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Greed - just plain ol' greed

No wonder raises have been non existent and they have cut back on all the employees benefits. Very greedy and over paid Management with underpaid non management workers. Their salaries along with the STI, Long Term Incentives and additional stock is... read more

New Jersey

I've noticed way more security these past couple weeks. Usually our office building, comprising of a few companies, has security people floating around but lately there's religiously been 2 security personnel outside the entrance to our wing. Are... read more


The RIFs continue with wholesale outsourcing of its competitive advantages, IT & Operations, where new products could rapidly be brought to market. Only id--ts believes that costs are reduced by outsourcing. The outsourcing company needs to make... read more

Layoffs this week?

Entire teams in IT being outsourced or vendored out. Pink slips for many people this week. Multiple locations. Any chance we can get more info on this? I haven't heard anything about layoffs taking place this week - what exactly is this referring to?... read more

AIG Earnings May6,2019

I predicted they would earn a profit in the 1st Quarter. This is why they turned off the RIF faucet. Good news for now but it is only temporary. Get out while the going is good. AIG is still a terrible company.

Layoffs tomorrow?? 5-7-2019

I'm hearing about more RIFS happening tomorrow, which has been confirmed by managers . Heard the Fort Worth data center will be impacted by this.

Will the Chief Investment be replaced.

Does anyone know if that Doug Dachille will be replaced? Seems like he is one of the last remaining holdovers from the previous regime. Is he here for the long term?


Any news of IT restructuring? Incompetents from TIAA were brought in with big salaries. What about them?

No longer scared.

I used to be scared of getting riffed . Now I go to bed every night dreaming that I get a package on my way out of this sh-- hole. Ps f--- cheap labor.

Don't you just love...

Working for an office that has a seemingly infinite amount of return mail, which our clients have not received. GREAT WORK management... you would think something like this would have been forecast and dealt with in advance. Now... employees are... read more

Always err on the side of layoffs

Regarding more layoffs, if you have doubts and management won't confirm anything, I would assume the worst given it IS AIG. IT has taken huge hits in past 6 months, and I wouldn't expect the business side to escape unscathed, either. Glad to see they... read more

Bureau of Labor Statistics

A possible resource to help identify potential challenges or opportunities for an individuals demographic, age, etc.:
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Is it hard to find a new job?

Been hearing from people who are having trouble getting new employment after being laid off by AIG, and it has me worried. Is it truly that hard to find a job in our industry right now? I wasn't worried about being laid off before, but now that's... read more

News Rumblings about KC SS fka Olathe CPC

Any news thoughts ideas or knowledge of RIF’sh--ting locale such as KC SS fka Olathe Claims Processing Center seems to be on site personnel from NY @ constant intervals now for a few months one constant Joe Puleo the morale has all but hit rock... read more


Anyone have any inside knowledge about future layoffs in claims?

Daily Newsflash

AIG just bought 2 corporate jets. AIG about to force relocate folks from northeast.Move with zero relocation or get riffed. Former colleague still there is incredulous. I wonder if this note will surprise the remaining victims who work there.

Over or underworked?

A lot of people mention that they are overrworked with all the layoffs...but why is it that most of the people around my age group (20s) are bored to death? It's like there's a couple employees on every team who do everything and everyone else is... read more

Why did AIG choose AWS over Azure?

Does anyone know? We have been talking about cloud for the longest time. And i think because of this. Our company is moving very slowly to the cloud and affected many people!! What say you?

Even more exec's

Apparently we don't have enough board members, so let's just add a few more - Peter R. Porrino, Amy L. Schioldager, and Therese M. Vaughan. And did I mention we have a new executive? Chief information officer isn't enough, let's bring in Chief... read more

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