Topics regarding layoffs at Prudential

Topics regarding layoffs at Prudential

Cuts Across GT

Someone says that nearly 400 people were impacted? Is that true? Who was the target? Surely the best of the best, that would not surprise me. I used to work here and it looks like I left on time, but I am sorry for all those who believed they were... —  read more 

Serious question

Do any of the younger workers really see a long term career here? I have to be honest and say that when I began 7 years ago I had high hopes of it. But now I’m not so sure - especially with all these “transformations” we keep hearing about. I’m just... —  read more 

What was the point?

So Prudential issued a statement to clear out things surrounding fears of job losses in Pramerica and then proceeded to clear out absolutely nothing with vague statements that can be read either way. What in the world was even the point of this... —  read more 

ISO layoffs

The ISO was NOT eligible for the VSP. Is anyone aware of layoffs that will be happening in the ISO? Or any restructuring? I've heard people mention ISO realigning to Law or another corporate function. I don't necessarily love working for PRU, and... —  read more 

Run away if you can

An optional separation package program introduced to all U.S employees last week tells it all. Better, faster, bolder, the new mantra (pick one, seriously) means you are really just a widget. If they could replace all humans with robots, they would... —  read more 

Is this true?

An email was sent last week to all US Pru employees advising a voluntary separation program.... you have to apply, but it sounds like some sneaky stuff going on.... the email talks of “new skills” that employees will have to learn.... VERY CURIOUS... —  read more 

[email protected]

Much like all very large companies benefits are a huge investment from the employer - this is cool and this is welcome... Prudential takes benefits seriously and has put together a competitive package for its employees. However, benefits are costly -... —  read more 

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Better Days Ahead in 2016?

Prudential is a great company in both insurance and financial services. My wife used to work for them in UK and Asia - she's back in the USA now and she loves it - I wish if they paid more but that's the fact - the company was founded almost 200... —  read more 

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