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Join Aetna Digital Hartford

Is Aetna Digital Hartford good department to join ? I got offer but feel the company is not stable now with the merge. 2019 might be a big layoff year for Aetna employees.

MASSIVE Coventry Workers Comp Layoffs

CVS and Aetna are gutting gutting Coventry Workers comp, eliminating most of its sales staff nationwide. Be careful if you remain, more changes and layoffs coming and National Client accounts are leaving.
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Aetna’s Medicare workers might be on shaky ground

I can’t say the sale of the Medicare business came as a big surprise, as Aetna is obviously clearing the ground for CVS’s takeover. I get that both Aetna’s and CVS’s management have some sort of vision of what the company is going to look like after... read more

You gotta go

They got rid of our whole department in Arizona. They are laying off people left and right. We will have a total of four lay offs by the end of the year. Four teams impacted by this and they’re not honest about anything at all. They’re just tapping... read more

Part D Layoffs Coming?

DOJ wants Aetna, CVS Health to divest Part D plans before merger approval | Healthcare Finance News
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Early Retirement

If they cared about people, would have offered early retirement to people who were ready or wanted it. Then moved people into those positions. Better yet, get rid of people who did not perform well. There's enough of them. The company will probably... read more
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They want us to fail

I work from home and have seen a huge shift for the worst since mr CEO really dug his hooks in. Also, our new stand in director is running our team into the ground. Workload has increased and tasks are impossible to complete in a timely manner as the... read more

More people losing jobs in KY

KY Aetna let more people go, after hiring a bunch of new people. Seems all of them were long time staff. Most were there almost from plan inception. Bertolini keeps his 50x market value job, even after lying to DOJ. The new top dog is bringing in all... read more

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Careful now...

Be careful about what you say at Aetna. Or, should I say in any large company, it’s not good for your career health. A whistleblower with Aetna who accused CVS Caremark of gouging Medicaid and Medicare customers with high prescription-drug costs has... read more


Anyone heard if Aetna will be offering ERP pre or post CVS take over?


They began layoffs. My mother was one of them. What’s wrong with this company. She’s worked for this company for years and when Aetna bought out Coventry. She got her job back and then 3 years later THIS!?? You kidding me????

CVS is re-organizing digital and marketing

I heard from a CVS HR employee that they are re-organizing and digital will move under IT. I wonder what will happen to Aetna's IT and digital groups when CVS buys Aetna?
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Raises and Bonuses for 2017

Are we getting raises and bonuses this year??? Last year that info was disclosed in our year end reviews. This year least tell us if we are not getting anything. So much for transparency. We were paid out last year on the first paycheck... read more

denying claims

in trouble again. denying claims. they should be put out of business. wonder how many people were denied. nurses should not be making these decisions they did not go to medical school. this probably opened up a whole can of worms. bet they willed get... read more
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Aetna Layoffs - Week of 1/15

Was told near the end of the week that our department (and my position) was being eliminated - they integrated the historic Aetna employees from the team into new roles and eliminated all of the historic Coventry employees who were given zero time to... read more

Texas JV

Will there be layoffs for the joint ventures? Home visits were not good in addition to the disorganization. I am so glad I left. Good luck.


no such thing as severance. the longer you work at this company the less you will get. eventually there will be no severance, just maybe two or three weeks salary. bunch of losers at this company. too stupid or just plain dumb to move on and get a... read more

CVS Worst Co. To work for..

2015 & 2016 CVS was voted worst co. to work for. Check Glassdoor, sure to be the winner for 2017 Aetna doesn't sound much better. WOW, what a disaster. Scary future "clinics" are up and running wonder if only option for coverage when need to see... read more

What's the latest news on layoffs at Aetna?

Anybody has any info? Something more than simple "yes, I'm sure layoffs are coming?" I've been hearing a lot of that, but nothing about where the rumor came from or something more concrete about it. We all know layoffs are coming, but do we know when... read more

If you are not an exec, tough luck with the merger

Aetna doing its regular cleaning house - if you're a C-level exec with no payer experience, you're counting your bonuses and anticipating how much money you're going to make from CVS buying the company while planning your next move - For example, the... read more
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Aetna signed the deal . bought out

Let's see who goes on the chopping block....

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