Topics regarding layoffs at Gilead Sciences Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Gilead Sciences Inc.

Steady biotech layoff trend

Unfortunately, more biotech companies are having layoffs. Bad start, 2024 is shaping up to be as shaky as the previous year.

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Here we go, layoffs are starting

Gilead Sciences will lay off 114 staffers based out of former Immunomedics headquarters When Gilead Sciences picked up Immunomedics and the br---t cancer dr-g Trodelvy for $21 billion a couple years back, the company billed the buyout as a major... — read more 

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150 Laid off

Sales people... 150 cut... Cardiopulmonary division...

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This company is languishing in low $70's . It will likely break that barrier soon if no one takes action to expand the pipeline or buy out a company. Good Grief. Once such a strong company

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Lead yet Downsizing

I am going to rant a bit about Gilead, so please be patient with me. If you join us, don't expect any normal work-life balance or any feeling that you are respected and valued as anything other than a cog in the huge Gilead money makingmachine... — read more 

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Downsizing in the works

The HR folks behind closed doors... Does not look good. I've heard some rumors about reorg, they are looking at our sales folks and IT. Just rumors for now.

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