Topics regarding layoffs at TIAA (TIAA-CREF)

Financial Wizardry

This used to be an excellent company until some financial ‘wizard’ ceo destroyed it a few years back. Workers were looked after. No more. Now it’s about profit, saving money. Cutting jobs, sending work to India. Horrible.

More Layoffs in Charlotte

Managers and directors getting the axe while we still are in a hiring freeze. Work is starting to pile up for the rest of us.


Why does a company have “Insurance” in it’s name but wipes out the whole Insurance dept? But there’s more to come, my departments been told we will be training the new “TIAA India” wing of the company this year

TIAA layoffs in Charlotte

There you go: The client is no longer the focal point of the business. Everything is about putting money in the CEO and other execs pockets. The client has become a mere afterthought. Client satisfaction and employee moral continues to drop while the... —  read more 

New leadership ruined this company

A few years ago, TIAA was strongly promoting working from home to to save on office expenses in New York, Charlotte and Denver. I moved cross country to be closer to my family as my Mom was ill. So from the West coast, I worked East Coast time... —  read more 

We are still hiring a lot

So, things are good and we should not complain for now. I am certain that we'll continue to do well.

I am not aware of any TIAA layoffs

Some other companies like New York Life (NYL) and others had layoffs. Jobs are being offshored. Not at TIAA, at least not to my knowledge.

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