Topics regarding layoffs at Prudential

Topics regarding layoffs at Prudential


Retirement employees not of retirement age are having their RMSA forfeited since they were sold off. What's the mood in the room on this one??

New promotion policy

What are your thoughts on the overhauled promotion policy? Between the constant changes and reshuffling and the new promotion policy (we have to apply to a new position or post for our current position at a higher level and hope we get it or be... —  read more 

Interviewing at Prudential

I have an opportunity to interview with Prudential as a lead contract analyst, recruiter found me. I’ve passed the recruiter round and now the contracts team wants to interview. Im currently employed by another large insurer, same capacity different... —  read more 

I noticed a new trend

We hire people specifically for one role and then we put them into a completely different role they didn't expect nor are equipped to handle. This screws over all of us: the person who joined the company and would otherwise thrive but is now stuck in... —  read more 


Anyone know what the company’s return to office will look like? Do you all get to continue working from home? Is it a hybrid?

What happened?

We used to have good leadership, how did that change so quickly? This is true for all levels. It feels like managers see us as a burden instead of employees they should get to know and promote good relations with. Nobody seems interested in talking... —  read more 

Cuts Across GT

Someone says that nearly 400 people were impacted? Is that true? Who was the target? Surely the best of the best, that would not surprise me. I used to work here and it looks like I left on time, but I am sorry for all those who believed they were... —  read more 

Serious question

Do any of the younger workers really see a long term career here? I have to be honest and say that when I began 7 years ago I had high hopes of it. But now I’m not so sure - especially with all these “transformations” we keep hearing about. I’m just... —  read more 

What was the point?

So Prudential issued a statement to clear out things surrounding fears of job losses in Pramerica and then proceeded to clear out absolutely nothing with vague statements that can be read either way. What in the world was even the point of this... —  read more 

ISO layoffs

The ISO was NOT eligible for the VSP. Is anyone aware of layoffs that will be happening in the ISO? Or any restructuring? I've heard people mention ISO realigning to Law or another corporate function. I don't necessarily love working for PRU, and... —  read more 

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