Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Topics regarding layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.)

Leaving AIG

I might be leaving AIG next month. Anything I should do to prepare for this? I still have a lot of stuff back in the office at 175 Water. How do I get that stuff back? What happens to my HSA, pension, etc.? It's been a fun ride AIG, guess my... —  read more 

stock compensation

Do people at higher grade levels (G24 up) have compensation based on stock movements or levels at points in time? I was in a discussion recently where it was wondering if the motivations of the people discussing items were based on whether the... —  read more 


BD/PZ, speaking directly to both of you because you censor and wont allow real questions during your town are a pathetic failure and a disgrace to this once respected company. You and Accenture can rot in hell. Hopefully AIG goes into... —  read more 

ACN, what to expect...

Major operations in Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, Philipines and Kansas will be absorbed by Accenture We will be buying business process outsourcing service from Accenture - everytime someone at ACN moves a piece of paper we get billed - granted... —  read more 

Bullying tolerated

I mentioned behavior to bosses that could be classified as bullying in hindsight. Stuff like being yelled at in front of your manager for something false. I was told it was nothing. In other companies that behavior would not have been tolerated. ... —  read more 

Non Disclosure Agreement

Anyone has info about org structure changes on the horizon? Would you kindly share here. I heard (some) leadership teams were asked to sign NDAs, while the rest of us are left in the dark. What do they know that we don't?

A Circle upon circle

AIG employees are getting slammed on both ends first by the executives who hire their buddies at outrageous comp. And then by the Consultants that their buddies hire - who are buddies of Buddies. Its criminal. But the board allows this. And the... —  read more 

No confidence

There is no confidence on any level is this company. We watch as our co-workers get kicked out, the work then gets spread out among the remaining workers.....this includes sending to overseas. We that remain are not trusting anything that is done or... —  read more 

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