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Streetlinks sold by Assurant

Since Streetlinks got sold by Assurant, were there any layoffs (of any size) that followed. I am curious i fthere was a big impact here.
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Assurant layoffs February 2018

It looks like layoffs will not slow down in the new year. Another 250 people will be laid off starting February 1, this time from Lewisville. I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning as well. Good luck all!... read more
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Assurant is Cutting jobs

New CTO had cut IT jobs and continues . Stock is higher then ever .Lots of middle men VP directors left . We at woodbury office are worried they will close us down rumors

Assurant Layoffs 2017

It's all OK when it comes to executive bonuses, but at the same time there are many gossips and rumors about layoffs in NYC.

Assurant Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Assurant layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Assurant Specialty Property Layoffs

About 100 people were let go last year, I think they laid off over 200 people this year. Assurant used to grow quite a bit but now things are not great and some people were laid off. What's going to happen in 2016? Nobody knows, some people are... read more

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