Topics regarding layoffs at Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services)

Topics regarding layoffs at Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services)

Two months later

I was impacted in the last round of layoffs and was wondering if anyone who is in my age bracket (45+) has had any luck finding employment within the industry? So far, I have had no luck. I have even expanded my search area but it’s slim pickings. It... —  read more 

The layoff expert - Mr. CTO

In GE, was appointed CIO in 2015 and left in ‘18 as the company is in the midst of a significant restructuring, been head of overall IT at the company, he oversaw a project to remove employees at about 600 locations from the corporate network and... —  read more 

Article on SF Multiple issues and risk database amd manipulation it seems. Media quiet bout this and data breaches. Hard to understand. Money talks. —  read more 

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Outsourcing I&O

Just in from the rumor mill, the plan is to automate infrastructure and operations to the point where they can let all current FTEs go and replace them with contractors that will "keep the lights on." Not sure the time frame, but the way things are... —  read more 


Heard there were talks about the Raleigh, NC location closing their building. Any truth or has anyone else heard anything?

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Becoming a joke

This company is becoming a total joke. Horrible upper management. Nationwide has to be preparing for some sell off of their P/C side or buying another company. This can be the only answer for their behavior. How they are operating right now is... —  read more 

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The Bottom Line

It’s pretty simple really. Technology is changing everything and insurance is the latest victim. Just google the articles about the future of insurance and you’ll see for yourself. Insurance in the future is going to be wild and there won’t be much... —  read more 

Never-ending smaller layoffs

Is it just me, or does it seem like Nationwide has given up on major layoffs in exchange for never-ending smaller ones? Every few days I hear or read about another person or two being laid off. This would make sense because there is no bad publicity... —  read more 

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I’m not worried about layoffs

I’m surprised so many people got worked up about layoffs. Speaking from my experience, we are so much overworked at this visionless company and with lousy salaries that at this point layoffs could come as a blessing to us. Maybe it’s not so bad to... —  read more 

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Typical money hungry corporation

It's interesting, as they just bragged about a billion dollar surplus for 2017 and yet are firing more people and yet again, leaving the company incredibly divided and top heavy. Let's not even mention the pay disparities that exist. It's a good ol'... —  read more 

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Layoffs 2019

Nationwide announced today to employees they are laying off more. (On top of the 1100 in 2018) Over 1000 more of us got payed off today

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