Topics regarding layoffs at Lincoln National Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lincoln National Corp.

Lincoln layoffs?

Do you see layoffs on the horizon? Or not? The article above seems concerning.

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Everything is not fine

As much as everybody in power would like to pretend things are fine, they are not. We are burdened with unrealistic policies that slow us down day in, day out. We have to meet unrealistic goals but we have to do it while jumping over obstacles... —  read more 

More lay offs.

Understand and have learned of more cuts in IT and elsewhere out of Fort Wayne. How a company that is supposedly so busy, so profitable and with so much more work to do can let people go is beyond me.

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More layoffs happening now

Seems that more people are losing their jobs, once again to outsourcing. I'm not sure how this can be considered okay by the management, but it is what it is. I guess expecting to be treated with respect and to be valued for what we bring to the... —  read more 

I'm ready

This place has become a joke. I really wish I could put the senior management team into our positions just for one week. Just so they can see what our daily workload really is, all the technical issues we have to deal with, and all the unnecessarily... —  read more 

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