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Good advice

The layoffs are an ongoing process within AIG. They have (upper management) been doing this now for many years. You need to always be ready as if it is your last day at AIG. Let go of the stress, it does not help. If you find the stress unbearable... read more

Are AIG layoffs finished?

After surviving last week's layoffs, now I'm stressing once again about a possible continuation this week. Does anybody know if it's done for sure? Been getting contradictory information so I am really not sure what to think about it. So far it's all... read more

Show of Hands

Yes, I know they hand out sheets of paper telling you that you have not been singled out due to race, age or gender. But let’s have a show of hands. If you have been given the boot this week, please tell us your gender, race and whether you are over... read more

AIG Layoffs Today, 7/11

Reductions happened today in multiple locations. The sky didn't fall but good people were impacted. Multiple teams, automation, security, project managers, devops and others. The IT teams are still in the respective locations. It's my understanding... read more
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AIG 2020 Cost Initiative - Manila

Much is being moved to Manila for the 2020 cost initiative. We have been working with them for about 18 month and if you think IT is bad whoa! Overall just too agreeable to a fault. But you get what you pay for... US IT needs to be more accountable... read more

Can we get more info on IT layoffs, please?

How many people were laid off? Is it done or will there be more notifications sent out this week? Somebody already asked this in another thread but they didn't get an answer, so I was hoping posting it separately might get it more attention and... read more

Layoffs today in IT

Some IT "execs" were let go today in NY. The svp of help desk and the one gent who was "global head of AI".

Are we looking at more changes?

Anybody here worried that this whole reshuffling thing could spill over into lower levels? I don't mind seeing shakeups in management, but I'm also worried that we are next on the list. Restructurings rarely go without more significant layoffs, after... read more

ELT Reshuffling

Big moves at the top of the house today under the CFO. I wonder if this is the start of something bigger on the finance side..

CTO gone

CTO out at AIG. Will drive trickle down change in IT.

H1b- How lovely to not be an American

While US employees at AIG are laid off in droves, the company's filings for H1b for even such jobs as Business Analyst goes on unabated. Do you think you will convince anyone that there are not any Americans workers who are well qualified to be... read more

Scumbag move

The Supreme Court handed a defeat to former American International Group Inc CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, refusing to hear an appeal arguing that the federal government illegally bailed out the insurer during the 2008 financial crisis.
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Major layoffs are expected in the BH office within the next year (think Parsippany a few years back). Need to make room for NYC/JC employees in order to save more money with AIG's real estate footprint. Hearing up to 1/4 (whole floor) of BH staff to... read more

Too Quiet

It's been too quiet. Is this a good thing or just a calm before the storm? Anyone hear of any upcoming cuts?

Clean Slate?

Anyone being trained for the new AIG Blackboard Insurance? This is the first I've heard about it. Looks like they are hiring.
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Major layoffs incoming to AIG

The PAD and RRD departments will also sustain major layoffs in the next few quarters...the goal is to have many of these departments moved totally overseas by 2020 If your a manager with the majority of your underlings overseas, do you think that... read more


new layoffs must have been announced as a couple of former colleagues still at AIG reached out to me this week after a long spell.

Continuous layoffs

layoffs have been going on (continually) in Finance. Kept very quiet. I do expect layoffs in Q1 2018 given our latest quarterly results. Layoff people earlier in the year so you don't have to give them a full bonus for the year. There's little doubt... read more
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Vendor issues HCL and cognizant (both heavily in AIG) are being sued for hundreds of millions for their "work. After these companies sue... read more

AIG Layoffs 2018

I want to let you know that people are anxious and tense as they expect layoffs in corporate in NYC.

Shakeup in Technology

I hear the Technology groups will have a broad scale shake up in the coming days. Anyone have any details?

Rob Schimek going out the door

Anyone hear how the changes being made regarding Commercial and Personal insurance as being General Insurance is going to affect AIG? Is this change good or bad for the company?

AIG has no concept of business operations

If AIG customers knew what is going on in AIG, they would definitely question why they and their families are insured through a third-rate company, one which treats it's own employees like **** and has no concept of business operations. No one should... read more

Company focus

Hearing that company wanting to get rid of as many employees over age 40 as possible , anyway as wants younger staff hoping to stay current


Trying to force people to retire, also trying to fire as many people as possible. Hearing they are selling off workers compensation.

Change fatigue

Do not expect much organizational change in 17. The dip in morale is being attributed to excessive management churn and current manage is using this excuse to defend staying put. It's unfortunate, because the new middle management of levels 5-6... read more


Sad news. Regrettably, mismanagement is the norm rather than the exception in modern business. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bear Sterns, Bethlehem Steel and a whole boat load of other industry giants mismanaged themselves to the very brink of bankruptcy or... read more
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Housecleaning at the Top

Look for some significant house cleaning at the very top management levels...Those closest to the former CEO are the most likely to find new employment options... The new CEO's focus and direction will resonate with many stakeholders.

P & C subrogation got hit back in June.

Heard P & C subrogation got hit back in June. Folks that were laid off got a 6 weeks notice. Anyhow, the final separation took place at the end of the month (July 2017). Not sure if there will be more cuts - there were rumors about this for a while... read more

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