Topics regarding layoffs at Celgene

Topics regarding layoffs at Celgene

Celgene lay off

Celgene is bound to lay off since they are wasting resources in oncology at 3 different sites. San Francisco, New Jersey and San Diego.

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No Celgene layoffs in 2017

But the whole industry is changing and it's becoming much more competitive. Cut throat, pricing pressures and margins tanking - that's the world we live in today. We can argue that things will improve for Celgene in 2018 but I doubt it and I think... —  read more 

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Celgene Major Layoffs in 2017

What are your thoughts on the possibility or rumors on Celgene Major Layoffs in 2017 - how realistic is this? I know that people are always careful to think about layoffs and speculations are never good - but there is something that is brewing, at... —  read more 

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