Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)


Has anyone received a raise after mid-year or end of year reviews? Or does AIG only offer raises / promotions during review time. It’s BS to think that people have to wait a year to find out they may or may not get any additional raises or promotions... —  read more 

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Pay raise

A guy I know is claiming he hasn't had a raise in nearly five years. I call bullsh-t. I know things are bad and most of us don't like the company or our jobs, but there are enough genuine grievances without having to invent new and false ones. Please... —  read more 

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Jumping Ship

After Life and Retirement split up with AIG as Corebridge financial and became public, recent promotions were announced as well and its quite obvious how many redundant positions and roles are there on the top most of the organization, multiple... —  read more 


Recent wave of people firing AIG, and manager starts talking about loyalty. I had to feign a sneezing attack to escape the room and laugh hysterically in the bathroom. Is senior leadership delusional and bipolar at the same time? Apparently so.

The strategy

People, you have to realize that this is a strategy that AIG initiated several years ago and has continued to ramp up. It isn't getting better and will not get better for the foreseeable future. We have witnessed AIG shrink from an employee base of... —  read more 

Raises as an UW?

How do we have amazing profitable quarters, bringing in millions/billions in premium and yet we are not given any raises/promotions throughout the year? I thought we are considered cash cows? So if we bring in money shouldn’t we be rewarded?? IM SO... —  read more 

There are no untouchables

I hope that after these layoffs, everyone will finally learn that there are no untouchables. When it comes to layoffs, no one can say that they are safe. Cuts generally don't make much sense, and no matter how much you think you're irreplaceable... —  read more 

New layoff rumors

Persistent rumors about layoffs are keeping me up at night. I wish I could just dismiss them but I'm just not wired that way. Does anybody know if there is any truth to them? Or better yet, can anybody confirm them as false? Stressing as much as I am... —  read more 

Workers comp team

The workers comp teams last day is scheduled to be 9/29/22. There is a rumor that IT is still having trouble connecting to Gallagher Bassett and the end date may be extended past 9/29/22. Anyone have info on this rumor?

Quiet Firing

As this board debates quiet quitting, another stupid term is circling the internet, quiet firing. For those of you who can't understand how a person can do the bare minimum, ask yourself if the below definition of quiet firing reminds you of a... —  read more 

AIG is a sinking ship

Even my manager looks tired of this place. It's sad to see the company in this shape. At one point everything went downhill and continues to do so at high speed. Could it have been different? I think so. I'm interested in what you think, which... —  read more 

This will be interesting

I wonder how is AIG planning to function without employees? With the workforce shrinking at an alarming rate due to so many people quitting and the leadership doing nothing to stop them, I wonder how long it'll be before the work is not being done... —  read more 

From a career to a stepping stone

Remember when you had a job for life unless you messed up really bad? When we were encouraged to spend our career at AIG? What happened to those days? Now new hires plan to spend a year or two here and use it as a stepping stone for something better... —  read more 

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back to office, scene 2

I’m sure that will help talent retention. More carrion for the vendors and consulting firms to feast ion. Someone asked on here how many AIG employees were rebadged to Accenture. The correct answer is 6,000. Can’t be any worse than this place. I am... —  read more 

Private Client Group

Agree with the PCG comments. It is truly amazing how quickly this company has fallen. I cannot believe PZ hasn't made a change of leadership, but KZ is his friend and that is really paramount these days. KZ in turn filled the ranks with her friends... —  read more 

Not looking good

The Zacks Consensus Estimate for American International’s second-quarter earnings is pegged at $1.23 per share, which indicates a decline of 19.1% from the prior-year quarter’s reported figure. We'll see how it plays out tomorrow, but if the... —  read more 

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