Topics regarding layoffs at GEICO

Topics regarding layoffs at GEICO

Layoffs continuing?

What's going on with layoffs, any chance we'll be seeing more this week? This is the first major layoff I've witnessed since I joined GEICO a year ago so I'm probably stressing more than I should. I can't help it though. One of the reasons why I left... —  read more 

Preparation for sale?

I was one of the ~ 80 associates laid off. As far as know, no associates actually working as actuaries were fired, though some of the "modelers" had also taken exams. It wasn't because of telematics, or at least not in a way that makes sense... —  read more 

Claims staff working ICS now

Most claims staff are now being forced to work ICS. Have been told this will go on for several months at least. Geico also announced outsourcing some of the roles to international call centers… layoffs here we come…

GEICO Plans for 2018

Do you plan to be adding more people in 2018? I guess the question is if GEICO is growing or shrinking - if you are hiring, it may be good to join GEICO as some competitors are having major layoffs lately, especially Allstate which is pretty bad for... —  read more 

Drone Technology

Drone technology. That one right there is going to cut claims. Already started. Saw this brewing for quite a while. In fact when they really needed to cut some redundant operating costs ... and I'm just looking at that objectively. This translates... —  read more 

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GEICO Layoffs 2015

Is it true that we may be doing a reorg in late 2015 and possibly some layoffs after that. I also heard that this may spill into 2016. I need to make some major life decisions and it really makes me very anxious even to think that GEICO may have job... —  read more 

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