Topics regarding layoffs at Cigna

Topics regarding layoffs at Cigna

Very Disgusted!!

During the town hall when they took phone questions, does anyone else think it was rude and insensitive that David and the others claimed they couldn't hear the first caller very well? He had an accent, but it wasn't extreme. I understood him, but... — read more 

It's time!

Author Louis Adamic, in his account of the late 1930s wave of sit-down strikes in the United States wrote the following definition in the fall of 1936: SITDOWN, n. Act of quitting work in one or a few departments of a delicately organized... — read more 

FOW enforcement

FYI on the Iris page for managers- Throughout Q2- business as usual, management should check in with employees to ensure they are adhering to the policy. At the end of Q3- management will be responsible for monitoring compliance and issue... — read more 

FOW and Moving

What are your thoughts on the FOW Policy and Moving? It says you have to obtain manager approval before moving if that would affect your in-office status. Also says if you're unable to comply with FOW due to your move, it's considered a voluntary... — read more 

Don't think you're safe

Everyone is at risk of layoffs for at least the end of the year. That said, some orgs are less at risk than others. But if it means padding the bottom line Cigna is happy to let people go. This poster is correct. Don't think you're safe for one... — read more 

Accredo morale in the dumps

Accredo employee here. They have been making us work 5+ hours of OT the past two months with no end in sight and the patients and providers are becoming much more abusive. I have never seen it this bad and I go home most days crying.

Job sites

Hey folks , specially those who were able to land a job in past 1 year . Which job sites did you use ? I am having no luck on Indeed /Glassdoor/Linked jobs. Each job seems to have 100+ applicants. Remote jobs are reducing . How were you able to... — read more 

My Boss is Absurd

He always ask for things that I didn't expect to have in meeting. Gets frustrated that I didn't have them. Micromanages every aspect of my work and expects me to spoon-feed every aspect of my technical work which he really doesn't have a background... — read more 

HCSC PTO & Benefits

PTO Accrued days start at 10 per year. They give 16 paid holidays & floating days. HCSC has a pension plan. You make no contributions and since it's a defined benefit plan, you don't have any investment risk. You automatically become a participant... — read more 

Employee Satisfaction Survery

What happened to the ESS this year and last year? Earlier our managers used to say it's so important for the company, analyzing the results and so on. Even DC said it's extremely important for him. Absolute silence for the past two years.

Joan Harvey and Dave Smith.

Joan Harvey and Dave Smith announced their retirement today, and it’s not even 3 months since it was announced they were accepting the leadership positions in Evicore. What is up with that? It feels like there is more to this.

Future Outlook @ Cigna

How are people feeling about the future outlook of Cigna? I am looking to leave, but people keep encouraging me to just look elsewhere in the company and leave my department. I don't see that things are much better in other areas. A majority of... — read more 

Medicare employees

How many Medicare employees are applying to other positions? I, myself, feel so torn between leaving and staying. I wish we had the guarantee in writing if we were to stay and move with HCSC.

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