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Layoffs are starting at Nationwide

Outsourcing hits again - nearly 500 people are about to be shown the door. Still no news on where and exactly when, but I don't think we'll have to wait for much longer to find out. Frankly, things have been going downhill at this place for so... —  read more 

More Layoffs to be announced on Nov 1

Many Claims IT workers to be axed before end of year. Fred is going to retire and his replacement will be a hire axe man to trim the fat. Happy Holidays

Outsourcing I&O

Just in from the rumor mill, the plan is to automate infrastructure and operations to the point where they can let all current FTEs go and replace them with contractors that will "keep the lights on." Not sure the time frame, but the way things are... —  read more 

Nationwide has been doing shadow layoffs for years

I worked at Nationwide for nearly two decades, and know they've been doing shadow layoffs for years. Terminations thinly disguised as performance concerns that don't stand up to scrutiny. A refusal to replace FTEs who leave voluntarily. A preference... —  read more 


Heard there were talks about the Raleigh, NC location closing their building. Any truth or has anyone else heard anything?

Another Major Round

I heard today from a person in HR that another round of layoffs are coming in the Fall of 2019. Anyone else hear this or know anymore information?

Becoming a joke

This company is becoming a total joke. Horrible upper management. Nationwide has to be preparing for some sell off of their P/C side or buying another company. This can be the only answer for their behavior. How they are operating right now is... —  read more 

Number of layoffs increases

Did any other Nationwide location have something similar to this happen? That a certain number of layoffs were announced then increased at a later date?... —  read more 

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty simple really. Technology is changing everything and insurance is the latest victim. Just google the articles about the future of insurance and you’ll see for yourself. Insurance in the future is going to be wild and there won’t be much... —  read more 

With all the layoffs morale is in the toilet

With all the layoffs morale is in the toilet. Workloads have tripled and our members are paying the price because we can’t provide the service they deserve. They expect us to “desk adjust” claims and they got rid of all of us field reps. This... —  read more 

Micromanagement at “ it’s best”

Is anyone else feeling like they are in a circle where they are micromanaged to the maximum and they have no options to do anything about it, other than quit and end up without a job? My manager implements a vicious regime of micromanagement that... —  read more 

Can we choose a strategy and stick to it?

How many times does Nationwide need to switch strategies before actually executing any of them to completion? Talk about inept corporate leadership. We are constantly behind other insurance companies when it comes to adjusting to changing markets and... —  read more 

Never-ending smaller layoffs

Is it just me, or does it seem like Nationwide has given up on major layoffs in exchange for never-ending smaller ones? Every few days I hear or read about another person or two being laid off. This would make sense because there is no bad publicity... —  read more 

I’m not worried about layoffs

I’m surprised so many people got worked up about layoffs. Speaking from my experience, we are so much overworked at this visionless company and with lousy salaries that at this point layoffs could come as a blessing to us. Maybe it’s not so bad to... —  read more 

Left Nationwide a year ago and not regretting it

I left Nationwide a year ago after finally having enough of being micromanaged and being expected to forget about having a life outside of work, and I have not regretted it for one second. I still feel for my friends who still work there. From what... —  read more 

Layoffs Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I just lost my job yesterday with this company after being told it was safe. Yes they are laying off thousands of employees in Property and Casualty, Agents and IT. Poor leadership and poor financial decisions are causing thousands of hard working... —  read more 

Typical money hungry corporation

It's interesting, as they just bragged about a billion dollar surplus for 2017 and yet are firing more people and yet again, leaving the company incredibly divided and top heavy. Let's not even mention the pay disparities that exist. It's a good ol'... —  read more 

Layoffs 2019

Nationwide announced today to employees they are laying off more. (On top of the 1100 in 2018) Over 1000 more of us got payed off today

Wait, wait... There is another round of cuts in 2020

The upcoming 1,100 job cuts is the 2019 round of layoffs. The long term Nationwide strategy is for another round of cuts in 2020 as policy counts and premium continues to go down. Sad that so many good people are being affected.

More to come

More layoffs/reorganization to come should know more next week

Former workers are thankful they were able to leave

Worked at Nationwide for nearly 2 years in the Carolinas as a field adjuster. Thankful I was able to leave before this came down. I could see the direction they were headed. Praying for my friends this Christmas season who will lose their jobs... —  read more 

NW Des Moines Cuts

Nationwide cut about 80 workers at Des Moines location. Other reports (1100) are also true, this is impacting thousands of people... —  read more 

The new CIO

I hear this guy from GE recently was leading many failed projects and initiatives. They are dismantling the business he was a part of. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Nationwide Insurance layoffs August 2018

Nationwide Insurance is closing its Allied Insurance office in Lincoln. Close to 100 people will be affected by this. From what I understand, some of them will continue to work from home, but that's only a temporary band-aid solution in my opinion... —  read more 

E & S Division in Scottsdale

Things are brewing out here in the property division, not sure yet. Many rumors about future consolidation of Property and CAT depts with the enterprise. Any thoughts? —  read more 

Nationwide - Not On Employees Side!!!

Round one yesterday with the claim department. More to come as they move towards the good old "desk model". Watch the customers continue to flee as they deal with inexperienced claim "processors". Todays customers deserve more as they continue to see... —  read more 

113 Gone

Nationwide unceromonsly pink slipped 113 positions within the claim department today. Majority were mid-manager positions. Average age kicked to the curb is 46. Easy answer to get rid of people when times get tougher. But true answer lies behind the... —  read more 

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Des Moines layoffs - 30 people

So, the people who were notified a few months ago they were being let go were finally cut this week. Timing couldn't be worse, right before Christmas. Makes it so clear that Nationwide doesn't care about its employees one bit. Not to mention, the... —  read more 


40 years worked in Memphis and the office closed. Option to move to Gainesville, FL! I Miss my NW friends. Not surprised of any closings. Hang in there y’all.

Really high turnover

It's sometimes hard to see why Nationwide even needs layoffs, considering the high turnover we have. I guess it's the combination of low pay, small chance of advancement, and disappearing bonuses that has people leaving left and right. I've had three... —  read more 

Office bullying

I don't know if other people have had similar problems, but for me office bullying and the inability of Nationwide's HR department to deal with it is what has me looking for a new job as I type this. No matter how bad it gets, the corporate HR just... —  read more 

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