Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

So Long, Solash

It can no longer be ignored. CRBG is falling apart. First there were the layoffs, followed by a rash of resignations, and earlier this month, the President of Life and Retirement quietly resigned. The rot is so bad that the head fell off. I’ve... —  read more 

Actuary leadership be like

"I wish I was a visionary, inspiring genius who occasionally steps on people's toes to get things done." "But I'm not visionary, inspiring, or anything close to a genius and most things I get done are meaningless." "I know! I'll stamp on someone's... —  read more 

Micromanagement is the way

Finally senior management understood how to reduce expenses!!! Micromanagement is the way!! Remove any spending Authority everywhere to anyone and let 10 people check and authorize everything worldwide! Such geniuses!!!

Corebridge Layoffs

To track Corebridge Layoffs. Ultimately to meet their numbers AIG will start playing the number dice on Corebridge. Small numbers are happening. Large numbers could happen. They say they are recruiting and on the other side they are letting go... —  read more 

Random Reorg

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Feeling of stagnation

My mistake is that I stayed here longer than I should have. I might be wrong, but now I think that I would have probably made more progress in another company. I've stagnated a lot and I doubt that I'm the only one here who feels that way?

Lipstick on a pig

Compared to other peers in the market, AIG earnings seem very, very poor to me. Often they are the results of one-spot sell of assets. if you sell the family jeweley, that's not earnings, that's just being desperate. Exactly. I foresee many more... —  read more 

I mourn for the old AIG

This once outstanding company has fallen into the abyss of incompetence, thanks to blind managers devoid of even an ounce of experience. It's infuriating to witness the decline of an institution that was once a beacon of excellence. The current state... —  read more 

June 2023 Layoffs

To track June 2023 layoffs. Atleast 500 to 600 employees will be let go. This is to help some summer savings for the company and claim as expenses for next quarter to show profit. This will also create an average employee productivity hours... —  read more 

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