Topics regarding layoffs at Cigna

Topics regarding layoffs at Cigna

back to office email

How does everyone feel about the email from the CEO about sending some of us back to the office? I already know of people who are planning on quitting. Good people too. I think this is a way to make people quit instead of laying them off.

Basis for improvements

I don't want to work for a company where I can mostly expect only bad news. The basis for improvement and change for the better, above all, should be the leadership that has a vision, a clear goal, competence and the will to make the conditions... —  read more 

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Cigna Funds Insurrectionists

Today we learned that Cigna funds politicians who supported the Jan 6 insurrection. Everytime they ask me to take "ethics" training, I will think of the raging hypocrisy of the senior leadership at Cigna. Ethics is good for the peons *(i.e. rat... —  read more 

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Horrible place to work

The toxic atmosphere, lack of communication, and incompetence on all management levels are only a few things we have to deal with all the time. If you're considering working for Cigna, do yourself and both your physical and mental health a huge favor... —  read more 

Whistleblower new article

Did other employees see this article from August? Others coming forward about the work conditions and pay holds while the CEO walks with millions. Wow. —  read more 


I have been trying to get on at Cigna for a while, I created a profile and have applied for positions, but my apps just sits in lingo, and maybe 6 months later one will close out and I will get an denial email. I never hear from anyone. I have... —  read more 

This is ridiculous

I've been with Cigna for 6 years. I've never received anything but praize from my managers, I always do whatever they ask me to do, I am one of the top performs in may team, and I always make sure to go the extra mile. What do I have to show for... —  read more 

Cigna HR Contact

How do I contact Cigna HR onshore? I left this awful company voluntarily and HR did not offboard me correctly. They are now trying to recoup my bonus and the 401k contribution via cash or credit card. My only option thus far has been working with... —  read more 

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Constant cuts

It seems that Cigna has changed it's strategy and is now laying off people in small groups (up to 20 people) spread out over several months rather than having one major layoffs round that's done within a couple of days. This means that any of us can... —  read more 

Nurses facing layoffs

Can confirm nurses In care management getting laid off. Can we get more info on this, please? How big will the round be and when is it expected to start? Also, will it be strictly care management? I worry about layoffs all the time as it is but... —  read more 

Severance package

Can any of the people who were affected in the latest round (or those who know them, because I'm not sure many of them will still be on here) share what the severance package was? I know Cigna usually offers decent severance, but I'm worried pandemic... —  read more 

Layoffs late Feb 2021

Just got new layoffs info, some Procurement and Finance IT got hit, senior advisor and upper positions, they are related to Ariba implementation that has just recently been done. They’ll be gone by end of Feb 2021.

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Is anybody at Cigna safe?

I'm curious if anybody working here actually considers themself safe? In the last few layoffs, I've noticed that people who have been here for decades and those who have the most experience ended up being cut together with some of the newer... —  read more 

Should I go to HR?

A serious issue occurred between me and my manager last week. I have tried to talk to him using open communication and feedback - but it hasn’t resolved the issue. In fact, it seems to have made things worse. Obviously the next step would be to take... —  read more 

Cigna LTD coverage

Cigna should be ashamed of how they deny claims for people on LTD. I am disabled and was covered the first two years on disability. Year two review and denied. Social security says I am in the severest group of claims and Cigna says I am perfectly... —  read more 

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New layoffs in April?

Is it true we might be looking at more layoffs at Cigna next month? Somebody mentioned this but I can't confirm it. I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest. With everything that's been going on lately, I think new layoffs are guaranteed - maybe even... —  read more 


Has anyone heard of any layoffs that are to happen this week at Cigna? A previous post said to beware and prepare that this week there was going to be a major layoff

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