Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Liberty Mutual

Recommend working here?

Recently received a job offer for Claim Team Manager. Does anyone recommend working at Liberty over State Farm. Would be a 30% pay raise, but don’t want to jump from one bad situation into an even worse situation.

Possible layoffs?

Someone mentioned that there was a department meeting that was announced and speculation was whether the occasion might be some conversation about layoffs. I would love to hear the update, was there any mention of layoffs? I haven’t heard anything... —  read more 

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Company doing all it can

I believe the company is trying to do all it can to minimize the financial repercussions caused by the pandemic - including eventual layoffs. When you think about it, salary reductions and retirement buyouts could cushion how many will be laid off. I... —  read more 

Retirement buyouts are here

Nice parachute for long term employees w/ at leat 10 yrs w/ the company and over age 55 - 3 weeks pay/yr of service up to 30 yrs/90 weeks dropped into retiremet cash balance plan + a few other benefits extended. Right after that was announced, email... —  read more 

Sub par sales reps

Liberty Mutual is a place for sub par sales reps that are happy to have a job.They depend on Liberty giving them leads and sales managers recoding polices that customer service has written into Reps names that they want to help.The only problem when... —  read more 

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Liberty mutual outside sales

Here’s what’s allegedly happening. ✔️Life department- bought out. ✔️Local Sales offices “allegedly” closing. Bye bye! ✔️Branch managers- goodbye (“allegedly”)! Won’t need those now becauseeeee....... ✔️Bolt/captive insurance brokers here we come!!... —  read more 

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Stay away from Liberty Mutual

I've been working here for more than a decade, and would not recommend this dreadful company even to my worst enemy. So much pressure, and for nothing. I've survived so many reorgs that I lost count, and haven't seen anything good come of it, but a... —  read more 

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Ironshore and LIU US

About 200 people were laid off earlier this Fall at Ironshore and LIU US. On the Ironshore side, the cuts were mostly due to redundancies - my wife was affected, she was planning to leave due to family responsibilities so it worked out for us - other... —  read more 

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