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Who else wants out?

This is by far the worst employer I've ever worked for. After three years, I'm desperate to find a way out of this place. If it wasn't for the pandemic, I'd already be on my way - with or without another job waiting for me. When my name shows up... —  read more 

7.9 Billion Loss & Lay off

If AIG wants to re-structure, make it top light and titlt the pyramid. Get rid of tons of 24,23 & 22 who are getting pacakge of more than $250,000 and focus on the operations with the people who do the real work.

AIG earnings, bravo!

Hey, AIG only lost almost $8 billion, yes billion. That’s not really too bad. We are well positioned to move forward and should continue to invest $20 million a year in BDs salary. Lol, wtf is the board doing! Overall, AIG swung to a... —  read more 

NYC Offices

A rise in crime and public d–g use near Times Square according to the news today. How are we supposed to think about going back to the offices with coronavirus still out there and this all going on? No thank you. I'm working remote until everything... —  read more 

After unemployed from AIG

Has anyone used the service that AIG provides R* S They are services to help find job, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t trust it. What if they find me job I don’t want, Will they take away my severance for refusing a job. Or worse, if... —  read more 

AIG 200

If the board had any brains or guts they would redirect AIG 200’s mission to get rid of the top 200 hires by BD and PZ and replace them, the stock would double in less than a year, maybe 6 months

I want out!

Lay me off already! I've had more than enough of this place to last two lifetimes. I keep hoping to be on the layoffs list but no luck. It s—s that there are people who want to stay and are forced to leave, and I have no way to let them know I'd be... —  read more 

Work From Home Permanent?

I agree with that there be permanent Work from Home for people in the Tri State area. That is one way of cutting expense with less office space. Some concerns on my part will be the following. Working from Home in Tri State, does not necessarily... —  read more 

It's finally over!

I've been told, with confirmation, that I'm finally being rif'd this coming week! It was shady the way it happened, but still I'm extremely happy! There were times I've worked 80+ hours a week supporting this soulless, leadership void, sinking... —  read more 

Let go the fear of RIF

If you let go of the fear of RIF, you are productive. I lived with constant fear of RIF for almost 18 months. Three months ago, I started looking for jobs and went through a few interviews, I felt relieved. I am yet to land with a job of... —  read more 

Linkedin count

Linkedin shows the company headcount is flat for the last two years between 44-45k while they have been hiring 300-500 new hires/month. Based on this forum, it sounds like there was at least 2k strong RIF across functions in Q2. Why does it... —  read more 

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