Topics regarding layoffs at Pacific Life

Topics regarding layoffs at Pacific Life

Pacific life

Worked for pacific life a long time. It was a great company until Jim Morris took over. After that it just got worse every year. Some employees get promoted to high positions because they look right not because they are good at their jobs and good... —  read more 


All PL friends. Make no mistake. Our wonderful Executive Leader CS was a big fish on the pole, hook, line and sinker of Accenture back in 2017 to pursue a 20 year old strategy of outsourcing to save some money. Hence they knew in 2018 who was getting... —  read more 

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Keystone Cops Hired to Run IT

OMG! What a bunch of bumbling id–ts. Shouldn’t there be some backlash on Carol Sudbeck for this stupid decision to outsource IT? Her butt just keeps expanding while loyal employees are axed!

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Why lie?

At the start of the pandemic, the CEO made a big announcement to the company essentially saying "don't worry folks, we have plenty of cash and we are prepared for events like this"... fast forward to now. If you value working for a company that... —  read more 

This shouldn't have happened

As a long time employee the first thing that ran through my mind when I realized I was being laid off was disbelief. I had dedicated so much to this company and given my loyalty from day one. I was terrified during those first days after. I am no... —  read more 

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Layoffs on December 31, 2019

Pacific Life will be laying off IT employees in multiple states, many of whom in California. Layoff notices were officially sent to employees today with the last date of employment being December 31, 2019. Severance package will be offered on that... —  read more 

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Whale of a LayOff

Almost 20 years of service. Then on Thursday, January 19th your requested to go down to HR. HR asked you to sign an agreement to receive a severance (I am grateful for that). Then they tell you that you cannot go back to your desk to get your... —  read more 

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