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WSJ article: labor market is tight

This article states labor market is tight lotssa jobs and very few ppl. Comments?
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What’s killing this company

People don’t share information. People don’t see a reason to give information out if it is to someone not in their tiny little in group. People joke about taking people to lunch just so they can get a little help. That’s insane. We’re in the same... read more

Post-layoff assistance

Has anyone here taken advantage of their post-layoff outside career counseling offer? I admittedly walked out pretty p.o.'d but I'm heading toward the cutoff point of using them, if only for a professional re-do of my resume. Being one of the... read more

2019 Cuts

Layoffs will continue well into 2019. AIG continues to think reducing headcount will help the bottom line when it is in fact a smokescreen for the fact the leadership does not know how to generate profits and write risk effectively...

Teams impacted today?

Anyone have more complete details as to teams impacted today and upcoming? I know of many in Fort Worth and some in Jersey. What I know is that many today were good people who bled AIG, worked numerous hours above and beyond the norm. I hope all of... read more

Philippines RIFs January 2019

There is several different rumors regarding layoffs in Philippines in January 2019. I havent seen them here on thelayoff but I've heard about this in the office.
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Life and Retirement Business Unit

Hi All, Hows the Business unit L&R doing? Are there any layoffs expected at L&R? I hear that this unit is doing better... so I m not sure whether this will be impacted or not? Can other unit's performance degradation impact healthy business units?

Quiet Last week in Fort Worth

This past week was the first pay week where no RIFs were felt by the location that I am aware of. Soon it will be down to 4 or 5 people left at the data center.


Will continue per the town hall today put in a round about way. Heard of one layoff today in NY. Not sure which department though.


Any news on layoffs for healthdirect and mms. Really not hearing much but can't imagine MMS won't get big hit.

AIG Layoffs 2019

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about AIG Layoffs in 2019 -- Thoughts??

Can we all agree..

That AIG s---s..that we are all miserable and the long term people are bideing their time for the package?? Get it over th BD and stop the suffering......... just do it!!!


Anyone else praying they get RIF'ed? Pretty disappointed I didnt get the last round. I hear December there will be more but who knows.

Severance reduction?

Is it true we are looking at possible reduction in severance? I overheard something at the office, and if it's true then AIG is sinking even lower than I thought. But I'm honestly hoping what I heard were just idle rumors. Any chance somebody here... read more

STI Damage

What's the scoop on sti funding? There's been talk as low as 50% funding.

Stock: 42.23

Whoa!! By the time it gets to 30, BD will be the only one left. There is no new business being written and laying people off in all departments left and right. There will always be hurricanes and tsunamis so is this going to be the continued excuse... read more

Layoffs are the new norm at AIG

Layoffs are the new norm at this company. This has been going on for years now. They let go people with experience who actually know what's going on. They hire recent college grads who have no clue for half the salary. The they claim what a diverse... read more

Strategy gone wrong: M&A over Buyback

Apparently, this mess with stock price can easily stop if BD decides to change course from M&A strategy to the old dictum of buy back. Not sure what's stopping the CFO kid to suggest that. But it isn't just AIG that'sh--. Even MetLife and others are... read more

Double standards

I agree that the environment is toxic with the fear of layoffs in many areas of AIG. Brian has been with the firm for more than 1.5 years and the stock went down more than 20%, when the S&P went up more than 10%. Seriously, where is the... read more

Lousy management

What's the deal with putting all the wrong people in management positions? People who can't manage themselves, let alone anybody else? Also, why would they pay higher rate to people from the outside they bring in for managerial position when there... read more

AIG Execs bonus

I know below is old news but it will happen again. Senior Management is the only one who wins. NICE AIG execs received $6mn bonuses before mass layoff announcement

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