Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Career progression at AIG

How hard is it to move up the ranks in underwriting? Have people stayed in the same position without a promotion or raise for multiple years? I would hate to do 10 years of work just to only become a senior uw after… And what’s a typical raise... —  read more 

Job hunting

I have been trying to find a new job for more than three months now. I was hoping it would be a lot easier given that everyone is talking about how hot the market is at the moment. I would rather say that the market is in chaos. What are your... —  read more 

Merit vs Nepotism

I’ve seen so many good folks laid off from IT in the past few years and replaced by “friends and family” of the inner circle with higher pay. And many believe that’s simply the way it works and AIG continues to go from bad to worse. Why has nepotism... —  read more 


Most companies in NYC are postponing their return to the office until January 2022. No announcement yet to move ours from next week on 9/14?


I see a lot of people jumping ship from PCG. Is something about to happen and these folks are just getting out by themselves in advance?

NO RTW Guidence

It’s been over a month since we were told that were going back to the office September 14th. In the email, Pete said to expect communication from your local office…. We have heard exactly NOTHING. No idea what this looks like for us. This is going... —  read more 

Why no voluntary buyouts?

Why won't AIG do voluntary buyouts? Normal companies do this. Why no plan, knowledge transfer to offshore contractors? We all know AIG wants to rid itself of tech FTEs. Because of poor execution, now we have skills gaps where we end up having more... —  read more 

2 new variants

2new COVID variations Delta plus and lambda so Aig should delay return to office, but won’t as if people die from getting COVID then they will save money won’t have to lay them off just another way to show how they have cut cost

Earnings Announcement

AIG has made great progress in our goal to be the leading insurance company. Adjusted underwriting combined ratio continues to show great improvement, but we were hampered by higher than expected CAT losses. If we maneuver the numbers correctly we... —  read more 

Mid-Year Review

Probably the stupidest waste of time I have ever encountered. Are you on track to hit your goals? Yes I'm on track to hit my goals. AIG cares about your career. Really, why then do I outperform my goals every year and never get promoted? Why is... —  read more 

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