Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Grow a spine

AIG = CNN surrogate. Town halls to discuss engagement in social and politial agendas. Sorry but I'll get my values and virtues from my inner circle not yours. You've opened the door to politicize this corporation so that's now fair game for... —  read more 

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Organizational Survey

With the head of hr leaving I am reminded of the "very important" survey we all had to complete. Supposedly there was 80% participation from employees and the results would be shared with the company. Several months later, no survey results and... —  read more 


Here is a great idea.....Let's fire hundreds of people and make them stay until July to receive their benefits, but before they leave let's have a company wide interview touting their replacement (Accenture CEO interview with PZ) just to rub it in... —  read more 

Proxy statement

I really need to figure out how to become an exec at AIG. Only company I know where you get 150% of target for losing billions. 🤣 —  read more 

Job market for seniors

For former employees that are 50+ years of age how difficult has it been to find a job after being let go? I was laid off and still can’t seem to find anything, not even at a lower pay or less benefits. I understand companies want younger candidate... —  read more 

IT Layoff

not in IT, but rely heavily on local IT support as the help desk is essentially worthless for anything other than resetting a password. this is a monumentally stupid decision to outsource IT and proves that upper management cares nothing about... —  read more 


If laid off you get 2 weeks for every year which is fair. However, for PTO, You are paid out only on pto that you accrued and you don’t get the total for the year that you’d get based on time of service. I learned hard way after laid off. I’m Not... —  read more 

Get rid of this leadership!

Keep the people who are doing a great job and get rid of those who contribute the least - which is the majority of upper management. There is plenty of fat to cut at AIG but it's not on the bottom. This will save plenty of money and help bring in new... —  read more 


PZ harped on this recently as a key success factor for AIG. I wonder if this applies to IT vendors as well now composing half or more of all people in technology. View I see is total lack of coordination between groups, and the vendors seem to have... —  read more 

Out of Here

I'm leaving. After almost 7 years I'm outta here. I was lucky, got paid for 7 years. Although never got a raise - was told someone else on the team (who was a higher grade) made less than me. Not my problem! But still, I was left to let it... —  read more 


STI is paid this week. That means that the AIG annual report will have to list the STI bonus amounts of the top execs in the report that usually comes out in March. Last year the stock was down about 50% since BD took over and top execs gave... —  read more 

Is the worst behind us?

Is there any information about layoffs in March? I am under so much stress that I no longer have any motivation to work, and the pressure is so great that I would rather resign immediately just so I don't have to go through all this uncertainty.

It's over

Just stop posting here. AIG is garbage. Has been for a long time and isn't getting better. That's really all you need to say. This web site censors many posts. It is probably in the pocket of AIG. If you stay at AIG, then shut up and take... —  read more 

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