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Something smells fishy! Anyone who knows anything about Columbus history knows this is b.s.

Guess Who Is Going

Hello IT. The next phase is now in play. Remember last year? Walk down the hallway and ask your HR rep... you'll get NO answer. But will see them when they get the news of them being cut, only to say they can apply to the vendor to do a badge change... read more

Great Place to Work!

Just got an email stating Aflac was voted to the Fortune 100 Greatest Places to Work list for the 20th year! What a complete JOKE!!!!! They certainly never asked me to participate in this survey!

August-October 2018 Layofs at AFLAC

To aid in the displacements elsewhere, that will be taking place in August-October. Move people, erase the need for a backfill. And if it doesn't happen quickly, or on the number's chart they are working with, BIG cuts will happen and they will say... read more

Risk Management

Risk is at Risk... looking to drop lower level roles and roll those functions to other areas.

Be aware

Not anonymous. Posting information, especially from a smart phone, has been given to Aflac’s legal team. Be aware. They know.

Latest Update

Word is about 3 people per day get their walking papers. They are doing it slowly. The estimate as in some other posts will be about 500. This will continue through Sept when DA retires. Also, word is there is a buyer and that will soon come to... read more

Never Changes

There is no other way to say this: Aflac's culture is a facade and nothing more than an award-bought punchline. The only people held accountable for the "Aflac Way" bullsh*t are the PS and lower employees. Managers, Sr Managers, and with exclamation... read more

To India

Recently, a few of the Aflac leaders were in India securing a large contract to outsource more jobs in analytics and IT. This project is going to really put some families in a bad spot. While Aflac touts the "Because of You" garbage, they are making... read more


Anybody here knows if it's true that severance is about to be reduced significantly? Been talking to a few folks at the office, and they claim they heard that's one of the new ways to additionally save during layoffs. Is that even legal? If it is, it... read more

The Latest Buzzzzzz

The next phase of IT displacements is nearing. This project will see whole divisions being outsourced.


Seems Aflacs ethics and morals are going to be challenged soon. Https://

Don't get old !

Besides all their other issues their favorite one is to do a RIF about every 2 to 3 years. These layoffs and forced retirements go after mostly people > 45 years old. They sprinkle in enough younger people to make it look good. They tell all they can... read more

Report It!!

I'm a reporter with The Wall Street Journal. If anyone has stories to share about misconduct at Aflac, I'd be very interested to hear them. You can email me at [email protected]

February layoffs at AFKAC

100+people at their SC location were 'displaced' yesterday. Keeping things hush to avoid negative press. I wonder if those people got a pair of socks. This was posted yesterday, but I haven't heard anything about cuts anywhere. Is this true? Can... read more

True Hand

Aflac showed its true hand on Wednesday. They tout diversity and exclaim how women are leaders. But when it comes to sitting with the President, they send a Corporate Cookie Cutter Southern boy.

Why would anyone care ?

If only a small number of yes people in management or people who are friends and family of the key execs are in top management, then why would anyone want to stay at this company as a career ? Clearly it is only those with HS degrees or people who... read more

Aflac lawsuit - Fraud exposed



With the current focus in the media it will be interesting to see how many women (and maybe men) are courageous enough to come forward about misconduct against them by Aflac's executive leadership. I've personally witnessed it happening to others... read more

2018: The Duck

Amazon and Aflac = Money You and your job = Gone Outsource, eliminate, deflect... Still ethical. Welcome to 2018.
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Working hard to fill other people's pockets

Working hard to fill other people's pockets is Aflac in a nutshell. We bust our behinds but the majority of the rewards goes to those above us. It's not fair, but as everybody will tell you repeatedly, that's the nature of this job. Yeah, right... read more
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you are promised everything, you get nothing

talk about a job that over-promises and then delivers nothing... the whole thing sometimes feels like a type of a ponzi scheme... they'll do anything to get you in, promises you untold riches, but then you get no training, no money for at least a few... read more
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Lousy managament

Aflac is plagued by lousy management that is stuck in the past... They cultivate frat like mentality and disrespect anybody who is not a part of good old boys' club... They know very little about the job they're supposed to be doing, so don't expect... read more

Stay away from IT

I can't stress hard enough how much working at Aflac IT s---s. The atmosphere is very political, you have to be very careful what you can and can't say. Everybody here knows that one wrong word can cost them their job. Not to mention that the... read more

AFLAC is no longer a family oriented company

Been here 9 years, with the common reorg that they constantly do, I've had 8 different managers. Each one does appraisals differently. No commonality whatsoever. What one defines as meeting expectation, another can view it as exceeding. What's the... read more

Top Heavy

Be prepared. Aflac is promoting a heard of bullies and elimination lower roles. MASSIVE company reorg and the largest displacement ever. People will have to compete for positions at a much lower salary if they want to stay employed. Bonuses will be... read more

Bias Runs Deep

It is that time of year where leadership rewards the sheep, and punishes those who do not blindly pucker up and kneel. Point blank, it is nothing less than systematic oppression that will dictate not only the year end bonus, but also your merit. If... read more

Bonuses to be paid on November 22nd

Well, if bonuses are still expected to be paid out on November 22nd, then I would think they will want to do all their displacements before that date.
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November 1st layoffs at AFLAC

Been hearing about November 1 being the day for major IT layoffs, somebody even mentioned it here on the board, so I was wondering if anybody knows anything more? I've been in a waiting mode since it first came out a few months ago that major layoffs... read more

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