Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Unbelievable again

so either schilling was dropped by mistake or aig reversed course because of dollars? in either event, all of you folks who thought aig was taking the high road were wrong again. this company will always sell out to the $$$. if you really feel... —  read more 

Staff counsel layoffs

Big hit yesterday in Staff counsel - I heard more than 30 people were RIF'd. It's time to see the writing on the wall and get out! or stay for your severance but have something lined up. You can't hitch your horse to this wagon - most of the... —  read more 

How do I volunteer?

Is there any way I can volunteer for the next round of layoffs? I got another job lined up in a few months - but that's not something I'd want to share, of course. If I could find a way to be laid off in the meantime, that'd be great for me... —  read more 

STI.......Do the right thing

New year and another $20,000,000 plus to support lifestyles of the rich and famous in Bermuda. BD is quite possibly the highest paid teleprompter reader in corporate America. After 4 unproductive years, AIG can't make a profit and the stock is still... —  read more 

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New Year, New Rifs!

Word just came down that IT got hit hard. Almost all operations will be coming from over seas. Entire Us based teams got told they will be riffed in March. Lots of people have been here for 10+ years. AIG does not care. They do not value talent... —  read more 

Question on severance

I didn't find any changes so severance is 2 weeks pay per year of service but is the calendar year or from your anniversary date? Thank you just wondering as work load in my dept down over half from what we had 6 months ago

No safety

If the past several rounds of layoffs taught me anything, it's that nobody is safe here. I've seen some of the best employees laid off without a second thought, I've seen people who've been here for decades and those who've been here for as little as... —  read more 

The winds of change

Something is different this year. Folks aren't waiting for sti to resign. Better companies are hiring. People are giving up a bonus just to get out and we are only in December. March and April should be very interesting. Between rifs and voluntary... —  read more 

Corporate corruption?

Nepotism and greed tops it all...a gaping culture of power struggle, insecure leadership and floundered accountability. It's so deeply embedded that you are lost in a maze of bullies who intimidate to the point where you decide "that's enough". You... —  read more 

So I'm leaving AIG...

New company is apparently giving new joiners a company jacket. Not the AIG blue shirts with giant logo that you'd never wear out. But a pretty nice fall jacket with a logo so discreet people wouldn't notice until you brought it up jacket (that seems... —  read more 

Time to leave AIG

If there ever was a time to start searching for a new job it's now. Clean up your resumes, get that LinkedIn up and running if you don't already have it and get in touch with anybody and everybody who could be of help in any way. AIG has been going... —  read more 

This place changed me

How many here can see how much the company has changed you as an individual? I used to be this happy go lucky guy, full of optimism with a “ready to take on the world” attitude. I loved the work I did with the teams I was assigned to. But now, many... —  read more 

Earnings Report 11/5

BD seriously said the frequency of cats had a limited impact on financial results. Only to him could almost $1 billion in cat losses in a single quarter be limited. 2020 3q profit down almost 60% from 2019 3q

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