Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Hey Lucy!

Why don't you care about diversity? Why don't you care about Juneteenth? Why can't I have a day off to reflect? You said AIG loves DEI. You said you cared. You obviously do not. Stop the fake virtue signaling. No one is buying it.

I wonder

I have seen posts that say AIG monitors these sites, but I never really believed that. I now wonder if it is true. I saw the post about interns being pictured on Contact a couple of days ago. I looked and it was there. The day after this site started... —  read more 

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Is AIG too big to fail?

After all the bad decisions made by the leadership - if you can even call them that - the company is still standing. I sometimes wonder if it's true that some businesses have grown enough they're too big to fail. No matter what happens, the company... —  read more 

Welcome AIG Interns!

That is the caption on the Contact page. 270 fresh careers to destroy. It is unconscionable to teach kids that this is how a company should act. Interns, if you read this, run!

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Transfer to Accenture

Seems like a new round of RIFS started yesterday and I’m hearing about a reorg in GI whereby some people and/or groups would be pushed over to Accenture. Can someone in the know explain what happens when an AIG position/employee gets transferred to... —  read more 

AIG's biggest mistake

Treating employees as an expense instead of an investment. When the management decided that knowledge and experience meant nothing and started laying off the highest-paid employees (the ones who have been here the longest) was the beginning of the... —  read more 

Outsourcing to Accenture

Imo (but it's a wild guess), They want to outsource everything outside underwriting to accenture. They already did it with IT and partially for claims, they'll continue maybe with a part or accounting (not the part that makes up figures to make the... —  read more 

Uh Oh!

AIG stock is tanking again. Time to cut expenses and dump another billion into a share buyback. Looks like no raises next year and good luck with sti if you get any at all.

Cobra letter in error?

Seriously what is going on with AIG HR these days! Many of us received letters about Cobra to then receive an email to say the Cobra letter was sent in error. So AIG spent money to mail letters in error?!? Come on the heels of the most disastrous... —  read more 

Vaccine mandate or no?

Does the company have a vaccine mandate or not? We have constantly been told that we were to decide what is best for our families with regards to returning to the office. We have also been told that we were to either upload proof of vaccination or... —  read more 


I’m not a financial person so can someone explain the results in common-folk speak and why does it seem all the number don’t include CAT? By including CAT, are all the numbers worse or look bad?

What a slap in the face

A 2% raise and get your bu-t back in the office in 15 days...Thanks for all the notice, by the way. With the prices of everything going up, this is effectively a pay decrease. Now I have to pay for fuel to the office, spend time in my car... Oh... —  read more 

AIG will be dead in <7 years

Anyone wanna bet how many years would it take for AIG to completely shut down or divided into 200 parts( goal of AIG 200) and sold off. My bet is 5-7 yrs. Working at AIG is equivalent to working for textile companies in 1980s.

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