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aetna burlington usa

This question is for engineers. Are the products they build used only by internal aetna insurance customers or it it for all people? are there yearly bonus / increments?

I'm hoping to be laid off

I'm so tired of this place and all the politics and nepotism and constant worry about being laid off. I'm at the point where I'd welcome severance with open arms just to get away from here. Even if it took me a while to find a new job, I have a... —  read more 

Medicare Advantage cuts

Won't be the last. No date set yet, but the conversation is taking place in CT offices of next steps for our OH colleagues. Attrition extremely high and weighing the benefits of each scenario. Anyone familiar with what happened at the Plantation, FL... —  read more 

Aetna *Not* Hiring

Freeze on all new hiring until next year - vacant positions not being backfilled at any level.. work piling up with no relief in sight.. why? whole departments are crumbling under the weight of failure to support the business.. what gives? Seems CVS... —  read more 

Worker’s Comp layoffs

Layoffs in Worker’s Comp department. Ten nurses given notice after told that there was a lot of new business coming and would have to pick up OT around the holidays. Some of nurses had been there over 10 years. What a c-appy thing to do at holidays.

Lies Lies Lies

No layoffs for at least a year post-CVS deal closure was the public statement. Deal closed in September 2019. Layoffs have been constant. Lies, lies, and more lies. No one is being fooled here.


Anyone else feel like you're damned to hell in this place anymore? Seems like management is getting more and more clueless and metrics are just unreachable!

No leadership

This company has become a serious sh--show. Upper management has no clue what their employee's job's consist of. Their definition of training is online or on the phone and you're expected to remember it. Absolutely no resources or job aids to... —  read more 

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