Topics regarding layoffs at Mylan

Topics regarding layoffs at Mylan

Quit three months ago

I just came back here to say that I've never been happier. I was miserable at Mylan for far too long and this turned out to be the best possible decision I could have made for my future. I'm working at a place with normal culture and friendly work... — read more 

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A glimmer of hope

Hopefully everyone who was displaced will be able to begin a new career. I wish all the best of luck! Pierpont Community & Technical College has started to welcome students back for the new academic year. Some of those students are former Mylan... — read more 

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Job fair

For those who went, how was it? What kind of jobs were offered? I was not impacted by layoffs but in all honesty, I'm so tired of Mylan that I'd be happy to leave if an opportunity presented itself. It would be nice to know there are available jobs... — read more 

The 13th Warriors

13 sites selected for shutdown, divesture, or downsizing .... are you one of them? Does anyone really know what's going on and who's the 13 are. So far we have the original five listed - Morgantown, PR, Ireland, two in India, then... — read more 

Mylan layoffs

Any news about severance package and how it will be calculated. Should be based on years worked. How many were offered new jobs and any news about a new company operating the plant?

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Severance Package

Wouldn’t it be considerate to find out asap if there was a severance package? Here it is mid February and a company with Ivy League lawyers still hasn’t given us any information. I mean, within five and a half months we’re all going to have make... — read more 


Our division is having a mandatory meeting tomorrow. All in Al there are 60 of us. I can see HR are also on the call. I think we all know what is coming

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The Epipen Train Wreck

Let’s be honest, this whole train wreck started and ended with the Epipen. Prior to that national embarrassment, the Morgantown plant was running wide open and making billions. After, the orders disappeared and production slowed to a trickle. I’m... — read more 

Manufacturing to the cheapest?

I thought covid and FDA violations would convince companies they need to make their products locally. I guess their bottom line means more than quality and safety of the medications. To hell with their customers and the future of the US

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Plant Closure ?

The amount of energy wasted on negative thoughts seems to embed itself in the psyche of some humans. What a shame to not be able to remain optomistic. Gloom, Doom and Agony....that's where those commentors belong... On HEE-HAW

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Let the games begin...

In the world of buying and selling - is Mylan being bought or being sold? With the combined company who's still standing one week in, one month in, one quarter in? Is Morgantown going to survive? Is this going to be a US based company with... — read more 

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Second half of 2020

With the impending merger and changes to come - what can be shared? It's been noticed that the Robert Coury Building is emptying - is that true? Also, is the union on the hit list once the merger happens? Inquiring minds would like to... — read more 

Will we survive the merge?

Word has it that product usually done in Morgantown is now being sent to third party manufactures or being sent to PR. With all that's going on will Morgantown survive the merge or is this just writing on the wall? Thoughts?

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