Topics regarding layoffs at TIAA (TIAA-CREF)

Topics regarding layoffs at TIAA (TIAA-CREF)

Stupid question

So is TIAA doing layoffs and hiring at the same time ? I see random postings on LinkedIn for financial consultant opportunities but also see comments about hiring freeze ? Totally confused

Still no annual report

Why does it take them so long to put out their financial reporting? They say they are an open book, but they keep the book hidden away. It doesn't take this long to report the results after the end of the year. A publicly traded company would have... — read more 

Hiring freeze?

Is there currently a hiring freeze happening? I have a friend that has been told for over a month that they’re being considered for a position and they’re just waiting in limbo.

Shocking - promotions!

Wow!!! An email was sent out regarding the recent promotions within the organization. I'm guessing 500 promotions!!!! I've never seen anything like it. Hilarious and confusing at the same time. Make it make sense???


What did you all think of survey that came Out for Retirement Solutions? Glad it was lower than last year but I was expecting significantly lower. I am sure the numbers are manipulated just like T’s rating in Glassdoor.

An honest question

How many layers of management do we really need? Because we could save some major $$ if we got rid of a level or two of completely unnecessary managers who contribute absolutely nothing to the company. Please, tell me if I'm wrong and if they're... — read more 

Comps out, no raise

So finally it becomes official today that no raise this year... according to our manager this is compa y wide this year. Wonder if ECs are taking cuts on their end. This is going to hurt the morale even more, not that it was any good to begin with.

TIAA- Outsourcing IT

Couple of contractors were discussing that TIAA is going outsource the entire IT operations, including their full-time employees. The vendors will bid that contract and someone will win. I am not sure if this is true or just a rumor. Any Idea?


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