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can anyone help me answer this question I have.

I have been working in the dental provider department for a long time. I was wondering if there will be layoffs again? Has anyone heard anything about this? What is going on. Any information would be appreciated.

Can someone answer this please.

I worked in the branch in the west san fernando valley of california on a work campus with several other health and financial facilities on the same place. Sorry I do not want to be more specific then that. I was an account administrator there and... —  read more 

I just wanted to clarify my previous post below.

I just wanted to clarify in my post below this, that aetna shared a building with anthem so just replace the word aetna with anthem in regard to what I meant in some of the sentence. In particular where the anthem employee recommends going on the... —  read more 

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Really a very bad place to be in.

First off, I understand from recent news that aetna is hiring. Is this in regard to what is recently happening? If you google it you will view news stories that they are hiring, so I was just wondering, why would they be laying off due to the... —  read more 

Aetna Medicare Advantage

All the customer service reps at my location are working from home now. Do you all think we will stay standing through the corona virus or do you all think there may be layoffs coming soon?

Are temporary employees now being let go.

I wrote a post on here a while ago, but apparently I wasn't very clear in my concern. I just want to know if anyone has noticed a dramatic lay off in temporary workers, because as far as I know, they are not allowed to access corporate office work... —  read more 

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How many were laid off this week?

We know there were some layoffs this week but since there is a complete dearth of information on it, it's really hard to determine if this was just a few folks or something bigger. Is there any way to determine how many were laid off by Aetna in the... —  read more 

National Accounts Layoffs Meeting?

Is this true? has anyone else received any emails recently about a meeting? We have one scheduled and no one knows why we are meeting. Case managers were recently let go, hence why all are on edge about it.

Medicare Advantage cuts

Won't be the last. No date set yet, but the conversation is taking place in CT offices of next steps for our OH colleagues. Attrition extremely high and weighing the benefits of each scenario. Anyone familiar with what happened at the Plantation, FL... —  read more 

There is constant complaining about so much work.

I'm in a building where there are complaints on a daily basis. Openly talking out loud. These people work from home also but show up for most of the week. If there is so much pressure to get down the work, why don't they just do their best and not... —  read more 

Aetna *Not* Hiring

Freeze on all new hiring until next year - vacant positions not being backfilled at any level.. work piling up with no relief in sight.. why? whole departments are crumbling under the weight of failure to support the business.. what gives? Seems CVS... —  read more 

Worker’s Comp layoffs

Layoffs in Worker’s Comp department. Ten nurses given notice after told that there was a lot of new business coming and would have to pick up OT around the holidays. Some of nurses had been there over 10 years. What a c-appy thing to do at holidays.

Lies Lies Lies

No layoffs for at least a year post-CVS deal closure was the public statement. Deal closed in September 2019. Layoffs have been constant. Lies, lies, and more lies. No one is being fooled here.

Job Eliminations Next Week

Never a good sign when external consultants are brought in to diagnose a better way ...

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Anyone else feel like you're damned to hell in this place anymore? Seems like management is getting more and more clueless and metrics are just unreachable!

Hearing date set!

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No leadership

This company has become a serious sh--show. Upper management has no clue what their employee's job's consist of. Their definition of training is online or on the phone and you're expected to remember it. Absolutely no resources or job aids to... —  read more 

CVS is king of layoffs

Just an FYI Aetna folks, have no doubt cvs will be “eliminating And streamlining synergies” as quoted by Larry Merlo Cvs uses that term as a word for layoffs. CVS will strike with out remorse, and if you are wondering what the usual severence... —  read more 

Join Aetna Digital Hartford

Is Aetna Digital Hartford good department to join ? I got offer but feel the company is not stable now with the merge. 2019 might be a big layoff year for Aetna employees.

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MASSIVE Coventry Workers Comp Layoffs

CVS and Aetna are gutting gutting Coventry Workers comp, eliminating most of its sales staff nationwide. Be careful if you remain, more changes and layoffs coming and National Client accounts are leaving.

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