Topics regarding layoffs at TIAA (TIAA-CREF)

Topics regarding layoffs at TIAA (TIAA-CREF)

RE Denial

Anyone else have their RE denied? Or willing to share if theirs was approved? I am looking for commonalities on how they made their decisions. Or any insight really.

Bad in every aspect

I often wonder how this ship even manages to stay afloat. Has anybody ever worked for a company that was more disorganized? I know I didn't. Honestly, I'm always shocked that we're not doing much worse than we are. I don't plan to wait and see if... —  read more 

Flexibility Champions

What is up with all these drones having the words Flexibility Champions on their sigs? You are a flexibility champion but you must come back to the office. Does not make any sense? You require vax, yet you are thw flexibilitu champions. This place... —  read more 

I'm outtie soon.

I'm waiting for the annual report to come out, which it still has not. in light of the big jump in traditional payout, the massive loss of staff in the voluntary severance exodus and the upward trend in surplus notes, I'd like to get a feel for how... —  read more 

This job is unbearable

The stress of working here is ki----g me. I know, it’s high time I left this place because it's not worth it. I just wonder how the rest of you are handling the stress here, can you relax at all? Or perhaps only those in the highest positions... —  read more 

What exactly is TIAA trying to prove? Seriously...what is it?!?!?!!!!!?????

The House of Cards continues to fall. First the Supreme Court struck down the unlawful mandates, and now OSHA has finally come to their senses as well. Yet for some strange reason they continue to delight in holding this vaccine requirement over... —  read more 

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No amount of propaganda.........

Hold all the calls you want, with a bunch of "experts" rambling on. And in true cowardice fashion, I heard they disabled the ability to submit questions/comments Anonymously. That's why so many people stopped dialing in a long while ago. It's so... —  read more 

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Maybe it's not so bad here?

When I hear from friends who work in competing companies, I wonder if I’m complaining too much about the situation here? I don't want to sound like a cheerleader, I've wanted to get out of here for a long time, but now I'm thinking the situation is ... —  read more 

Promoting the wrong people

It happens all the time. I wonder, how will all this affect this company? I put in maximum effort, I worked hard, and I was never promoted here. Still, I don’t worry much - it doesn’t mean I won’t be promoted in another company. What will the TIAA do... —  read more 

Take it or run?

I am thinking of accepting a job offer in the technology group in NJ. Is there truth to the unlimited PTO and large bonus? Does it get paid out or do I have to fight for it? Is it too good to be true. What else should I know that no one tells you... —  read more 


What is going on with the IT team? Alot of turnover and constant hiring. Do they know what they are doing? I would tell anyone looking to join to look elsewhere and save the headache


TIAA just sold off their mortgage business to PNC Bank. Every employee being let go is probably wiping their a–s with their annual evaluations. Those ratings dont mean squat now!!


Do anyone know if TIAA will offer another VSP package to other departments? I'm hearing a lot of work processing is becoming automated.

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Tiaa voluntary buyout What other company does this now? No other than TIAA. Talk about a generous offer. Where do I sign up? Giving me money to quit. Gosh, you definitely don’t see Goldman... —  read more 

Financial Wizardry

This used to be an excellent company until some financial ‘wizard’ ceo destroyed it a few years back. Workers were looked after. No more. Now it’s about profit, saving money. Cutting jobs, sending work to India. Horrible.

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