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I am from Humana and we were let go

Almost 600+ of my coworkers were let go this Wed over the phone at Humana - we were given a 60 day notice. We know it had something to do with the failed Merger w/ Aetna. This SUX!

Just be honest.

I wish they would just let us know what is going on. Are we going to be laid off in the first quarter or not? This head game they are playing with everyone is old now. There are red flags all around us that they are slowly getting rid of us and yet... read more

Aetna Layoffs 2017

I know that my opinion does not matter much, but I can tell you that our executives are way too greedy and that is putting us all in danger here in Hartford.

Layoffs don't affect fat cats

Aetna eliminates hundreds of people yet the CEO brags to employees about his home on NYC's Upper West Side and his Ducati. Other executives have six million dollar homes in Greenwich, going sailing on Long Island Sound, or have basketball courts in... read more

Medicare employee layoffs?

Has anyone heard whether or not medicare employees will be affected by these layoffs? A shame we have to fear walking in to the possibility of leaving unemployed everyday.


Aetna getting too greedy. has too many hands in the kettle at the same time. wants to own everything. getting too greedy too fast. if not careful they will fall flat on their face and end up losing everything. not happy unless they own everything or... read more

Why hire then?

If Aetna is cutting all these people, how is it that they're hiring tons of new folks? I've heard zero word of layoffs at the Columbus location. Only that they're continuing to grow.

False information

Not sure where you are getting your information, but it is completely false!!!! I am an employee and there have been no layoffs for 10 years!! Humana recently laid off people. Perhaps you are confused

Customer Service is downsizing

Customer Service is downsizing. Aetna did not get the expect individual and small group contracts they anticipated for 2016 year with open enrollment through marketplace; and, as Coventry finalizes there takeover by 2018, those contracts are also not... read more

The new Aetna has zero loyalty

They just let go of an employee that had been with them for 25 years. The new Aetna has zero loyalty nor compassion for their employees. It goes with out saying you can expect them to have the same horrid treatment towards their customer. All of the... read more

Dedicated unit

Anyone know anything about potential layoffs this year for dedicated unit since they are not getting the membership they originally thought they were?

Aetna March 2016 Layoffs

March 2016 Layoffs are coming to Aetna, that's the rumor. Also, some of us have been with Aetna a long time and are so overloaded and overworked (with NO OVERTIME, NO COMP TIME, etc.) and have been harassed out of our jobs. No need to pay... read more

Aetna Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Aetna layoffs in Hartford in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.


Does anyone know will the nurses be outsourced to other countries?

Coventry Legacy lay offs?

I am with Coventry, acquired by Aetna, I have survived 5 or 6 lay offs in my almost decade with the company. We had two earlier this department was offshored and currently a few positions remain but they are auditors for the offshore people... read more

Aetna will offshore every position

The way things are going, Aetna will offshore every position except CEO and other executives! So, if you want a low paying job and a low cost of living, move to China, India or the Philippines, because that's where all Aetna jobs are heading! So, my... read more

Aetna genius plan

The one who will benefit if merger happens are shareholders and executives, making millions of dollars. Many will lose their jobs.

Aetna merger

Aetna announced to cut $250 million in annual expenses next year because the merger plan. What will this mean for insurance patients and their employers?
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anymore news on layoffs for this year? how about more outsourcing jobs for 2015. anymore personal days taken away?

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