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Prudential layoffs confirmed

Lots of layoffs coming this year. We just got notice today that our jobs are moving overseas. Hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs. This should be in the news. This was posted in another thread by @WHWLspf-1Bjxy, I thought it should be moved on top for... read more

Working at Prudential (My improvement suggestions)

Here is my general list of things at Prudential that bother me or that I would change if I had any power. I joined Annuities IT group about five years ago… Here it goes: Outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing – is this ever going to stop A ton of red... read more

Prudential Layoffs 2018

It'd be great if someone is able to post any info on possible layoffs or job cuts in London.
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[email protected]

Much like all very large companies benefits are a huge investment from the employer - this is cool and this is welcome... Prudential takes benefits seriously and has put together a competitive package for its employees. However, benefits are costly -... read more
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Better Days Ahead in 2016?

Prudential is a great company in both insurance and financial services. My wife used to work for them in UK and Asia - she's back in the USA now and she loves it - I wish if they paid more but that's the fact - the company was founded almost 200... read more
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