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How many people work at Zimmer?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at Warsaw?

It's coming!

Very likely personnel reduction coming in 2020. Their spending and growing, but still plagued by FDA issues and no one taking the helm in Warsaw. That should be priority one, if customers can’t feel confident in quality in healthcare your going to be... —  read more 


Any news on the cuts?

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450 people to be laid off the next few days

450 people to be laid off the next few days. Dvorak is without a doubt the worst CEO/Leader in history. He has no clue how to run a company or motivate people. When is the board going to wake up and get rid of this guy along with Crines. From all... —  read more 

Garry Clark should be first to go

Garry Clark should be first to go. His corporate statements are shameless. Corporate Restructuring? I mean come on... We all know that the orthopedics division in Warsaw is being destroyed. And they are not even disclosing numbers. Also, when he says... —  read more 

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another round is coming..

another round is coming... is it just me or you guys also have feeling that the company is about to fold... i am in warsaw...

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