Topics regarding layoffs at Manulife Financial Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Manulife Financial Corp.

Top talent is leaving

In addition to all the people they are letting go, it seems like a lot of top talent also leaving on their own. Saw that JH's CMO has moved on, along with many others. Knowing very few people there now. This is exactly what's been happening. People... —  read more 

Developers beware

Don't work here if you're a developer. They'll underpay you and you'll lose your skill over the years because the business and work stinks and you'll learn nothing but politics and why you don't deserve a pay increase or promotion during your annual... —  read more 

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Why did the company layoff 160 people during a pandemic, without helping them find new placements in a company that employs 35000 people. The company acted ruthlessly without compassion and done in the name of the dollar. Shame on the surviving... —  read more 

When will this stop?

How many of us are going to see their jobs outsourced before the end of the year? I see it happening constantly even if the company is trying hard to keep it quiet. People are constantly being cut as their replacements are being hired in cheaper... —  read more 

202102 Manulife Lay offs

Manulife, something is wrong with the internal business structure if during mass lay-offs, “cost cutting” is the reason. It’s an ironic statement, from a company that has Finance in the title. This statement shouldn’t be an excuse from a company... —  read more 

For those recently laid off

I want to say how sorry I am that this happened to you - especially during a pandemic. It’s never easy when the company we work for decides the best “cost cutting” measures are to cut hardworking decent employees. I hope each and every one of you is... —  read more 


Can those currently working in ETS comment on their experience? Comments seen in town halls make it seem like not a great area to work in, but there's been a lot of churn, is it better now? Looking at job in that area.

Shameful Shamus

Disgraceful IT town hall with every second slido question about whether staff are going to be laid off. Roy should take a look at all those questions and take some real action since the IT leaders are too comfy making cushy salaries and not paying... —  read more 


Any updates on Manila layoffs - how many are affected and what's the timing. Also, if you have any severance info, please share it.

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John Hancock Layoffs Coming?

Rumors are starting to fly that there may be an email that goes out today announcing layoffs ahead of the Town Hall meeting tomorrow. Sincere Bain has been crawling around the offices since the 1st of the year you know they are coming.

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