Topics regarding layoffs at AstraZeneca

Topics regarding layoffs at AstraZeneca

Layoffs at AstraZeneca

My son was laid off today at the Germantown location. I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Do you know by any chance how big the layoffs were? Does anybody else know? Was this a one-off thing or are they planning more cuts in other locations as... —  read more 

Financial results

I don't like this: Looking to 2022, Astra said revenue at its Covid-19 medicine arm is to decline in the low-to-mid twenties percentage range. Vaccine sales are expected to dwindle, though revenue from its Evusheld Covid antibody treatment will... —  read more 

Hiring already

As somebody who's been shown the door less than a month ago it really hurts to see AZ hiring new people. Some of those positions are not department-specific and could have been filled by those of us who were laid off. But I guess getting somebody... —  read more 

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This makes no sense at all

If the goal was to get rid of some of the best people, than this layoff is a huge success. What in the world did they use as a criteria for determining who to let go? And why are people who've been here for a year, two at the most still here when... —  read more 

And with every reorg...

There are consequences... The constant re-orgs here are getting tiresome.... Every time there is someone who will get screwed. Durin reorgs, ven if there is no headcount reduction, we spend a lot of time trying to re-define how work is being done... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs @ AstraZeneca

Now there is a ton of rumors about layoffs in 2014 - we all know that small batches of layoffs across the organization are happening every month, but I wanted to see if you guys heard about a big reorg plans that would result in thousands of job cuts... —  read more 

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