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Preferred EE’s & cliques

It’s been my personal experience that trying to move within AIG as an established employee is harder than the original effort & interview to actually get the job here in the 1st place if you are amongst the ‘in crowd’ part of a ‘clique’ with a... read more
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Where is AIG going?

With such highly paid management, you would expect that BD and his directs would be able to articulate AIG's strategy for the next couple of years, but they never do that. We may buy companies, like the US division of BD's Bermuda company, so besides... read more

Not the workers

they need to get rid of, or the work doesn't get done. It's the high paid "too many" Directors, Managers and their buddies that AIG should be targeting in the branches. You all know the ones, they laugh all day, talk all day, take 100 smoke breaks... read more

Who amongst us doesn’t get it

Anyone who knows anything about AIG knows the walls are coming down the carnage the wanton abuse & destruction of peoples hard work dedication & endeavors at AIG are being decimated dismantled it’s plastered all over this site furthermore anyone who... read more

Don't work here

Aig doesn't care about their employees. They only care about how much money they have and will get. Layoffs since 2015 and maybe longer. So sad. Aig should just close it's doors, maybe another company will take over.

JCM Crumblin Down

"Crumblin' Down" Some people ain't no damn good You can't trust 'em You can't love em No good deed goes unpunished And I don't mind being their whipping boy I've had that pleasure For years and years No, no I never was a sinner Tell me what else can... read more

SEC Filings - Check out the bonuses

Something to make everyone happy. Check out the bonuses our top leadership is getting for such excellent business results. Must be nice...

STI is now in WD

I confirm that at my current JG the confirmed percentage is @ 90%. I'm from IT tower BTW. Anyone care to share?

RIF hits KC

Hearing some were RIFd in KC this week but given task of training replacements as jobs are outsourced going overseas the liberation continues aid & comfort coming with severance soon to others stay safe & strong there’s a light 💡

This has to stop

This can't continue for much longer. We are overworked as it is, if they cut more people from our team we will not be able to do anything. I'm not exaggerating, we have already picked up work from people who were previously laid off to the point that... read more

Final STI numbers?

Anyone get an actual detailed analysis for STI numbers? I’ve heard up to 100 percent ignore you are lower in level and 75 to 85 percent for middle management . Anyone know for certain?

AIG Layoffs - IT - About time!

You have to get rid of the dead wood, just because you worked for a company doing the same job for 14 yrs (yes I'm talking about you M. SOSA) does not mean that you know what you are doing. A lot of people get fat and happy, lay back, and wait for... read more

When is this round of layoffs going to be over?

Don't worry, I’m not that naive to think that layoffs will ever stop, but I’m asking about about this round. When can we expect it to be over? Do they have some sort of timeframe or maybe a number they want to reach and the layoffs will continue... read more

Layoffs are not stopping, this just in.....

just heard from a broker that aig private client group in canada is closing its doors. not sure how many will be layed off but this will be big. the sharks are circling the ship, competition is eating it up

These layoffs aren't going anywhere

Totally agree these layoffs aren't going anywhere this is just the company's way of making them more stealth and waiting to see how many people walk out on their own after STI so that they can adjust their rif numbers going forward the company... read more

Fortune - top over paid CEOs Earlier post have mentioned this but reposting - not good press for AIG and BD- A sudden change of heart on the 2019 layoff is BS just reputation damage control by some company plant they’ll continue... read more

I was riffed and the count is approx 800

The RIFs are real and will continue for a while, till the clueless management are able to grow the bottom line, ie revenue. The company has no strategy to grow the bottom line, at least nothing that they can articulate to the employees. They continue... read more

2019 Layoffs Cancelled

The expected massive layoffs won't happen on STI week or this year for that matter. For reasons unknown, the company changed their tune at the 11th hour. Maybe the hard working AIG employees will appreciate some good news.


So now, since a function of our job is phones, we are told we can't get up from our chair if a lot of other people are already up..for the sake of the phones. Yet, nobody cares to look at a route solution...fix the f---ing option number hierarchy and... read more


Nothing really to do with Layoffs...but regularly either hides or removes negative reviews about the company. Mine have been removed and I see more get removed almost weekly. Anyone have any idea on this? Like everyone knows AIG s---s... read more

This is ridiculous

Attrition at our team has been really bad, we have people leaving all the time. But what's making the bad situation worse is the replacements we are getting - when we get them. These people have no idea how to do the job they were hired to do. They... read more

STI updates anyone?

Seeing posts with estimates ranging from 50% to 95%. Has anyone actually received a firm number from their manager yet?

Any more layoffs for IT?

Does anybody know if John Repko announced in his town hall meeting (By the way, it only lasted less than 5 minutes) if there are more layoffs for IT across the board?

Any chance of a buyout happening?

It’s becoming clear that layoffs are not business as usual and that they aren’t gonna stop. Can the fact that they are trying to get rid of a bigger portion of the workforce make them reach a decision to perform a mass buyout, or at least a buyout... read more

More layoffs

Eagle. Middle-market, Fin Lines, Lexington, Personal Lines (all PL companies). That is for starters. They have to cut, cut, cut. Above are division not writing any business and has a poor combined ratio. Good Bye! Is this just guessing or has some... read more

Corp Culture

I hope all the folks cut get better roles and with a company whose culture cares about their people. AIG isn't alone in screwing over their FTEs so senior managers hit cost cutting targets so they get their golden parachutes. Several senior folks... read more

AIG is slow to change

I agree that AIG is slow to change, a huge part of that is due to the continuous cyclical pattern that AIG has of hiring new leadership (doesn't matter the age) who come in making changes w/o taking enough time to utilize experienced talent. This is... read more


I was excited to start working here but all I've experienced is insecure, unskilled operations managers / employees who try to stonewall those who show an oz of ambition towards progressing in their respective careers. Yeah, some employees are nice... read more

Only people can save this company

The individual who posted about AIG’s older workforce inability to adapt to technology as being a culprit for the company’s failures is so uniformed, it is just sad. I do not know what task they perform but in the world I live in large casualty... read more

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