Topics regarding layoffs at GEICO

Topics regarding layoffs at GEICO

TCR1 to ICS what a joke!!

TCR1 going to ICS is basically a slap in the face and a demotion. They are trying to put a positive spin on it but it's a load of cr-p. Never mind that they over work us like pack mules at least the positive was that it's a set schedule M-F 8- 4:30... —  read more 

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GEICO Plans for 2018

Do you plan to be adding more people in 2018? I guess the question is if GEICO is growing or shrinking - if you are hiring, it may be good to join GEICO as some competitors are having major layoffs lately, especially Allstate which is pretty bad for... —  read more 

Drone Technology

Drone technology. That one right there is going to cut claims. Already started. Saw this brewing for quite a while. In fact when they really needed to cut some redundant operating costs ... and I'm just looking at that objectively. This translates... —  read more 

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GEICO Layoffs 2015

Is it true that we may be doing a reorg in late 2015 and possibly some layoffs after that. I also heard that this may spill into 2016. I need to make some major life decisions and it really makes me very anxious even to think that GEICO may have job... —  read more 

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