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Bank run or bank closing

I received a letter from USAA that disturbed me as a client. It states that now the bank will hold my money for up to five (5) days before they “let” me have it! Really. 🤔 I think that you forgot that you earn capital off my money and off each... —  read more 

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USAA is now part of Charles Schwab & Co. folks. USAA is not laying off anyone. Schwab will be doing the layoffs. We need to onboard you folks, issue SSO capability, Schwab issues laptops (choose PC or Mac), and once the conversion if complete. Adios... —  read more 

2020 Layoffs

Fellow USAA employees, In the upcoming months the financial industry will be hit immensely. We are currently feeling the sore to this right now. Not only the financial industry will hurt, also petroleum, hospitality, etc.. Unfortunately... —  read more 

USAA layoffs September 2018

San Antonio is being hit hard. Here's more info in case somebody missed it: USAA is eliminating approximately 110 positions in San Antonio in the Real Estate Lending and Real Estate Rewards Network field... —  read more 

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2019 Prospects

We'll see what happens if the numbers continue to go down. Maybe layoffs at USAA in 2019 - we'll see - I am very concerned, no insider info just my gut feeling.

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