Topics regarding layoffs at AstraZeneca

Topics regarding layoffs at AstraZeneca

Hiring already

As somebody who's been shown the door less than a month ago it really hurts to see AZ hiring new people. Some of those positions are not department-specific and could have been filled by those of us who were laid off. But I guess getting somebody... —  read more 

And with every reorg...

There are consequences... The constant re-orgs here are getting tiresome.... Every time there is someone who will get screwed. Durin reorgs, ven if there is no headcount reduction, we spend a lot of time trying to re-define how work is being done... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs @ AstraZeneca

Now there is a ton of rumors about layoffs in 2014 - we all know that small batches of layoffs across the organization are happening every month, but I wanted to see if you guys heard about a big reorg plans that would result in thousands of job cuts... —  read more 

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