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Bonuses to be paid on November 22nd

Well, if bonuses are still expected to be paid out on November 22nd, then I would think they will want to do all their displacements before that date.
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November 1st layoffs at AFLAC

Been hearing about November 1 being the day for major IT layoffs, somebody even mentioned it here on the board, so I was wondering if anybody knows anything more? I've been in a waiting mode since it first came out a few months ago that major layoffs... read more

Leaning out to Ship out

The old LEGACY standard will be the ultimate nail in the coffin for Aflac. The CMO was terminated for wanting to push Aflac into the current age of consumers, which is directly to them. Rather, they want to continue the tired and dying art of sales... read more
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Aflac Offshoring

Does Aflac offshore work and if yes how much? I know that other comapnies in the industry do this but just checking for Aflac.

Aflac being Ethical is a joke. far from it.

I watched as Aflac prepared to dodge their PCI Compliance obligation for the seventh straight tear, only doing the minimum to Hopefully keep the Credit card companies off their backs. Absolutely no thought of actually protecting their Customers CC... read more

Posts being deleted

All - I had three posts here and all of them are deleted. They do not tell you that. I was told that I do not follow site rules and I was unaware (rules are in the footer) - so, the heads up to all - using names of any kind, any foul language... read more

The Duck Brief - Its the Super Bowl 2017

Well there is no Tulane Law Student being assisted by a Washington Herald reporter. However, much like the fictional character Darbe Shaw, there are real life criminals with aiders and abettors and more than that there are real life victims (plural)... read more
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Leaders should welcome questions

Please speak up and expose real culture. I've personally heard VPs tell consultants and vendors that most of their employees barely made it through high school and aren't skilled.
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Speak up!

So many of us are come to work everyday and take the abuse...never saying a word. Those greedy execs count on our silence. And so far it has worked in their favor. They hold all the cards, while the rest of us fear for our livelihood. So, I guess to... read more


And remember, your potential is worthless if you no one to coddle you. Meanwhile in reality, #aflac continues to make moves to dupe #forbes and lie about the #aflaclayoffs
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#aflaclayoffs #aflaccancer #aflacgreed

Most of us have dedicated a huge portion of our working career to achieving the greedy goals of the Amos's. We've worked tirelessly to process apps within 24 hours, answer calls within 60 seconds, resolve complaints quickly, and pay claims within 4... read more
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Pay Attention

There is no other way to say this: Aflac's culture is a facade and nothing more than an award-bought punchline. The only people held accountable for the "Aflac Way" bullsh*t are the PS and lower employees. Managers, Sr Managers, and with exclamation... read more

Nobody is safe

To be painfully honest, I dont see that there are any safe areas at this point. I don't want to believe this myself, not of the company I've devoted my best working years to, but what I'm hearing from reputable sources is that Aflac wants to get back... read more


Call it what you will, layoffs, RIFs, optimization, outsourcing, offshoring, moving this, optimizing things... I was an AG EMPLOYEE and one of the IT 104 employees affected by the Nov 2014 reorg... Lip service given by HR regarding another position... read more

Spread the truth...

For those with privacy concerns--please take a look at the Telegram app. It allows for completely private messages to be sent from your phone or computer and many news organizations such as CNBC or Bloomberg TV (where Mr. Crawford is often... read more

Layoffs are unnecessary

Those that cover up the truth and help those high powered execs take advantage of the rest of us are just as guilty and unethical as the ones they cover for. I hope they lose sleep over the way they treat human beings as property to be exploited for... read more

Displaced = Layoff

The definition of layoff is the act of dismissing employees. A displacement happens when a job is eliminated and the company AUTOMATICALLY places the employee in a job with a similar level of responsibility and pay. Aflac has eliminated jobs and... read more

Severance at AFLAC?

Does anybody know what's AFLAC's severance policy in case of layoffs? I've been trying to find some info, but I have had little luck. Layoffs seem to be more and more certain, and I'd like to know in advance what to expect if I am one of the unlucky... read more

AFLAC culture is disgusting

The culture at Aflac is disgusting. Narrative-pushed promotions to add another magazine cover on the wall. The Officers look after each other and their friends. If one does not perform, they deflect and get re-orged in a head scratching promotion... read more

Claims and Policy Services are likely next

Employees in Claims and CS should ask their leadership about EXL and future plans to use that vendor more. Right now they will tell you EXL is helping the specialists by simply reviewing incoming documentation and highlighting key things for HQ to... read more

this is dumb

people are dumb to come on here and complain. what are you accomplishing? go out and get a new job and stop complaining

It's just greed

Aflac is reaping the rewards of years of nepotism and cronyism but they are doing it on the backs and livelihood of hundreds of loyal employees. To be truthful their management style was always based upon fear and intimidation. There is no... read more

Honest Opinion from a Non-Impacted Employee

After reading these comments, It's actually refreshing to learn that other people see this company for what it is. The Aflac PR machine pumps out so much propaganda, I was beginning to believe I was the only one to see what many here have commented... read more

Outsourcing Continues

As a long term employee, I am truly humiliated by the way this 'displacement' layoff is being handled. The HR/Benefits department gave us 6 generic pages in a folder with our name on it, no real information on any financial/retirement information... read more


Will it be you that is called to meet with HR tomorrow? Here's the thing that's startling, it very much could be!!! #AflacDidplaced2020 says you have been strategically eliminated. Help Desk is up to bat. Talent department on deck.

Where are we headed?

Where is this country headed, really? We have reached the point where pretty much all companies show zero respect for the individuals. I get the shareholder part, but why completely screw the worker? We report a 30% increase in revenue, spend money... read more

Correcting the facts

Unfortunately, the Columbus Ledger Enquirer article on the "displacement" of IT employees is way off on several facts and almost sounds like it was written by Aflac PR to minimize the impact on the brand. The official total affected employees was 55... read more

This just in!

Aflac will "displace" layoff 80% of its IT Operations in 4 phases over the next year. They will also bring on more vendors to replace much of the payroll and hr systems. From a recent meeting, much of the call center will soon be outsourced to save... read more

Out with the old, in with the new

Columbus was once a great place for IT employees. I remember the many educational programs providing opportunities, and companies hiring the people that took advantage of quick start programs. I'm sure we all remember years of competition between... read more

Expose Aflac's lies

There are dozens of comments here about the true culture at Aflac. Employees have more power than you think. Ban together and flood the media with the truth and expose the truth behind Aflac's image. Send letters to the Ledger - they can't ignore it... read more

The new norm

Monday's IT layoffs have caused a cascading crescendo of fear across all of Aflac and the entire Columbus IT community. It doesn't take much to deduce this is just the beginning. It's only a matter of time before most areas are assessed for cost... read more


Well loyalty means nothing to Aflac. Outsourcing my job after 10+ years of dedication. The HR rep that sat with me, Rene, treated it as pushing cattle through the line. Disgusted at this company. They tout they are a great place to work, but in... read more

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