Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Brace for impact

PZ will show you how much he cares about you on Feb 24 with your less than prior year’s bonuses while he sits back counting his $50M. At least you will be walking out the door to your new job before your raise (that is pathetically less than your... —  read more 

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Extra efforts

I am sure that most of my colleagues could put in much more effort, however, their morale is low. Those who used to give 120% of themselves, now barely do the minimum and it is noticeable. Purely out of curiosity, I would like to know when you... —  read more 

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Hey DEI Leaders!

You have a small group of rich corporate elites defining us by labels and bunching us into categories that define work style and monetary worth despite our unique differences and individual challenges. This is done to enrich the AIG monarchy on the... —  read more 

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Last I heard is that there are people who will get their full bonus for the year. As for the others no raises at all and bonus payout will be 80 to 95 percent of bonus. For the people leaving on March 31st they will get full bonus and severance. Some... —  read more 


I have been one of the unfortunate members of the AIG layoff back in July. I received the “last day of work” for April 14, 2023 with the promise of a decent severance if I stay until last day of work. I am getting nervous because I haven’t signed... —  read more 

Corporate Greed

It's not just AIG, all publicly traded corps. are squeezing more, and more productivity out of the little people ie.. us peons without increasing pay. Are they prepared to be evil tyrants? If so they sold their souls. The board of directors are... —  read more 

Work your wage

To all of those who are complaining about the culture, too much work, no raises, and similar issues I have only one thing to say: work your wage. Stop giving away your work for free. That's what you're doing every time you work more than 40 hours on... —  read more 

Not a good place to work

The work-life balance here is terrible. Employees are expected to extend their work hours in order to appear competitive, which is unnecessary. The environment is quite negative and drains employee energy, making it hard to stay motivated to do... —  read more 


Four employees in my group various levels left in November and December for jobs with other companies. Is it true they will still be awarded STI even though they left the firm before the payout date? I heard several lawsuits were brought against the... —  read more 

December bonus?

I seem to recall in one of the town halls earlier in the month (perhaps with TS) that there was a $500 bonus coming "in the next few weeks." Am I a misremembering? Has anyone gotten it?

Many people are leaving

A lot of my colleagues have left recently. Everyone feels that the coming year will be very difficult at AIG. I advise everyone to keep their eyes wide open and always look for something better because there is no such thing as a guaranteed job... —  read more 

Corebridge Stock Price

I recently saw Corebridge stock and it’s not looking good at all. Looks to be below IPO price. Do we expect further layoffs, besides the ones that are going to happen on March 31st? I survived that layoff, but I am concerned that they will cut... —  read more 

Fake Woke Company

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. They could care less about employees, distribution partners, and of course policy owners. They have striped assets out of the life companies to mother AIG to pay for the bloated leadership... —  read more 

Consider this

Not defending PZ in any way, but ask yourself what you would do. Greed is a powerful human emotion. This is all public information. PZ owns roughly 186,000 shares of AIG stock. In December 2019 the stock was trading around $50 a share. After... —  read more 

Pay equity at AIG

Heard class action pay discrimination lawsuit against AIG imminent. There’s a reason why pay is such a taboo topic at AIG. Based on real data, massive pay disparities throughout company. And, the longer your tenure, the wider the chasm probably is... —  read more 

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