Topics regarding layoffs at AFLAC

Topics regarding layoffs at AFLAC

How is this ALSO being hidden?

One of the most compelling sales tactics used by the field in the last twenty years was how proficient AFLAC was paying claims. When the ONE DAY PAY initiative was rolled out, there were many in the field that were using this enhancement as their... —  read more 

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Bank of America

In August 2016, the Wells Fargo scandal hit the news. Shortly thereafter, many in the AFLAC nation came to find that the sales channel for AFLAC was committing identical fraud in the sales compensation plan to manipulate Wall Street's key reporting... —  read more 

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Did YOU not come forward?

When the claims of multiple women came to light about the ra-e, se-ual harassment, and se-ual assault in 2018, did YOU stay quiet? Turn your eyes to not see the carnage on the streets? Did YOU have the opportunity to come forward to the media... —  read more 

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Same ole Aflac

Reading the comments here brought back many days and nights of 7 x 24 working for many years for little pay and little promotion. Aflac never changes. Too many bad people in management. Just how it is. I will keep the people still there in my... —  read more 

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Employees are paying!

Employees of Aflac will soon be paying Aflac’s bill to actually do business. This will be in the form of higher Benefit cost. So the cost of doing business is being placed on the people who help this company function! Hey, let’s pay this football... —  read more 

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Operation Boomerang

Aflac really let their workforce down. With the Voluntary Separation Program, they let go of all their actual knowledge keepers. Now, they NEED them back. So they are capping all raises on current employees no matter how well you perform. And on top... —  read more 

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tw compromising values

does anyone have a picture of the poster aflac published during their days of promoting nascar showing tw in a blonde wig to blend in with the good ole boys? i remember it vividly posted throughout aflac. obviously she compromised her values as a... —  read more 

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The legacy of Aflac and the founding family will change. All they are interested in is perception at this point. How they are perceived by the world right now and who they can manipulate. The truth is, there are a lot of people still around that... —  read more 

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No respect

Look at it now after the hostile takeover. The apartment atop the garage has been neglected and disrespected. Typical of the new regime. No respect, no... —  read more 

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What to expect

What working at Aflac entails: Uncertainty over having your job the next day. Stress over already having too much to do while more is added to your plate. Frustration over managers who have no idea what you do and how to help you if you... —  read more 

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I'm ready to give up

What does a person have to do here to be promoted? I've been with Aflac for more than five years. I've always received really good reviews and I always made sure to do whatever was asked of me, even if this meant I was at times doing the work of two... —  read more 

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Buddy culture ... I cant stand it anymore

I worked in two other insurance companies and nowhere was buddy culture as present as here. It’s very frivolous. Interestingly, cliques usually bring together the worst workers, and those who work hard don’t have time to engage in such games and... —  read more 

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Illusory Truth Effect

Welcome to the ā€œillusory truth effect,ā€ a glitch in the human psyche that equates repetition with truth. Aflac practices this to the extreme! Look at what money can buy. #294 on the list!... —  read more 

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RICO That is what danny has to worry about right now.

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I can find no logic in this

I understand the situation is tough right now and Aflac needs to lay off some people, but what makes no sense is who is being laid off. These people will have to be replaced by two new people once we are hiring again to make sure the job they used to... —  read more 

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Aflac has always laid off people

This is just another one. They do it in small batches - about 100 each time. They fire old and new but mostly old. They will hire back a few young but at a reduced salary. They probably will do more like this. Their insurance is a luxury and with 16... —  read more 

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"Covering for a creep?"

Today's National News headlines sound as though they should be coming from the local "Ledger-Enquirer" about the good old boys! "Covering for a Creep?". But, we know the boys at the Ledger wouldn't cover that. Do you wonder why?

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IT Shake Up

Project about to eclipse up to 100 Columbus HQ FTEs. Three departments will be affected, with a 90 day severance, and the ability to apply and interview for any open internal role. Only 15 employees will be able to stay on, with limited roles... —  read more 

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lot of ethics publicity and training published since the ceo was identified as a conspirator to covering up crimes committed by officers of the company and family members. everything is about appearance with this company. the more b—s— you put... —  read more 

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