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NFP is Hiring Insurance Pros!

NFP understands that a person can't be defined just by the last job you had. We need insurance professionals in Property & Casualty, Specialty Lines (D&O, etc) and Corporate Benefits. Special consideration give to applicants who have both carrier and... read more
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Latest on layoffs?

Have there been any news on more layoffs at AIG? I've heard some whispering, but nothing concrete. I feel that it has been long enough since the last larger round that we are due another one sometime soon. Does anybody have more info on this?... read more

AIG stock

Will AIG stock get above 50 dollars in 2019? Concerned stockholder.

AIG acquires Ellipse

It has been announced that AIG acquired Ellipse, a UK based company that specializes in group life risk protection. The acquisition was made through AIG life, a UK subsidiary of AIG Life & Retirement, for a not yet disclosed amount of money... read more

People being pressured to quit

I feel like AIG is pressuring people into quitting on their own to save on severance and bad press. Have you noticed how bad the situation here has become? The more experience you have the worse you are treated by management. I know several people... read more


For experienced claim handlers with a JD in NYC there are a lot of jobs. You’ll probably have to take less money than AIG. I,was offered three jobs that fit the above after getting RIFed over the summer. I turned two of them down. There are jobs. Get... read more

Any news on Claims?

This was asked in another thread, but there were no answers so I'm going to try again. Have there been any news on possible layoffs in Claims anytime soon?

Process Improvement

There have been a lot of process improvements that some would equate to a need for lower headcount, but for most, those changes have just made a very long a day little more tolerable. Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is a relationship business... read more

AIG could care less

Most companies don't rif 2 weeks before Christmas. AIG could care less. Ruining the lives of their employees in the name of profits says it all. 2019 won't be any better than this year. Maybe they should watch It's a Wonderful Life. The missing $... read more


IT had the most layoffs and it continues. Majority replaced by KL / Malaysia. Replacements are not up to par, and no actual official news on layoffs as they try to keep each lay-off in each location under the limit for announcements. This is almost... read more

News rumblings re SS

Is it widely held that KC SS is to be shut down is there any idea how this might occur might it be a gradual drawdown & what if any would be left in the aftermath some say ‘they can’t’ take everything overseas my take is where there’s a will there’s... read more

Quality Assurance Group

There have been many layoffs and will be more to come I am sure. Business is down. Wrong accounts are being written with the wrong premiums. This company has made one upper management mistake after another. Layoffs have occurred in claims and there... read more

Charity Season & Spirit of Giving

There is no spirit of giving at AIG. Some offices have parties, others don't. This company that I truly loved when I started is on a destructive path. BD goes to Bermuda in the same week as a big RIF. As you know, travel has been restricted in the... read more

Any news rumblings SS

Does anyone have any information regarding KC Shared Services & anything at all as it relates to RIFs or potential layoffs it’s said morale quite low and angst is on the ascent seeing SP WI being shut down folks are on high alert

Too Big to Fail? More like too small to survive

The guy making six figures has to work with an uninspired workforce already under the gun after all the RIF's creating a stressful workload. It took years for Hank Greenberg to build up the company. Granted he made mistakes with the derivatives but... read more

The CEO of Company need to take action

The layoffs are continuing to down spiral worse each week now. We currently lose a large number of employees from the Global BSA team. There is no telling whether or not I will have a job tomorrow or next week. Majority of the layoff is is currently... read more

Any layoffs today?

We had a RIF go down this AM. About a third of our unit. More to follow tomorrow. Watch out for mundane, scheduled meetings on such things as goals. The only goal by the company is to RIF the employee without raising any suspicion. They were... read more

latest updates

Anyone hearing where next round of RIFs will happen heard SP WI shared services hit hard how about any other shared services-claims processing locations

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