Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Topics regarding layoffs at USAA

Brown nosing wins

I used to wonder how to get promoted in HR. Ive learned that if you kiss the hem of Becky M’s church clothes, you get rewarded with a promotion. If you choose to have your own thoughts… you are deemed a trouble maker in her eyes. She’s hiring... — read more 

morale down

first time reading through the your-voice channel most are related to Cigna, RTO and issues member facing employees are encountering and no senior level exec. are addressing or taking anything in consideration. what is the point of that channel?


To the manager(s) under ECIO, who posted a job this past Friday and had it taken down by today. I see you! I know I can't prove it, but I know you had it posted for someone in particular, and once they applied, you had HR take it down. USAA... — read more 

Horrible management

This place has the worst management I've ever had the displeasure of having to deal with in my more than twenty years long career. Is anybody competent ever promoted here or do requirements for managers include being incompetent at your job but very... — read more 

You’re FIRED!

The entire Leave & Accommodations team was laid off. We were told that processes are being streamlined. We were told we could apply for other openings on the team. We did, and our team still got rejected. Then, to add insult to injury, the ED... — read more 

Layoffs today

I just heard there was another round of layoffs today. Approx 225 people, so far I only know of employees in ERC that were impacted. April 9th was the last one. They are getting becoming more frequent. Is this the new schedule? Two layoffs per month?... — read more 

RTO expectations

How is your manager/leader enforcing 4 days/week RTO? Do they want to see you’re actually in the office? Or as long as you hit 13 days/4 weeks in the report, they don’t care otherwise?

Accommodations conflict

Does this make sense to anyone? I submitted a complaint about my leader for discrimination two months ago. Now I am requesting a JaR and The ER lady who “investigated” the case is now working with my manager to determine if they will approve my JAR... — read more 

Asking AI

I asked if USAA is a good place to work. Here’s the response I couldn't find any information about what it's like to work at USAA. However, I did find some reviews from customers who have been unhappy with USAA's customer service ¹... — read more 


CHRO Bob has got to go. You can’t give an incoherent rambling inaccurate evasive toddler like response to complaints about Cigna and keep your job.

Cuck’s weekly update # 2

Team, here’s my weekly update. I would have loved to share it with you people during the employee meeting, but the Corp Comms were having a tough time spinning the story, so here is my attempt for transparent communication. Like last time, I’ve some... — read more 

My glassdoor review

I’ve been with USAA for about 15 years now, so I’ve seen good and bad years as well. Overall things are not as bad as you see in some other insurance companies today – Based on what I am reading between lines, LAYOFFs will be annual thing going... — read more 

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