Topics regarding layoffs at Transamerica

Topics regarding layoffs at Transamerica

Next set of layoffs for 2021

I work with the CTO directly. Just like last year around this time, there is scheduled to be another set of mass layoffs. The companies vision is to have most resources in India. Get ready for the news.

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Layoffs in Cedar Rapids

Why has there been no talk of this? I know it doesn’t seem a lot but that’s 50+ employees and their families who have been impacted - and around the holiday season. Company couldn’t wait until after the New Year to do this?... —  read more 

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What to expect?

Why is no one sharing information here, even rumors? I don’t like unverified information either, but there is often a lot of truth in it. I just heard some speculation about possible layoffs and then when I came here to see if anyone wrote anything... —  read more 

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Severance Pay at Transamerica

Severance is based on how long you've been there. Based on bands it's X weeks + 1 week for each year. So if you were there 5 years severance is 4 weeks (fixed) and 5 weeks (service) for a total of 9 weeks at the pre pay-cut level. —  read more 

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Question for those laid off

I know this is not the best time to ask, but since I might be on the chopping block soon as well I'll give it a try. Can you please share the details regarding severance package? Is it the usual or have there been some changes (reductions) due to the... —  read more 

Sept 30

Internal email confirmed 330 layoffs at all locations. Employees notified on 9/30 of their dismissal.

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Florida Cuts

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Transamerica Life Insurance Company Number of Laid off Employees: 465 Address 1: Address 2: 570 Carillon Parkway City: St. Petersburg, FL WARN Notice Date: Wed 02/14/2018 Layoff From: Sat 04/14/2018 Layoff... —  read more 

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Texarkana Layoffs @ Transamerica

Source Below... Notice Date, Jobs Site Name, County Name, WDA Name, Total Laid off, Layoff Date, Notice Received (Date), City 20-Feb-18 Transamerica Life Insurance Co. - Plano Bowie North East Texas WDA 460 19-Apr-18 20-Feb-18 Texarkana Look at 2018... —  read more 

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