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Legal Discussion

Just letting everyone know that I consulted with an attorney. It’s a worthwhile discussion even if you think nothing “wrong” or “illegal” took place. I was told that, in these mass layoff situations, companies and their attorneys are very very... —  read more 

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Word out of St. Louis is that Centene acquisitions typically get targeted with a 15% across the board staff reduction within year #1.

Layoffs 2020

Layoffs in administrative departments have still been coming today. Communication from leadership has been almost non-existent and still lack details about the previously announced town hall for Thursday.

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What are the the final numbers?

How many have been notified yesterday? From what I understand nobody was spared, not even management (don't expect me to shed any tears over them, though.) Also, somebody mentioned there were some demotions at play as well, is this true? That must... —  read more 

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Centene / Wellcare

Creating this thread to capture comments about the acquisition of Wellcare by Centene. Wellcare appears to be taking actions already that are related to direction from Centene with staffing changes, layoffs/RIFs, etcetera. Anyone know what’s... —  read more 

Absolutely no work-life balance

Work-life balance s---s here! I don't know if it's bad planning or too high expectations or something else entirely, but Wellcare keeps giving us deadlines that're impossible to meet without dozens of extra hours each week. Say goodbye to your... —  read more 

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We are used to layoffs at Wellcare

Layoffs are nothing new at Wellcare, those of us who have been working here for a while know to expect them on regular bases. Considering that the company is utterly disorganized, I'm surprised we don't have even more of them. They get rid of more... —  read more 

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Upstate NY sales team laid off today.

About 60 people in the Medicare sales dept were laid off today from Rockland County to Buffalo. They always said the sales dept was safe because of the income that's generated, THEY LIED!!!!!!!!!! They said it was because the medical benefit rate... —  read more 

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