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Major layoffs at Johnson & Johnson in early 2019

I’ve heard that the J&J consumer division is expecting sweeping layoffs in early 2019. According to my friend who’s an employee, they quietly laid off quite a few people in Q4 because of lackluster sales results, and next year’s forecasts are looking... read more
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J&J keeps hiring more people, that's a good sign
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Few hundred here, few hundred there...

We're constantly laying people off in bits and pieces but the company is so big and so diverse that most don't even know it unless it happens in their division and department. I think the company wants it that way too, as the layoffs are hardly ever... read more

It's very political

I am not surprised that there will be major job cuts in Medical - seriously, there are so many people who just protect their positions, great walls are built around departments. It's ultra political and you need to be very careful with every... read more

Johnson & Johnson Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Johnson & Johnson layoffs in New Brunswick in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

2016 Layoffs at Johnson and Johnson

Do you think that we may be having cuts next year? I mean, if things do not improve and the economy continues to be very weak, what will happen with consumer spending and is J&J going to be able to make money for shareholders? I hear rumors all the... read more

Johnson and Johnson Layoffs (second part of 2014)

I heard rumors about possible layoffs at J&J - I am not with company any more as I went to work for a company in a different industry but many dear friends are still there. I am not sure how accurate or reliable this info is but wanted to share it... read more


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