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No wonder AbbVie is in trouble

Just look at the way scientists are being treated here. We are supposed to be this company's most important asset, and yet we get no respect. Why? Because the management have huge egos and think they are smarter than everybody - despite proving again... —  read more 

More layoffs at AbbVie

Just cut big in IT today in Chicago. Humira coming off patent. Reality setting in. Was it just IT? Any more info would be appreciated... —  read more 

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What's the latest on Abbvie cuts?

Are we sure by now that Stemcentrx layoffs are an isolated incident and not an intro into something much bigger? It would be nice to know for sure and be able to relax again ahead of the weekend. I've been on pins and needles since I've heard about... —  read more 

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stemcentrx layoffs

180-200 people got laid off at the stemcentrx site. only 30-40 people left there. rumour is that there may be cuts at the other sites.

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Layoffs (March 2019)

This is regarding current layoffs at Abbvie. A quick question and I am not sure if someone on this board would be able to can help here - is it true that former Solvay employees are safe from layoffs because they are not part of Abbvie's pension... —  read more 

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The employees of Solvay never asked for you to buy us

I'm in Metabolic and a Solvay loser who happens to think people like Jim are an exception in our business especially within Abbott. The employees of Solvay never asked for you to buy us, you were actually the last choice and we all thought that we... —  read more 

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