Topics regarding layoffs at Pfizer

Topics regarding layoffs at Pfizer

Free Speech

Pfizer has habitually engaged in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribed physicians, & suppressed adverse trial results. This is no secret, yet this fact continues to be brushed under the rug by politicians & the... —  read more 

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Quick business update

Our new business model is better than we could have ever hoped for. We get tens of billions in risk-free profits each year, because: We own your politicians. We own the mass media. We have convinced everyone to immediately censor and denounce people... —  read more 

A solid beat I think these are quite solid results. I just hope the company takes advantage of the growth opportunities ahead. Thoughts?

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The CEO of pfizer has to backtrack on his previous statements of calling anyone criticizing the company's vaccines as criminals for daring to question its safety.

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What to expect next? There’s no mystery about what 2022 will bring for Pfizer: Enormous, record-shattering revenues. What happens after that — an issue likely to come to the fo-e on Tuesday... —  read more 

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Is Pfizer hiring?

Something tells me this is one of the few companies that won't see any need for layoffs for quite some time to come. I'd leave my current job in a flash for an opportunity to work here. At this point, all I do is worry about layoffs. Getting away... —  read more 

Groton Layoffs

I was cut a few years back. Changed industries and moved on - I liked working for Pfizer though. I wish you all the best and I hope no layoffs happen at Pfizer in 2019 and 2020 (and beyond)...

Layoffs at Vaccines?

Have any layoffs happened? I know there was a rumor circulating about potential layoffs, but has anything actually happened? My location didn't have layoffs yet. Just wondering are they yet to happen or have they happened on a smaller scale and went... —  read more 

Are you taking the offer?

I'm just wondering how many people are considering taking the early retirement option? For me personally this is not an easy decision, and I know there'll be a lot of thinking done from now until the deadline. It's a decent package, I can't complain... —  read more 

All 2018 Layoffs So Far

Pfizer, Inc. Layoffs, year to date (through 8/28) - source below: 1/2/2018 1/17/2018 2/26/2018 3/28/2018 4/9/2018 4/26/2018 5/10/2018 5/22/2018 6/6/2018 6/25/2018 Source: Date of Notice: 8/1/2018 Event Number: 2018-0021 Rapid Response Specialist:... —  read more 

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Pfizer March layoffs

it seems that pharma layoffs continue uninterrupted in the new year, only this time it's not somebody else, it's us. Pfizer submitted WARN notices for 13 people in New York. I'm pretty sure this is just a start, and we can expect many more very soon... —  read more 

Teva 14,000

This is not about Pfizer, it's the entire industry, and now Teva is axing 14,000. That's a huge number and when I see those kind of numbers I know it has nothing to do with "restructuring" or "re-organizing." No, they're in serious trouble. A quick... —  read more 

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pfizer hr is useless

be very careful of pfizer hr. don't assume for one second that they will have your back if you need their help. their main goal is to protect the company, and they've proven it over and over again. i made a mistake once on approaching them about a... —  read more 

No long-tern vision

Pfizer is way, way too focused only on short-term goals. They've made layoffs a means to a quarterly profits bump end. It's destroying morale and people's faith in the company. What we actually need is a proper vision and long-term strategy. Laying... —  read more 

Horrible management

I left Pfizer recently, couldn't be happier about it... The management has allowed the bullying culture to blossom in the company to the point I couldn't take it anymore... Executives turn a blind eye to all the abhorrent behavior exhibited by many... —  read more 

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