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Joined AIG less than a year ago and didn't make it that long. In fact, most hired in the last year (in CRS) were RIF'd last week. Note to others: Don't take a new role in a new dept with any hopes of surviving. Cause when there's no budget to... read more


Anyone know what is going on with mms division?

A subtle layoff approach

AIG is very careful about staying under the number of layoffs for which you are legally required to publicly announce that you have had a layoff. This is why there are so many small and frequent layoffs. They are also usually very careful to post a... read more

AIG Mystery

Why and be how would comments and replies disappear ?Does AIG have that much control ?

Just for laughs

A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The North... read more

No layoffs after all?

People were saying we'd be seeing more layoffs this week, but it's already Wednesday and from what I can see nothing is happening. Was this another false alarm, considering that Tuesday is usually the day for layoffs? Or am I getting excited too soon... read more

2018 RIFs

First... looks like some posts and comments have been removed. Second. Can anyone else confirm that most, if not all, employees that have been RIFd beginning in August 2018 have been over 40? In my department, all rifd employees were over 40, most... read more

AIG is far from revival

I can’t say that I see any signs of revival or getting back to basics that our CEO speaks of. On the other hand, the man claimed no more than a 43 million dollar bonus.You got to sympathize with him. What’s he supposed to say? He certainly can’t say... read more


was RIFed now am hearing dir of ops left KC told someone he had done what he came to do and place was not solvent & encouraged another in there job search no replacement for the position seems that even management very reluctant to be truthful when... read more
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More layoffs next week

There will be layoffs next week. Total for this year is expected to be over 1400 people. The casualty business has been losing money for a while. Most of these are 12 month policies (workers compensation, automobile, etc.) how did the underwriting... read more

I'm just waiting to get RIF'd

I am a salaried employee and yes they work your butts off. There's also so many issues in getting your job done. Brokers and Customers want information and they don't want excuses. There are always computer issues, phones out, systems don't match... read more

Who would do business

with a company that has no direction and constant lay offs? A company that doesn't process on site but ships the work overseas, even the work that is not supposed to leave the US. A computer system that gathers claims to put into the work queues but... read more

AIG Bloated Management

35 Year Vet of AIG. Layoffs will always be a part of this company so get used to it. They are always looking for a way to do away with jobs. They will send away jobs to the cheapest places to do business they can. They did away with the pension plan... read more

It will get better

We are having layoffs, true, but it's not as bad as everybody is trying to make it out to be. Numbers wise, I think we are among the companies with fewer overall layoffs. And this "never-ending rolling layoffs" thing is pure fantasy. Do you really... read more

Layoffs next week?

Have we ever had layoffs the week after Labor Day weekend? I can't recall it myself. Any chance that means we are safe next week?

Taking away what made us happier

We have been allowed to work from home 4 days a week and now, for no good reason, they have revoked that priviledge! Why do an employee survey if you dont give a c-ap what the employees said makes them happy? We are being punished for doing a good... read more

Layoffs - validus

Don’t ask about layoffs. AIG acquired Validus. Nothing to see here - focus on how pretty Bermuda is. Don’t look for the man behind the curtain.

Get used to it

Yes. Layoffs. No one is safe. Although our “leaders” haven’t figured out that having a HQ in the most expensive city in the US is not cheap. But hey, at least we have several new CXO (name your X) that are paid top $. If anyone did not hear the... read more

Severance package

Has anyone heard about people not getting the standard 2 weeks pay per year of service when laid off? I was depends on mangement

More layoffs today

I worked in Shared Services KC. Just got back from a week and a half of PTO and got laid off today. And my boss wasn’t in the office so I got let go by his boss...SS employees, watch out/get ready to run. I have a feeling it’s not over by a long... read more

Work Comp

Has anyone heard what the impact for work comp adjusters will be?

Pay cut or layoff?

Would you rather accept a company-wide pay cut but have no more layoffs or risk being laid off again and again? I'm just curious. I'd personally be okay with a reasonable pay cut if it meant I could finally get some piece of mind and stop worrying... read more

Rolling layoffs

These are rolling layoffs. There will be more next week all the way through the end of September. Then there will be a break & more again before year end. This sounds about right to me, and it describes well what we've been seeing in the past several... read more


will never be able to handle the volume. If the CEO thinks it will help the company by using cheap labor, he is sadly mistaken. I've seen first hand what Manila does, their quotas are so high, they just send it back to the states to get it out of... read more

Start looking

People, please open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. There is no future at AIG. There are only more layoff and more layoff and more layoff until there is nobody left. If you are not looking for a new job right this moment, I honestly don't... read more


Are there any more layoffs expected in underwriting this week or in the near future?

This week is safe

Heard from a manager we should be okay this week. He has no reason to lie to me, so I've decided to trust him on this. I find it really sad that we are now measuring our job security in weeks instead of months or years. I wouldn't be surprised if... read more

AIG Lexington in Boston

7 Year employee at Lex, in the Operations dept. Laid off yesterday. HR told me that she had another layoff meeting scheduled 10 minutes after mine. A longtime co-worker was laid off on Wed. These departments were already running on bare bones. Good... read more

Sending out an SOS USS AIG Titanic

Should be Re Layoffs @ KC SS - USS AIG Titanic sending out an SOS massive gaping hole in hull of ship taking on copious amounts of water sinking quickly - but no one is listening nor cares anymore way to much damage done already

TRe Lay Offs @ KC SS

I have long thought the same way there are managers at the KC SS offices that aren’t worth a plugged nickel I often wonder what is it that they do my manager is more a facilitator by that I mean approves time off time sheets etc I do not have to rely... read more
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Lay offs

Yes, they must cut the people who work to support that 43 million pay for the CEO who is tanking it! There are 3 managers in the KC office who are worthless, just getting rid of them and their cronies would save a lot in costs. But AIG doesn't think... read more

2 Year Anniversary Of Last Major RIF

This latest round of layoffs coming just days away from the 2 year anniversary of the last major RIF nearly 75 let go then coupled with the nearly 3 dozen people RIF’d today that’s nearly 110 just @ KC SS alone not to mention all of the wonderful... read more

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