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lot of ethics publicity and training published since the ceo was identified as a conspirator to covering up crimes committed by officers of the company and family members. everything is about appearance with this company. the more b—s— you put... —  read more 

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DA Knew of the crime committed and aided in cover-up

Chief Medical Officer for aflac confessed that the CEO knew of criminal activity and the corporation participated in cover-up! Bring them "ALL" in and let them testify and tell their story! Let's see if they purger themselves in the court of law! ... —  read more 

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Doctor's s-xual Abuse and Coverup!

Seems aflac is not the only ones who cover up s-x abuse predators

Prime time is on the horizon!

Not many viewers on this site. The link to this site and others are going to be published prime time on social media outlets for all to consume and enjoy! The criminals and their flunkies will be exposed to the world!

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Big 1 million dollar donation! Before you get all teary eyed about the 1 million dollar donation, which will be a tax write off, look at the following... —  read more 

Going to be big changes!

think about it! who is going to buy this sh– with todays crisis! And all the claims going against hospital care! They are going to take a big hit! Invest wisely!

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This is how a-- quack operates it's all about perception and they want to decieve you into thinking they are ethical and good to go! if you don't believe it, you... —  read more 

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Corruption all the way up!

the choice of 11th circuit judges on this case is very interesting. RAGA in action! Bought by the corporate contributors. just look up the confirmation hearings on these three. At least one, will be very interesting. Seems this ruling goes in... —  read more 

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The truth will be known!

To the criminals, you may have won a battle by corruption, but you will lose the war, by justice by the people!

Happy anniversary!

WE in the field would like to wish current leadership a very happy anniversary. It's been just over 17,280 hours (exactly 24 months) since this Universe became aware of the TRUTH. #PROTECTTHEBRAND God bless. ... —  read more 

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Investigations continue!

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We have been warned! Time to sell! Many other articles. Notice how quiet it is in the local news? Damage control!

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Who is being protected?

who is the judge protecting in this case? certainly not the public! or, the other women out there that have been exposed to this predator! we all know who! it's the fishhouse gang at work! Call them out! Expose them! It's time for a change! —  read more 

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Its coming!

All known victims, everyone involved, how much they were paid, etc. Nice charts and graphs to help the challenged in putting this all together.

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The opinions page on the website for the middle district has been down for days! Do they not want the public to read and investigate the opinions rendered regarding the case? It's obvious if you read all documents issued, you can derive what's going... —  read more 

Potential Victims?

Who was the Chief Medical Officer for Aflac during the 80's and early 90's, had a well respected medical practice in Columbus, a member of the Board of Directors and is a member of the "family". Why is he no longer on the board, closed his practice... —  read more 

Stay away if you can

So many things wrong here, I don’t know where to start. Training is so, so bad - you learn nothing useful and then you are thrown to the wolves and have to figure out what to do on your own. Pay is strictly commission, which s---s - especially when... —  read more 

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