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More layoffs?

Does anybody know if layoffs at AIG are done for now? Will there be even more today or later this week? Which areas will be hit? I'm really stressing out over this whole thing - as if my blood pressure wasn't high enough as it is. I would really... read more

More to come

Expect a June RIF as well. Just updated my Linked in profile. Getting out of this dumpster fire.

Bloodbath - week of March, 4 2019

This is really heavy. I lost a dozen of my co-workers. No fault of theirs. The company just doesn't make money. I feel bereaved. Location: NYC Dept: IT

Anyone know or willing 2 say

Is there anybody out there who might know whether Olathe KS CPC aka KC shared services is being targeted & will be hit with layoffs

Lay-off Watch

Possible layoffs in KC SS this coming week Not a certainty but some indications are there Just a heads up
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The truth about AIG as I see it

AIG is the Sears of the insurance industry and Duperreault is the Ed Lampert of AIG. In my division (which I won't name out of respect for my colleagues), we are bleeding policies and handing good business to our competition. We are so far behind in... read more

This is so wrong

Looks like our CEO is among top ten most overpaid CEOs in the country. And while he is netting $43 million, AIG is laying off good people in the name of "necessary cost cutting." Seems too ridiculous to even be true, but sadly, it is... read more


Does anyone know what the company multiplier will be for STI? It is due soon but I have not heard...

Big cuts coming in March

AIG is not a well run company. There are some very good people working there, but not enough to offset the incompetent senior management, who feather their nests while firing lower level people. Contractors seem to outnumber FTEs, especially in... read more

How long?

How long will you stay at your job if you are grossly underpaid? My supervisor did not do my review with due diligence. I know the usual excuses: Firm made losses (what's new in this?) You're lucky you're paid less-so, you aren't on RIF list Can't... read more

$95M Jet purchase

Always nice when the CEO purchases a new jet and then continues to do layoffs and move work to cheaper locations with less talent to offset these type of purchases. AIG is two completely different companies. One company for the grade level 27/28's +... read more

MAGA - Make AIG Great Again

Make AIG Great Again... Shareholders: $2B stock repurchase will ensure stockholders are happy. BD made a rookie mistake to cut the stock repurchase program the previous year. Now, he has corrected the mistaken course. Employees: Contrary to the... read more

100th Birthday - Fact or Fiction

YOU get to make the choice

People forget that they create their own lives, they get to make decisions and create a solution. It seems many on here continuously "whine" and are miserable. AIG is not the only insurance company in the world, saying you can't leave because of age... read more

HR is not your friend

I am a Long term employee who was recently involved in an HR issue. I filed complaint against abusive manager. Minimal to no action despite tons of evidence. They failed to follow up despite being provided names and numbers. ZMainly this is to alert... read more

good news ...

Happy to announce that after three months of search, I found the right job in my geography (TX) for the right pay. I had a few other offers but they were giving a pay cut. I read here that the ex-CFO also got a job after being let go two months ago... read more

AIG Canada

Any word on layoffs in any of the Canadian offices? Looks like they are trying to cut costs. I've heard some people on the financial line side has been let go, and I can only imagine the inevitable blood bath in underwriting

Layoffs happen all of the time at AIG

Layoffs happen all of the time @AIG When I started (10+years ago) there were layoffs. Layoffs happened every year. I was laid off last year along with many others who were great happens and will continue to happen. If you feel that... read more

Outsourcing WC fact or fiction & when

That would include any WC in any SS center like KC SS & all of work comp that’s done there what with the massive scale back everyone is doing double, triple the workload so overwhelming is an understatement not to mention the morale levels but local... read more

Domestic Claims

Word is all Domestic WC Claims are being moved to a Third Party Administrator for handling...That would mean numerous layoffs in all departments if that is accurate.

Any news on technology sourcing?

Each year we hear about annual reviews for sourcing and last year was no different. The new CIO stares they were looking at vendors. Has any news been made available in terms of vendors for respective technologies?

new offer

I got an offer to join Aig l&r unit. I'm seeing a lot of layoffs info on this thread and concerned. They say l&r is doing well and should not be a problem as its a new position. lmk your thoughts, itwill be helpful.


After working for AIG for 20+ years, now reading all these posts. I think employees should start thinking about getting a UNION together or in to help, with all these RIFs, and cut down on the number of good people getting let go and hurt.


I hope people realize that there are people posting here that don't have a clue. Many are disgruntled employees or former employees. The truth is the layoffs are kept under wraps under penalty of firing if an HR person tips anyone off. Yes, there are... read more

Major layoffs in March?

Now I've both heard and read that we are looking at major cuts at AIG sometime in March. Can anybody confirm this?


Laid off well over 3 months ago... AIG has not yet shipped me any boxes to return equipment. I have called and emailed HR deptpartment on 4 separate occasions. Is anyone else experiencing this? I don’t want to keep this c-ap at my house any longer.

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