Topics regarding layoffs at Baxter

Topics regarding layoffs at Baxter

Baxter layoffs August 2018

well, it happened again layoff in Medina ny, 130 people, whats next maufacturing and production, i see the writing on the wall, 2020 This was posted in an old thread as a reply last week. I'm bumping it both for info and in hopes somebody has more... —  read more 

Baxter Layoffs 2018

Do not worry too much, I am one of those who is always positive, always optimistic - things will pan out good and we will not have layoffs here in Deerfield.

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Baxter goes belly up

Let's hope this sh-- show if a company goes belly up! Seen too much! Too many good people gone; while others stay. Pay inequality; age discrimination, it's all happening!!!

Bloomington IN. Baxter

The chopping block was pulled out at the Bloomington Baxter December 1st. 12 layed off several Senior Supervisors in manufacturing let go with rumers of more layoffs to come. Baxter has our Manufacturing down to skeleton crews and expecting... —  read more 

Baxter Liverpool. UK.

Voluntary redundancies where taken in July 2016 at Baxter, Liverpool.Uk Icodextrin manufacturing facility. Where a Lean Performance company is involved in running the facility.

Anesthesia division layoff

I was part of the June layoff when Baxter dissolved the anesthesia division. In one respect it was predicted and a long time coming, yet still Shocking when it actually happened. HR did a nice job and the compensation package seemed fair.

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Downsizing and Future Plans

I work for Baxter Medina, we do the manufacturing of V6, V8, and soon V9 Sigma Spectrum Pumps. I have it on good authority that we are downsizing production and service. I was also told by a reliable source that the plans for the V10 pump are already... —  read more 

Bloomington Layoffs

Do you have any updates on layoffs in Bloomington - I left in 2014 - I hope all folks keep their jobs - however, whatever happens it's a good job market for anyone in pharma and health fields

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Upcoming Layoffs at Baxter

Baxter has allocated roughly $100 million for layoffs - this is a restructuring charge - if you do the math, this boils down to roughly 1,000 people to be laid off... I am assuming it'll cost about 100K per each person laid off (severance pay, etc -... —  read more 

"no longer with the company"

We have all heard that JP is "no longer with the company" but there are many rumors stirring about more to come. HR calling folks to come to Chicago or meet with their managers. Does anyone know more details about this?

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Baxter 2014 Layoffs

Just check what the competition is doing and you'll realize that we'll have to cut here at Baxter at least as deep as some of the peers. For example (I know it's not a perfect example) - Merck cut few thousand folks this year, AZ is doing it... —  read more 

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Baxter said today that the suspension of shipments of certain products led to its decision to eliminate over ninety positions at Baxter...

Baxter said today that the suspension of shipments of certain products led to its decision to eliminate over ninety positions at Baxter Medina plant. It was also stated that almost 400 employees will continue to work at the Orleans County facility... —  read more 

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