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Wouldn’t be surprised

Wouldn’t be surprised if AIG declares themselves an essential business.....if they do they will be minus one employee

AIG Exposure to Claims

Does AIG have any exposure to the Airline industry? Will they be a lot of Business Disruptions Insurance paid out? Do they have exposure to any other industries, which will affect them?

AIG Life Companies

Does AIG LIFE Companies have enough in reserves to cover claims? Clients will not be able to make premium payments on their Life policies, which will put pressure on AIG. The low interest rates on bonds and most concerning will be Asset Back Mortgage... —  read more 

No CEO bonus if bail out

The administration is proposing NO CEO bonus for companies with government bailout !!! I applaud that action. AND for anyone wondering what direction AIG will take. Rest assured, AIG Executives will not accept a bailout rather take the money and run!... —  read more 

AIG RIF Notification?

How does AIG notify you that you are part of a RIF? Do they walk you out that day or give you 2 weeks or longer to find another job internal before your official last day?

Stock buybacks should be immediately halted!

Real leaders and companies are doing it. Not this place though, they can’t even make simple decisions like that, how do shareholders think they could do anything but hire consultants and RIF people

Digital Marketing

Does anyone here work in a digital marketing role? What has experience been like? What are your day to day challenges and assignments? Do you have any background in technology? Thank ya!


Has anyone received imfomation on their 2019 sti bonus. Seems awfully silent around here

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Lack of work

There are, I would assume, about 33.3% of the employees who appear to be frantically preparing for WWIII. So why are the other 66.6% of employees basically bored to tears with no work? And why doesn't management address this? Seems like a fundamental... —  read more 

I love the smell of rifs in the morning

things have gone silent in my department. no communication, not writing business, no one really cares anymore, and a pending sti pay week in upon us. please let this be my week to get the rif package. i have been waiting so long for that random hr... —  read more 

Are we having fun yet?

IT rifs continue to happen as our environment gets more and more unstable. "Let's get everybody off Laptops into Wyse terminals cause it's cheaper " Then the Wyse terminals never work. BRILLIANT! "Oh boy it is Monday let me log in and get to... —  read more 

Performance review

My performance review was given by someone who had met me about three or four times, per se. The feedback they gave me about how to improve myself was based on those times. So at least it was personal, but they mentioned something negative on my... —  read more 

So glad I no longer work at AIG

I can understand if you've worked for the company for a number of years and might actually get a sizable chunk of cash when you get laid off (notice I said "when"), but if you're new to AIG you might want to reconsider wasting your time there, unless... —  read more 

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IT is a mess and out of date and a risk

its funny that a company so dependent on IT has such a bad and complex and ancient set of systems a pile of "security experts" have no idea how any of the systems work the architects have no idea about modern online presence the lack of clean... —  read more 

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Am I Gone?

That's the actual meaning of AIG, since we are literally ALL waiting to be RIFd! This place is going down faster than Bloomberg's campaign. Now the only semblance of a leader in the IT org (GM) resigned... Who can blame him, working for JR must eat... —  read more 


Managers don’t communicate, jump to conclusions and react badly when you point out that they might be wrong. They tolerate bad behavior. and ... they don’t communicate. They act cliquish.

??? Deleted posts??

My post was deleted. There was no cursing and I spoke objectively about the issues the employees are facing from incompetent management. What's the issue here? Lol

Remote Work?

So despite being told otherwise in the interview process..I never got to work remote. Not that what I'm about to say matters to me, because I'm obviously not intellectually capable enough to have a remote day like most of the other employees in my... —  read more 


Peace y’all....I’m out!!! James Cameron should make a movie about this sinking ship called AIG


What's next for PCG IT? ACC is taking over the IT ?

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