Topics regarding layoffs at Assurant Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Assurant Inc.

Failed Pay Increase Promise

We were told in a mass email quite a while back that the company would evaluate pay vs location. I was hired on living in a higher cost of living area so it wasn’t like I was hired on in Montana or Missouri then moved for context. I asked and asked... —  read more 

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Doesn't pay well

We work too much and too hard for how much we're paid. It doesn't help that advancing your career is nearly impossible. The better you are, the higher the chance of you getting stuck because your manager will not want to lose your contributions... —  read more 

Layoffs announced today

CSR's are being axed in Global Housing after their ruthless pursuit of cutting as much expense (all that employees are viewed as anymore) as humanly possible as leadership fails to turn profits in Mortgage Claims.

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120 people laid off this week. Mostly in Information Technology and almost all were management people based in the Miami Office. Lots of layers, Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents.

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Assurant Miami campus layoffs

Around 100 people were just laid off in the Insurance Tracking Services area and related departments due to Ditech being sold to NRZ and NRZ not picking up the tracking contract. People who have been with the company for 20+ years.

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