Topics regarding layoffs at Celgene

Topics regarding layoffs at Celgene

Celgene spinout Celularity warns 'substantial portion' of staff about possible layoffs after reviewing cell therapy strategy

Celgene spinout Celularity has left an ax dangling over a “substantial portion” of its workforce. While the cell therapy firm is “hopeful” it can avoid significant layoffs, it has told many staffers their jobs are on the line as it pursues an updated... — read more 

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Celgene lay off

Celgene is bound to lay off since they are wasting resources in oncology at 3 different sites. San Francisco, New Jersey and San Diego.

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No Celgene layoffs in 2017

But the whole industry is changing and it's becoming much more competitive. Cut throat, pricing pressures and margins tanking - that's the world we live in today. We can argue that things will improve for Celgene in 2018 but I doubt it and I think... — read more 

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Celgene Major Layoffs in 2017

What are your thoughts on the possibility or rumors on Celgene Major Layoffs in 2017 - how realistic is this? I know that people are always careful to think about layoffs and speculations are never good - but there is something that is brewing, at... — read more 

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