Topics regarding layoffs at Aetna

Topics regarding layoffs at Aetna

I miss Aetna

I was laid off roughly a year ago and while I've managed to find a good job I still miss Aetna. It's not the company, it's the people I used to work with. I still think I got extremely lucky to get as great a team as I did. I know I'm in the minority... —  read more 

Not a good place to work

It might have been before, but it's certainly not anymore. Now we have incompetent supervisors who will do nothing to help us and do everything to avoid doing their jobs, ridiculous metrics we have no control over that determine our bonuses, complete... —  read more 

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Non-Hartford layoffs

Why doesn't this surprise me: Some Aetna people (non-Hartford) were told yesterday (Friday the 13th of November, no less!) That their positions will be eliminated before the end of 2020. I don’t know the details. Is there any more detail on... —  read more 

Layoffs announced

I wonder what we can expect this time. From what I remember from about six months ago, people arrived to work to find their badges were not working. And some didn't even receive any severance. So excuse me if I'm a bit worried about what's in store... —  read more 

I'm hoping to be laid off

I'm so tired of this place and all the politics and nepotism and constant worry about being laid off. I'm at the point where I'd welcome severance with open arms just to get away from here. Even if it took me a while to find a new job, I have a... —  read more 

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