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Terrible place to work

Worst company I ever worked for. I was a contractor in Madison, NJ, When they told me they were cutting my job at year's end I wanted to do a back flip ! Very abusive environment. So happy to be out of that dump. Now I work with people who are... read more
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Reorg in the works, 100s to be cut

This is just a start - my prediction is at least one more cut by the end of 2018 if not two. Now, this is becoming a big pattern here - it's almost predictable. The exec compensation keeps going up while they continue to cut to the bone and destroy... read more
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Allergan to lay off over 1,000 employees

Allergan is starting 2018 in style - with major layoffs. Over 1,000 employees will be laid off, and another 400 open positions will be eliminated. So far there is no news on who will be affected, but with a number this high, I guess nobody is safe... read more

Allergan Pfizer Merger Layoffs (2016)

Do you think that there will be significant redundancies (e.g., back office, finance, marketing, HR) between Allergan and Pfizer if and when they merge. Pfizer has been pretty brutal when it comes to mergers as they were eliminating redundancies... read more

Michael Pearson Failed Strategies

We should have been be in a good shape right now, just like competitors, but Pearson seems to keep dropping the ball so be warned, 2015 layoffs might be just around the corner

2015 Layoffs at Allergan

Here is what I know, I might off a bit here (my view is narrow, I am with Digital Marketing Services in Irvine) or there but in general this is what’s happening. Up to 15% of the total work force will be eliminated at Allergan (some folks say 13%) –... read more


I used to work for Medicis, do you hire or do you have layoffs right now
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You are exaggerating

No 10% cuts for sure, Allergan is not that stupid, we'll do few 1% cuts, and wait for attrition
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Allergan cuts in 2014

Allergan is getting ready to reduce sales force in 2014. We do not know how many people we will be eliminating, but the consensus is that the cuts will exceed 10% - at this points all of this is just a rumor.
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