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February layoffs at Prudential

I think that there will layoffs in February. Is this a wild guess or is there some concrete info behind this? How worried should I be?

Working at Prudential (My improvement suggestions)

Here is my general list of things at Prudential that bother me or that I would change if I had any power. I joined Annuities IT group about five years ago… Here it goes: Outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing – is this ever going to stop A ton of red... read more

Prudential Layoffs 2018

It'd be great if someone is able to post any info on possible layoffs or job cuts in London.
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[email protected]

Much like all very large companies benefits are a huge investment from the employer - this is cool and this is welcome... Prudential takes benefits seriously and has put together a competitive package for its employees. However, benefits are costly -... read more
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Better Days Ahead in 2016?

Prudential is a great company in both insurance and financial services. My wife used to work for them in UK and Asia - she's back in the USA now and she loves it - I wish if they paid more but that's the fact - the company was founded almost 200... read more
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