Topics regarding layoffs at John Hancock

Topics regarding layoffs at John Hancock

Question about bonuses

Do affected employees still get their bonuses once they're announced or no? I think it's a c-appy way to lay off employees so close to bonuses unless they're going to receive them after all. That's a reward for work they've already done, they should... —  read more 

Too bad

This was once a great place to work with dedicated and devoted employees. The lean work forces especially on the IT sides are all ready struggling. John Hancock once used to be a thriving, thoughtful corporation but now it seems to only be a lets... —  read more 

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Just look at the turnover rate

They say that a large turnover rate is is a true indicator of how poe the work conditions and work atmosphere are at a certain company. With that said, it’s obvious what a dump of a company we’ve become. People are leaving at a faster pace than one... —  read more 

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