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Qc layoffs

It's odd that with all the buildings so close together, that no one seems to hear about all the small layoffs that go on here all the time. The QC dept was all jist laid off at the end of May. Before that all of camb mfg was laid off in Dec

Biogen Layoffs 2015 and 2016

Last Wednesday it was announced that Biogen will eliminate 880 jobs - 400 in the central location - they plan to promptly end several ongoing research and development programs - This large restructuring activity, the biggest so far for Biogen, is... read more

Layoffs again 2015

And so it begins this week right? Does anyone know if previously granted restricred stock is vested or taken back at layoffs?

Axed R and D Compliance (Quality) dept. In Cambridge

Reorganization a began with ClinOps last year and many cut. This year it is R and D Quality/Compliance. Approx 85% lost their jobs in this dept last week. Quality is often the first to go. Not too smart.
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2014 Cuts

Not only 2013, we have cuts right now as well
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Downsizing back in 2013

Biogen Idec eliminated over 600 jobs last year (2013) - we did close San Diego site as well.
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