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MassMutual layoffs August 2018

For those who missed it: MassMutual laid off workers Tuesday as part of a reorganization of its Workplace Solutions retirement plan business, spokeswoman Laura Crisco said... read more

Is it over?

Not much chatter here about this week's layoffs. Still, I'm hoping somebody here might know if it's over or if we can expect more of the same next week. I hate reorganizations. Nobody is safe for as long as there is one going on. I'd appreciate any... read more
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Stop laying off best people!

How about keep people that actually do the work and know what they're doing instead of those that are just getting by because they are complacent. I couldn't agree with this more! Wrong people are being laid off, and that's further destroying the... read more


Layoffs have started again... from areas where there is no fat to cut...

Springfield Layoffs

There you go, as many predicted:
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IT layoffs at insurance firm are a 'never-ending funeral' The IT layoffs at MassMutual Financial Group will happen over a period of... read more
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100 layoffs just announced

We laid off 300 people in February. Will job cuts at MassMutual ever going to stop? It's unlikely.
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MassMutual Phoenix Layoffs

I know there are people in Phoenix being laid off as well. People that were transferred out there, packed up their whole lives and family and then we're laid off mere months later. Obviously I don't have all the details but unless it was performance... read more
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MassMutual Layoff 2016 - Words of Wisdom

Know that being laid off very seldom is a reflection on your work. More often being laid off is because you are an "expensive" employee, or at least more expensive than the people who aren't laid off with you (they may be laid off later, though)

Cognizent is hiring!

I'm a former employee of MassMutual. I left there almost two years ago. It was after they rolled out the MMway and turned every job there I to a mind numbing bureaucratic nightmare. Life after MM is great, you will see. It is just a shame what has... read more

One day at the time

Not sure if I care about layoffs at this point in time – seriously, just drop it on me. Our compensation is below market, my compensation is below median salary even after ten years employment, not good. MMWay is crushing our spirit, one day at the... read more

Healthcare Insurance Changes

Nobody is talking about this but this was a big setback for workers at MassMutual on 1/1/2016 they decided to stop paying for providing health insurance and prescription drug subsidies to all of us retirees and our dependents - we will be getting a... read more

IT changes

Accross the org, HQ in Springfield and Enfield. IT was automating things, so some processors got affected (my son in law was one of them).
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Springfield, Enfield

About 350 people will be laid off, we have about 7000 people, so that's 5% of the total workforce. All of this is happening while we are making so much money that it's crazy. it might be time to think again about the multiple jets, 2 helicopters... read more

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