Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)


will be no surprise if PZ is given the noble prize for business. He has effectively shredded the employees. Have increased share holder value through collator with Accenture.

Best CEO

PZ is the best CEO given how he has effectively increased share holder value of the company. There will be no doubt he will be given the Nobel Prize for Business.

Accenture nightmare

Accenture is helping ki-l AIG, one bad claim setup at a time... Incorrect claims, incorrect corrections and it can take weeks for corrections. But i guess that special business relationship is too important to care.....

Today’s townhall

Any thoughts on today’s townhall. What does ‘AIG Next’ really mean and what happened to ‘AIG200’, are they the same but different names…also the townhall voice quality was terrible it kept breaking up…anyone else experienced that … — read more 

2023 STI/bonus?

Any word on this year’s STI date? Sometimes it’s Jan, Feb, or March. And any word on how full the amounts will be? Even setting aside upper management’s desire to fill their own pockets (expecting a lot of that comment lol), the stock has been... — read more 

Full Time Remote Workers?

Curious, I thought AIG was doing away with allowing individuals to work fully remote? We still have 2 in our unit that were fully remote before Covid & continue to be fully remote & state they will not work in the office. Maybe I misunderstood but I... — read more 

Work Outside of Work

What’s the deal with AIG not allowing their employees to work night shifts at other jobs/gigs/businesses outside of business hours especially when there is no conflict of interests? Can someone explain.

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