Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty Mutual

More layoffs today

Another round of layoffs today as the never ending reorganization that is Liberty Mutual lumbers forward. We are all potential targets in this multi-year transformation. Losing, without purpose, alone.

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Fiato leaving for Allstate?

Shapiro went to Allstate and ascended to President before falling out of favor as loss ratios spiked. He may have been the golden boy to replace their Chairman/CEO but that's not happening as he "retired" in September 2023. Does Fiato have that... — read more 

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Recommend working here?

Recently received a job offer for Claim Team Manager. Does anyone recommend working at Liberty over State Farm. Would be a 30% pay raise, but don’t want to jump from one bad situation into an even worse situation.

Possible layoffs?

Someone mentioned that there was a department meeting that was announced and speculation was whether the occasion might be some conversation about layoffs. I would love to hear the update, was there any mention of layoffs? I haven’t heard anything... — read more 

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Company doing all it can

I believe the company is trying to do all it can to minimize the financial repercussions caused by the pandemic - including eventual layoffs. When you think about it, salary reductions and retirement buyouts could cushion how many will be laid off. I... — read more 

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Retirement buyouts are here

Nice parachute for long term employees w/ at leat 10 yrs w/ the company and over age 55 - 3 weeks pay/yr of service up to 30 yrs/90 weeks dropped into retiremet cash balance plan + a few other benefits extended. Right after that was announced, email... — read more 

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Sub par sales reps

Liberty Mutual is a place for sub par sales reps that are happy to have a job.They depend on Liberty giving them leads and sales managers recoding polices that customer service has written into Reps names that they want to help.The only problem when... — read more 

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Liberty mutual outside sales

Here’s what’s allegedly happening. ✔️Life department- bought out. ✔️Local Sales offices “allegedly” closing. Bye bye! ✔️Branch managers- goodbye (“allegedly”)! Won’t need those now becauseeeee....... ✔️Bolt/captive insurance brokers here we come!!... — read more 

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Stay away from Liberty Mutual

I've been working here for more than a decade, and would not recommend this dreadful company even to my worst enemy. So much pressure, and for nothing. I've survived so many reorgs that I lost count, and haven't seen anything good come of it, but a... — read more 

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Ironshore and LIU US

About 200 people were laid off earlier this Fall at Ironshore and LIU US. On the Ironshore side, the cuts were mostly due to redundancies - my wife was affected, she was planning to leave due to family responsibilities so it worked out for us - other... — read more 

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