Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Just a Question

Hey folks, first time poster here. Are there any Windsor CT Distribution Center employees here? If so, how much longer are these 12 hour days going to continue? I do not want to see this throughout the Winter that’s for sure. I’m tired of coiming in... —  read more 

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They didn't think this out

Walgreens has affected so many ASM’s lives with this role refresh garbage. I’m one of those employees. I was told that there would be 3 ESM’s in my area. Well guess what- I was eliminated the ESM’s that was chosen over me has been an ASM for 3... —  read more 

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Would you go to competitors?

This is not the company I started working for anymore. For many years I invested 100 percent of myself and I tried to do my best. I had opportunities to move to much better places, but I didn’t, I stayed here. I am disappointed in how this company is... —  read more 

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Karma is coming your way...

That’s what all my colleagues think, that Walgreens will eventually be in big trouble when they run out of top employees. No one talented enough wants to work here anymore. What more does this company have to offer? I would say - very little. .. —  read more 

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Now is the time to leave

I think it's obvious this company doesn't care about its employees. It's all about the bottom line. These latest changes are going to make it harder on all of us and why? So that those on top can get bigger bonuses? Shame on them for treating us this... —  read more 

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IT Layoffs

Read up... More slashing with the focus on slashing bonuses, laying off IT employees and any overhead. The spiral of destruction is accelerating. Things are not getting beter indeed. Last year, the Deerfield-based pharmacy chain had already cut... —  read more 

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