Topics regarding layoffs at J&J (Johnson & Johnson)

Topics regarding layoffs at J&J (Johnson & Johnson)

Wayne, PA Massive Cuts

There you go... Johnson & Johnson will lay off 297 employees at its facility in Wayne, Pa., according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. In its layoff filing with Pennsylvania officials, the d–gmaker said the job are being cut because it has... —  read more 

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This was bad

Entire teams have been cut this week. Most of them had no idea this was coming. I feel really bad for all of them. This also makes me more worried about my job - if other people can be caught off guard by something like this, who's to say I'm as... —  read more 

Info on changes

Conference call and announcement came out at 8AM. One VP retiring, but staying on for now as a consultant, others protected (no surprise there) although moving around a bit. Managers on calls all day advising teams whether they have their job. Some... —  read more 

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61 Laid off

There you go. Source below. Per Becker Hospital Review... 60 jobs lost... J&J to cut 61 jobs in New Jersey Johnson & Johnson will cut 61 jobs at its site in New Brunswick, N.J., according to a WARN notice filed with the state. The job cuts, scheduled... —  read more 

JNJ Consumer

Brutal cuts across all JNJ Consumer, not all dead wood, a lot of long term dedicated employees have been cut along with some obvious dead wood. Some in my division said Thanos has clicked his fingers and half are gone, an exaggeration but I have not... —  read more 

It's very political

I am not surprised that there will be major job cuts in Medical - seriously, there are so many people who just protect their positions, great walls are built around departments. It's ultra political and you need to be very careful with every... —  read more 

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