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HR Layoffs today

HR layoffs today across John Hancock and Manulife.

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How many people work at Manulife Financial?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Toronto?

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Shameful Shamus

Disgraceful IT town hall with every second slido question about whether staff are going to be laid off. Roy should take a look at all those questions and take some real action since the IT leaders are too comfy making cushy salaries and not paying... —  read more 

More layoffs to come to Manulife Financial

Sixty eight people laid off in Boston last week. More to come before the end of the year. Across all areas. Any chance we can get some more info on this? Not that I'm surprised by it, the entire industry seems to be in shambles right now. I'm... —  read more 

IT Operations

Heard they were getting rid of IT Operations - happy holidays

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John Hancock Retirement Plan Services “Optimization”

Just announced a handful of ‘high’ profile departures. Just the beginning of the pain come. Best part was on the field call they said names would be left out of the email announcement to protect people’s privacy. Well they didn’t leave out any names... —  read more 

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Any updates on Manila layoffs - how many are affected and what's the timing. Also, if you have any severance info, please share it.

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John Hancock layoffs before year end

On a all RPS division call on Wednesday, Pat Murphy said there will be layoffs before the end of the year. Seems to act like they don’t know numbers or which deptartments will be included.

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John Hancock Investments

Heard several people were slashed this week. Anyone hearing about anything else? Sounds like more reorg emails may be going out this week.

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Free up $5B in the next 3 yrs...

Better sharpen up those resumes all you sad sacks. We are cutting to the bone so all you fatties have to go. All for the customers delight!

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John Hancock Layoffs Coming?

Rumors are starting to fly that there may be an email that goes out today announcing layoffs ahead of the Town Hall meeting tomorrow. Sincere Bain has been crawling around the offices since the 1st of the year you know they are coming.

Manulife Financial Layoffs 2018

Who is to blame at this point in time and you need to know that things can be better but people are talking about job cuts in Toronto.

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Manulife Financial Layoffs 2017

Rumors are flying around, they sometimes can be true and accurate especially when they are talking about layoffs in Toronto.

Being Let go from the hell hole.

Was with the company for over 10 years and was let go from a boss who lied and was deceitful. Manulife is a terrible place to work. Best thing was being let go from that hell hole. I feel so much better. They treated everyone like crap and at the... —  read more 

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Mid level management is absolutely incompetent

Gulloin can't increase revenues so he's cutting expenses. Gave himself a 22% increase to 12.5 million in 2013. This is for a stock that is still down 50% from 2008. Most employees have not received inflation increases in over 6 years. It's no wonder... —  read more 

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Emloyment Lawyers Regarding layoff packages or wrongful termination - they are excellent in the renegotiation of the package. Don't sign anything as the offer on paper is low balled. This law firm has handled many several cases!... —  read more 

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John Hancock Layoffs

So, what's new here? I left in 2008, I was laid off and I hear you guys have issues again?

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The worst of it

The worst of it is choice is either the Business System Analyst work that you are not actually supposed to be doing or no work at all. You tell me you will go around asking for a review?

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More Problems than you think

In addition to that, I had to spend most of my time calming a kid because he wants to be a "developer" who doesn't really code. Should have signed up a daycare instead of JH.

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What is your problem?

I never was given any assignment directly. A business analyst gave me his work to do, and I never figured out why I was doing on his work.

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Performance Review

Dude, by the sounds of it you deserved to be fired. You are gunna lay back and take no reviews for 2 years? What an idiot. Did you ever get a bonus? Did you ever get the details of your bonus. It's all right there buddy. You had ample opportunity to... —  read more 

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Never received performance review for 2 years

Did this happen to anyone? Does anyone know if people could submit our performance reviews without us seeing it? I worked for JH for about 2 years but never received any performance review. I lost my job before my second year tenure, but all this... —  read more 

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Layoffs continue

The multiple names in a box for each role to make sure the best talent is retained is a myth. Look you leaders in the eye and ask them if they believe the words they say about the process of who stays and who goes. It is not about "the best person"... —  read more 

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