but piles on more deliverables. Lack of accountability is astounding. Rework... —  read more 

DPO and EO Layoffs

Bank is "transforming" the roles of DPO and EO. Credit Card was hit first. They are replacing both roles with PO and BPC positions. Forcing all employees to reapply for their jobs and compete against contractors and external applicants. It's a smoke... —  read more 


Is every area of this company completely insane? Or is it just the bank? The refusal of leadership to prioritize anything, false deadlines etc creates a horrific environment for employees. Everything is a fire drill. There is no time to do quality... —  read more 

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