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Celegene Acquisition Impacts

Any impacts, from the layoff perspective, as it relates to BMS' acquisition of Celegene?
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BMS Layoffs

I was let go in Tampa in January - Moved on, things are good. Took me about three months to find a good and comparable position. I liked my work at BMS but it was time for me to move on anyhow, so the timing worked - the severance was good and we... read more
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has anyone looked at the number of people BMS has let go since 2014? The 20/20 plan was to reduce the work force from around 54K to around 20K by the year 2020. Many jobs have gone off shore and due to shedding divisions and sites. Get ready for more... read more

Acquisition related layoffs imminent

Bristol-Myers is buying Calgene, which means that we are looking at major consolidation layoffs very soon. You can expect plenty of cuts and layoffs with this move. Bristol-Myers is laying out its expectations for finding $2.5 billion in annual cost... read more

More layoffs at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Well, actually at ZymoGenetics. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), which acquired ZymoGenetics for $885 million in 2010, disclosed its plans for the 63 employees in a mass layoff warning filed with the Washington state Department of Employment Security on... read more
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Age discrimination law suits

BMS has a history of age discrimination law suits, Toxic work environment. I can count the employees that belong to minority groups with one hand and not use all my fingers in my floor alone...that bad
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Avoid This Company

The deceitful restructuring at this company is literally sickening everyone who works for it. They terminate long term employees and tell them they can move to NJ and work for the company as consultants. Then they terminate consultants. Toxic and... read more

Wallingford is doomed

Those of us who survived the last culling in which Bristol-Myers Squibb laid off 107 people are not as lucky as we originally thought. We were notified that we will be closing by the end of the year. Just wanted to warn everybody to stay on their... read more

Wallingford #2 Update

Bristol-Myers in Wallingford to layoff more than a hundred folks in coming months Link:
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CNJ staff to move People Services to Tampa

Interesting in light of the large layoff of the CNJ staff to move People Services to Tampa a low-cost location.. Many of these seasoned staff with excess of 20 yrs of BMS employment. Do you really know whats going on with your own company???
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so many rumors

am i the only one who is really tired of all the rumors going around about our future? we are going to be acquire, we are going to spin off this or that division, there will be major layoffs, there will be no layoffs... we have some of the best drugs... read more

We have no idea where we're headed

If one thing's certain about Bristol-Myers it's that we have no idea where we're headed. We've seen so many changes in the past several years we're left wondering what are strategy even is in the end. Frankly at times I wonder if our leadership even... read more

Horrible upper management

Bristol-Myers' upper management is absolutely horrible. Their bias is visible from space! They are incapable of seeing things for what they are or recognizing the hard work of people who are actually contributing to the company. They have their... read more
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Same mistakes over and over again

We'll keep having layoffs for as long as Bristol Myers keeps having transformations and re-transformation that are doomed to fail. How many have field so far? I've lost count. Instead of investing in R&D, Bristol keeps downsizing it. We had some of... read more
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Any further plans for redundancies? Please share info if you have any…

More Bristol-Myers layoffs on October 6

Bristol-Myers will be laying off 58 more people as soon as Reyataz and Sustiva lose patent protection... Princeton Pike location will be hit hard... I wonder if more similar announcements will be coming soon... read more

Massive Bristol-Myers layoffs in September 2017

I have seen several posts on various boards referencing major layoffs in September. Nobody is giving any concrete information, though, so I am not sure where it originated. If anybody has any information on this, or where the rumor originated, I... read more

BMS Layoffs 2016 (October)

Anyone has more information about the layoffs or at least rumors about layoffs at BMS. People are using all kind of numbers and I am not sure what's for real and whats rumor. If you have any info please post it here as we still have many folks and... read more

Bristol Layoff Humacao

Do you have more info, please post any info you may have here so other people can see it - we are kept in dark and that's not fun
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Back in Nov or Dec or last year we announced a restructuring project that would cut up to 1% of R&D costs - this is roughly 70 jobs. Some other areas would hire though. The reduction would take place in the early stage discovery in diabetes... read more

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