Topics regarding layoffs at AbbVie Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at AbbVie Inc.

Layoffs announced

AbbVie is planning to lay off 99 employees in Irvine. Presumably, all of the affected people are going to be Allergan employees who were part of the acquisition in 2019. Is this how AbbVie always functions? Layoffs during the acquisition of a company... —  read more 

Worried about layoffs

It's becoming clearer and clearer that layoffs are imminent at Abbvie. They will happen, the only questions are when and how many will be impacted. A lot of people believe we're safe at least until 2023, but I have a feeling they're in for a rude... —  read more 

Layoffs (March 2019)

This is regarding current layoffs at Abbvie. A quick question and I am not sure if someone on this board would be able to can help here - is it true that former Solvay employees are safe from layoffs because they are not part of Abbvie's pension... —  read more 

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