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(Mon 08/03/15 23:25:41 UTC)

I need to know when layoffs will happen here in Dublin?



(Wed 04/01/15 06:22:44 UTC)

Cardinal Health Laid Off 170 Employees Including Me in 2013

The success of a business completely depends on its employees. They are the people who organize a business to provide numerous services to consumers. Even so, when a business runs into a financial turmoil, it is at times inevitable that a few employees will face a layoff to save costs. It’s quite ... read more

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(Mon 01/12/15 07:35:18 UTC)

2015 layoffs at Cardinal health

I think we'll see some massive layoffs in Dublin, OH. Our corporate office is bloated, there are many layers of managers and many managers that have no direct reports? Who is keeping them around and why do not we hand them pink slips ASAP. 2015 will be a weak year for the economic perspective, we ... read more

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(Mon 05/12/14 19:07:05 UTC)

Illinois Layoffs

Cardinal Health let go 75 workers on March 8th 2014 here in Illinois

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(Wed 12/18/13 17:49:06 UTC)

Cardinal Hhealth Downsizing (Waukegan)

Any news about jobs being moved from Waukegan area? I do not work for Cardinal Health but I heard some rumors (I am with a competitor)..

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