Topics regarding layoffs at New York Life Insurance Company

Topics regarding layoffs at New York Life Insurance Company


ASAP just got notice today the agencies will no longer be able to submit concerns and will have to go through asic due to transformative growth. This week we’ve had already 400+ agency concerns submitted but yet they want to lay us off

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Corporate VP hiring

NYL always seems to be posting the same jobs every few months for Corporate VP roles, especially internal consulting, digital product roles. What gives? Is the working environment that bad?

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Off topic

Kind of off topic, but how do so many people who work at AIG not have LinkedIn? It may sound petty ( but hey, I have nothing better to do here ) but I feel like everyone I know has a LinkedIn and use it as a primary job hunting, industry knowledge... — read more 

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Austin Layoffs 2016

You will see over 50 people let go in Austin - 2016 is not a good year so far, this is mostly on the IT side and it's a huge bummer - they keep shipping more jobs offshore and #H1B is the problem as many people with H1B visas take jobs that Americans... — read more 

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Protect yourself and your coworkers

Visit Call 941-961-3046. Protect US Workers provides free legal advice, reviews severances for free and will evaluate your legal rights. Also, Protect US Workers educates Americans to stop this horrific problem of... — read more 

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