Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Explain to me like I'm stupid

(Because I sort of am) how the company lost billions of dollars Equibus paribus what sh---y decisions caused us to lose money when other similarly situated FI's made money or lost comparatively less?

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Sinking ship

The leadership should be the ones thinking about that, but I'm curious what you think would stop or slow down the sinking of this company?

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More layoffs coming

There are more layoffs planned in third and fourth quarters. If you want to keep your job, continue to suck up and stay busy. Outcomes aren't appreciated.

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USAA Culture. Things observed and heard in 10 years. Couple of fine gentlemen loudly laughing about how they like to pull up to electric cars that have windows open and 'roll coal', flooring their diesel trucks to choke them with exhaust. ... —  read more 

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Class Action Lawsuit?

For a while now, we were being promised more work. But none was forthcoming. Then they pull out the metrics to claim that a worker is not performing, and state to get off of the PIP, you have to improve the metrics. But how can this happen with no... —  read more 

AML Will be gutted

This Department will be slashed. So many bodies were hired and thrown at the consent order, causing a 30 to 40% overage of resources. Yes some were sent to Fraud to assist but the real cuts are yet to come. So if you are in AML (Detections/Invest)... —  read more 

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What areas affected?

Just left USAA (voluntarily) a few months ago. What areas have been hit by layoffs? Can’t believe WP got such a big raise…but who’s really surprised? He must have pics of someone on the Board to get (and keep) the CEO job. He screws up everything he... —  read more 

Email about job duties

If anyone received an email to describe your job duties, that is NOT a good thing, especially if it comes after a re-org. That occurred in my previous area last July and 3 weeks later an entire team of business process consultants were given 60 days... —  read more 

Done with USAA

I'm tired of working my a-s off for substandard pay and ridiculous benefits. I was going to wait to be laid off but I can't. I got an offer and while it's more responsibilities, at least I will be paid adequately for what I'm going to be doing. I... —  read more 

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Working in fear

If employees have to constantly think about becoming out of work, has the leadership given any thought to how this affects productivity? Or maybe they don't even care? I can't focus at all on things I have to do.

How Management Hides the Numbers

It’s the last day of the pay period, and you know what that means! Announcements that people have “found other opportunities outside USAA and today is their last day” when what really happened is they were laid off but USAA is trying to avoid media... —  read more 

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More layoffs in June/july

Was in a meeting earlier today and was told compliance partners will have lay offs scheduled June/July. Also heard business risk and control teams will be getting cut but unclear on when. What trying times this is :(

Layoffs will continue

We can all expect the inevitable arrival of further job cuts. It's laughable to believe that layoffs at USAA will ever stop. It's truly pathetic witnessing those who assume they're shielded during the lulls between major rounds. The concept of safety... —  read more 

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Peacock Meltdown!

While in PHX, apparently Wayne had a MAJOR angry meltdown during the Q&A portion of a meeting. Leadership was later instructed not to speak of it and there remains no video. Anyone have the details? Inquiring minds want to know!

Knowledge transfer

Management continually insults my team by performing assessments on what we do, how we do it and if the task has value or is needed. The insult is not because of the questioning, but them hiding behind an excuse of “I want to learn”. My apologies... —  read more 

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A years severance?

I would love to believe this is true for anyone who’s laid off. But I’m thinking this would be more for someone who’s tenured with USAA and not certain individuals who’s got hired a year or two ago. If it is, then lay me off asap lol, been here less... —  read more 

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RTO...Just a Distraction

RTO is being used as a multi-purpose we-pon at USAA. Many employees might think that RTO is being implemented because Wayne sees empty parking garages. That is not the case. RTO is being implanted for two reasons: Severance-free attrition ... —  read more 

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Possible senior layoffs???

So there was more interest in what seniors do in particular how much time and aspects of our role and how we do it. Do I smell another round of layoffs now targeting seniors? Not sure but sounds pretty evident

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Time for Mani and others to go

Mani is the worst leader I have ever seen. It is time for him and other former Wells Fargo leaders to go. Why would we hire these leaders that didn’t accomplish anything at Wells? They keep getting in trouble over there and some was under their... —  read more 

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Severance is very good

It's not surprising that my colleagues don't put in much effort to at least try to keep their jobs - the severance pay is very good! In fact, I think that some of them might be even deliberately slacking off in order to get laid off!?

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