Topics regarding layoffs at Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services)

Topics regarding layoffs at Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services)

I'm confused

Does Nationwide often hire people for one thing and then put them in a completely different role within days? This just happened to me and I don't know what to think. This is not what I interviewed for and this is definitely not the job I accepted... —  read more 

Best Decision

I walked away(more like sprinted) in 2021 and there was no looking back. The environment completely changed slowly but surely during my time with Nationwide and it became very toxic. No one.....and I mean no one was TRULY happy on my team and that... —  read more 

Any News About Raises?

Bonuses were big this year (for NW). Does anybody hear any rumors about the raises coming up? A hint was dropped in a meeting that pay adjustments may be coming, but I never know whether to trust that. If anyone has a little foreknowledge, please... —  read more 

This is not new behavior

I used to work for Nationwide for 12 years. Left the company due to the fact they always said they want to prop more from within but they turned around and went outside the company. They became a very toxic company back in 2012 and it became very... —  read more 

Pay Increases?

Heard that HR is looking to do pay increases to keep competitive with other companies since there seems to be a mass exodus to other carriers. Has anyone else heard anything?

Yes-man culture

I've noticed lately that excelling at your job is no longer a guarantee you'll advance your career here. Knowing to nod your head whenever anybody from the management says something is the required quality these days. Pity, since I used to enjoy... —  read more 


Have there been any changes made to the severance package lately (as in the last 12 months)? I'm considering leaving but with the talk of impending layoffs, I might decide to stay a bit longer for a chance at severance - provided it hasn't been cut... —  read more 

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Layoffs at Nationwide

I think we're due for more layoffs sometime soon. I'm worried it could happen before the end of the year. Let me make it clear that I haven't heard anything concrete. This is just a feeling based on my nearly 12 years of working here. There is always... —  read more 

The Madness Is The Method?

Curious if anyone has ever seen a company deliberately sabotage a working business model as a way of purging customers and/or employees. Maybe we need to have a discussion of the fact that there are many ways to get rid of employees and layoffs are... —  read more 

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Nobody is safe

I keep trying to explain to some of my coworkers that nobody is safe here and their years with the company are not the advantage they think they are, but there's no reasoning with some people. Some of our oldest and most experienced employees were... —  read more 


Are there union rumors true? I hope so, something has to be done to allow down management's abuse.

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People are afraid of automation because it takes their jobs. I wonder how many jobs will be affected by automation at Nationwide in the near future?

Put your health first

I will say that by not taking and by not making the time to cope and deal with anxiety or other issues it snow-balled for me. I am now medicated because of it. I am taking it one day at a time. I thought that I was fine but I knew different. I will... —  read more 

Struggling to cope

I got laid off recently after 7+ years with NW and I am struggling mentally/emotionally. I can’t understand what went wrong. I’ve worked hard and was always being told the right things. I’m not afraid of finding another job. I saw the writing on the... —  read more 

Two months later

I was impacted in the last round of layoffs and was wondering if anyone who is in my age bracket (45+) has had any luck finding employment within the industry? So far, I have had no luck. I have even expanded my search area but it’s slim pickings. It... —  read more 

Next week will be tough...

Nationwide is expecting another sweeping round of lay-offs the week of September 14th. Due to pressures to cut costs and provide members with lower cost products. Though unfortunate, it’s said that those receiving notices will benefit from a... —  read more 

The layoff expert - Mr. CTO

In GE, was appointed CIO in 2015 and left in ‘18 as the company is in the midst of a significant restructuring, been head of overall IT at the company, he oversaw a project to remove employees at about 600 locations from the corporate network and... —  read more 

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