Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Mid-Year Review

Probably the stupidest waste of time I have ever encountered. Are you on track to hit your goals? Yes I'm on track to hit my goals. AIG cares about your career. Really, why then do I outperform my goals every year and never get promoted? Why is... —  read more 

Can morale get any lower?

I'm not sure it's possible. I've noticed that everybody I work with seems depressed. Our productivity is suffering but how do you motivate people when we have to deal with constant layoffs, a belligerent manager, no recognition for hard work, and so... —  read more 


Where is Petey taking us on holiday this summer? "Mr. Zaffino will also be entitled to a $195,000 annual allowance for personal use of the corporate aircraft, as was provided to the former Chief Executive Officer, and he will be required to... —  read more 

Welcome to AIG...

where you can out perform your team, and your department, while hearing from your manager that you don't deserve to gain more exposure to other areas of the company because you don't know enough about other areas of the company.. A white person... —  read more 

In memorium

AIG is paying rock star salaries for less than acceptable results. This has been consistent since the 2008 crash. Bob B is the only decent CEO this company has seen in decades and his time here was short. When you are too big to fail, it takes a... —  read more 


So financial statements can be hard to decipher, someone correct me if I am wrong. Based on what I see, the bottom line was basically inflated due investment income primarily from financial services. The stock market is at all time highs. Also... —  read more 

AIG to the moon!!!!

$50 stock price today!!! Those options senior leaders got back in the day are looking good. I hope all employee and ex-employee shareholders dial in to the annual meeting. I’m sure the board will have some insightful and encouraging things to say... —  read more 

Really good advice

You are all getting this wrong. Yes, AIG is a terrible place run by terrible people, but! COVID has moved everything to virtual. Use AIG to pay your bills, get insurance and a matching 401k. Then, work on starting a side business or just get... —  read more 

Wokeness at AIG

Stop calling AIG “woke” and acting like people of color have some leg up at this dump. Last year, just months after George Floyd, the company laid off the 4 highest-ranking African Americans on the same day. 2 of which were the heads of diversity... —  read more 


Picture this: A doctor performs brain surgery on a patient every few years, cutting out different nerves and connections each time. Surgery after surgery after surgery. The patient is trying to rehab with what’s left, and the doctor keeps on... —  read more 

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