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Petey Z article in Bloomberg

It begins: “I didn’t want any advice.” Then why all the consultants you insufferably smug shmuck? Then why all the new exec positions if you’ve got ideas? You’re a grifter Petey, just like Brian. Furthering the thought of Pete being a grifter... —  read more 

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Other corporations

are the supervisors, mid level management and Leads especially terrible at AIG, or is it the same at any other large corporation (Pru, Chubb, etc.)? Should I even bother interviewing with these other companies, as an individual contributor. I'm... —  read more 

Upcoming RIFs

I know there are other posts about the possible upcoming June/September rifs. I would bet I'm gonna be one of the ones based on what I've seen/heard about others my age, etc. I'm hearing conflicting info about how one gets informed and the package... —  read more 

Please Read

In response to "This thread needs to be sent to a media outlet" this is Shefi from Coverager. We were the first to dig below the surface when AIG announced BB's discontinuation and the first to share that AIG isn't willing to sell BB despite... —  read more 

TAP program-July

Should I worry about the termination of TAP Program that is supposed to start from July?


From another anonymous site... Next round of RIFS the week of June 8th, after that the week of September 14th. HR is starting the process.

Shareholders Vote

Mms layoff

I don't work in mms but have worked with people in mms in past. I wanted to give heads up I heard from reliable source layoffs for part of mms coming likey time early summer. Just heads up.

AIG needs to do layoffs NOW

They should layoff EARLIER... right now people get stimulus payments and extra benefits. Doing it later, employees get nothing. Get laid off today... get extended benefits, stimulus cheque of $1200, NY state bonus of $1200, and weekly unemployment... —  read more 

The company is getting more heartless

I was told Blackboard is being put up for sale but if no buyers in 30 days, then it gets shutdown in 90 days...Employees were told no severance-nothing. The sad thing is as recently as last month, they were luring people away from other companies and... —  read more 


I just heard from a reliable source that there is a plan in place to RIF a large number of employees at the end of June. I am not sure where or what departments. Has anyone else heard this?

And no one see a problem here?

regarding the prior post about blackboard. a quick google search of Hamilton Insurance (blackboard) documents the following chain of events. bd started Hamilton in bermuda, ran hamilton company before coming to aig. bd came to work at aig and aig... —  read more 

Thank you for sharing

Long time employee and I've been reading posts here for years. Sad to say this but it's the best resource for insight into what's going on in the organization.

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Well, Blackboard didn't last long

As per AIG's quarterly report Blackboard has been put into run-off. AIG paid $100 million for Hamilton USA, which got morphed into Blackboard - and who knows how much more AIG sunk into it afterwards... —  read more 

Questions analysts and investors need to ask

AIG stock early 2017 before BD $65, stock early 2020 before COVID but with BD $50. The DOW early 2017 & 20,000, early 2020 before COVID 29,000. The analysts wanted new leadership at AIG, they got it, in 3 years the new leadership caused... —  read more 

Claims/mms/work comp

Anyone have any word about layoffs in work comp, with coronavirus wondering about low counts due to unemployment

Account Engineer layoffs

Get ready AE’s.. heard they’re planning on bringing the engineering department to the ground. Starting off with layoffs of all AE’s

Anyone looking to get laid off?

The unemployment benefits are extremely generous... 9 months long! $600 bonus, extra $1200/week on top of normal benefits. I'm considering trying to volunteer 🤔

Chief Actuaries General Insurance- Warning

2 out 3 of the main chief actuaries for general insurance will make you regret it if you voice something critical. This is common knowledge about the one that has been here longer than the other 2.

Incoming TAP ... Should i be worried??

Hi all, I’ve been keeping up with this site for about a week now trying to see what’s going on inside .. I’m scheduled to start in July as a TAP should i be worried that my offer will get rescinded? Recruiters have given any updates and i just... —  read more 

Cubicle space

After this pandemic is all over, think the cubicles will be revamped and spaced more apart or will they have fewer people sit next to each other and more people working from home?

Any rifs

Any rifs happening? I work in claims and haven't heard anything recently

Wouldn’t be surprised

Wouldn’t be surprised if AIG declares themselves an essential business.....if they do they will be minus one employee

AIG Exposure to Claims

Does AIG have any exposure to the Airline industry? Will they be a lot of Business Disruptions Insurance paid out? Do they have exposure to any other industries, which will affect them?

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