Topics regarding layoffs at The Hartford

Topics regarding layoffs at The Hartford

Whats the situation?

I left last year because I couldn’t stand the atmosphere. I went to a company where I thought it was much better, because those whom I asked described the situation as much better than it really is - people get used to bad conditions and do not even... —  read more 

Allstate's Shapiro and Brandt

These leaders passed through the Hartford years ago and now lead Allstate. Brandt leads claims with Shapiro the President of company. Are we in good hands, or did they leave Hartford worse than when they arrived? Read the Allstate board and you'll... —  read more 

Do your job.

Do you job well and you will be fine. Good workers are worth thousands of dollars and a gamble to replace. First line Managers will do everything within their grasp to retain their good workers. So if your feeling vulnerable, do your job and the... —  read more 


Posting as of 09/08/20 - The Hartford making statements about eliminating positions, reducing staffing as well as forced early retirement. Well this just happened to my family. The Hartford should be ashamed of itself to be laying people off in the... —  read more 

Clueless HIG

The HIG is at it again. Taking out its mismanagement, and business failures on the backs of its employees. "Best place to work," "most ethical." Is that how you treat the people who have (mistakenly) given their lives in service. They run the company... —  read more 

More layoffs on the horizon?

I'm surprised this hasn't hit the news yet - still sweeping layoffs under the rug. Hartford has been outsourcing for quite some time. So nice to call for IT assistance and get someone in India who responds by reading from a script!!

Layoff Today

The desperate HIG is laying people off. Director was let go today. Sell your stock and run. It's nothing but an outsourced s**t-hole, run by greedy, incompetent, buffoons.

Riddle Me this...

What kind of company decimates its workforce because it makes bad investments, fills itself with Indians, and then buys phony awards saying it is "The Most Ethical" and "The Best Place to Work"? The Hartford!

April 2017

5% RIF staring now (April 2017) and extending into Q2. Batches of 12 to 20 departing to avoid the press associated with large numbers of departures. What Sears is to retail, HIG is to Property Casualty Insurance. A company in decline looking to be... —  read more 

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by the end of q4

the hartford is finding any reason to get rid of ppl bu the end of the 4th quarter in personal lines because of how bad they are doing

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