Topics regarding layoffs at Cardinal Health Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cardinal Health Inc.

Poor leadership

So I’ve been a CAH for a lil over 9 months and I’m not being developed and the department I’m apart has no fn directions… does anyone have any insight on what’s going on? Has anyone else new to CAH experiencing the same thing? —  read more 

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More Finance roles...gone

Next Gen Finance team announced today more finance and accounting roles either being eliminated or going to India. 2200 roles...80% gone. How can you trust this company? Outsourcing their outsourcing :(

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More layoffs to come in March

Close to 200 layoffs announced this week in Corporate Accounting, Finance Operations and FP&A with more to come in March. Of the 2200 roles more than half to be eliminated and the rest moved off shore. Business model - Corporate Accounting, Finance... —  read more 

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200 folks forced to move to Genepact

Some liked it, many did not. no options here... Cardinal Health to transfer 200 finance employees to new Genpact office in Dublin —  read more 

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Fort Mill SC layoffs

Announced on Friday they are shutting down 2nd shift production, due to lost kitting business. 150 to 200 people to lose their jobs. More info to follow.

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Layoffs at Cardinal Health Today

Layoffs happened today. This has been in plans for a while. It's sad to see people go. I am not sure why other companies have more posts and folks are more supportive on this site but our people do not. Anyhow, good luck all.

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New Layoffs Incoming

EITSC is losing about 50 headcount in Columbus and replacing them with similar #s of Manila "techs". Branded as a "rebalancing of the international staffing ratio" by our absolute hack of a SVP. Internal support and several development positions are... —  read more 

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More layoffs this week?

Can we expect even more layoffs this week? Last week was bad for several departments, but from what I've been hearing there are still plenty left that are yet to be affected. I'm just wondering if we'll get a week or two reprieve or if they'll hit us... —  read more 

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Is it done?

Just wondering if anybody here knows if layoffs are done for sure? Asking because my mom works at Cardinal and she's been really stressed out in the past few days. I'm worried she is still worried that layoffs might continue. Her blood pressure is... —  read more 

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Do a proper reorganization

This is going to be unpopular opinion, but I firmly do believe we need layoffs. Just not the way we have been having them. There is so much money, time and resources wasted on every single task and project. Nobody knows who's responsible for what. To... —  read more 

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not surprised at all

i'm not surprised by more layoffs at all. we have management that can't be trusted to protect anybody's interests but their own. they play political games and make poor business decisions and then they are shocked when things go south. now if we... —  read more 

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I wish I was among those laid off

What does it say about the company if an employee who has been here for over two decades is keeping his fingers crossed in hope of being laid off? Can anybody blame me, though? The working conditions have been worsening each year. I barely have a... —  read more 

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I know who won't be laid off

Who else want's to bet that we are about to lose some of our best workers? Cardinal Health is known for favoritism and nepotism, so I will not be surprised to see all the mindless robots who just nod their heads at whatever management says spared one... —  read more 

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It’s not what you know

Since I started working here I was told that this is a great job to expand on my skill set but career growth would be hard to attain. I don’t have a clue on how long it takes to move up the ladder, but from what I’m seeing in my fellow employees it’s... —  read more 

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Micromanaging to death

I’ve been with Cardinal health for almost two years and can safely say I am experienced in the daily processes of my job. It aggravates me to have a manager constantly looking over my shoulder just to see if I am getting things done correctly! I can... —  read more 

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IT Layoffs / Cardinal

As Cardinal started to deal with the reality of losing Walgreen's as a primary customer in 2013, they canned a lot of people in IT; I was there, and though I avoided that I ended up leaving anyway (partly due to fatigue after a long run there, but... —  read more 

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