Topics regarding layoffs at Aetna

Topics regarding layoffs at Aetna

CM & UM Positions

How happy are those in CM and UM roles? Have there been any layoffs in the last 2-3 years for these positions? The workload and expectations are impossible unless you work a 9-10 hour day everyday. Coincidentally the positions are salaried. Try to... —  read more 

engineers many with no work

work from home, work will be 1-2 hours per week, rest of the time net flix , movies, fun, what a company and the stock is down, we have 30 engineers fighting for work.. its a fun company to join and retire, pay is good 150 plus with bonus ,raises... —  read more 

I'm hoping I'm laid off

There have been too many changes in the past few years for the worse for me to want to stay, but quitting right now doesn't seem like a good idea either. Getting a severance package and being able to kick back and relax for a while before I'd have to... —  read more 

what happened to this place.

anyone know what happened to the san fernando valley branch facility of aetna. I heard they were closing the place because there were not a lot of people using it. I heard of some complaints also of the people there. I found two sites that can... —  read more 

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Am I just unlucky?

I see plenty of positive posts about working at Aetna but my experience has been the total opposite. Since I started two years ago I had to deal with a toxic work environment and unfriendly coworkers who see us as a threat and don't even try to hide... —  read more 

no layoffs

They dont lay off engineers at aetna , i've seen people with no work been here for 5 plus years. Is it going to be fully remote all 5 days a week?

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How does IT look like these days?

I was laid off about a year ago, just one of the victims of the acquisition. I'm curious how many of my former colleagues still work at Aetna? Did CVS manage to get rid of everybody in IT and offshore all the jobs or are some folks still standing? I... —  read more 

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