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Hiring Freeze? No, Plan? Yes, There is A Plan

"The Real Plan" - "Layoffs" for lower wages is Not A Good Same thing here, told had hiring freeze, will pull from FS to RX, RX to FS, fill gaps.. Don't believe anyone in management. Few months ago, CVs at Job Fair with a booth. Past month - 4 new... read more

The future of CVS

The future of CVS is without a doubt heading towards health care clinics. All corporate retail stores are coming to an inevitable restructuring process. Consumers are starting to purchase online more and more. CVS is just trying to stay ahead of the... read more


Have any FCT's out there been let go? I have heard conflicting stories that the training jobs are safe but then i've also heard that the training teams could be reduced. I'm just wondering what's going on out there with everyone else?

Execs and our business

Here is my two cents on the executives and the overall state of the business. I think that Larry simply has not clue about retail. This will hurt retail in the long run, he does not get it. Helena and her extra-care program was fine but it is slowing... read more

Hiring Freeze

Anyone else aware of a hiring freeze? Was told that we can not hire and that staff must pulled from RX or FS pools to fill gaps for now.

2018 budgets release today

Budgets were released for 2018 payroll. Its bad. My store currently does average of 65-70k a week in fs and 2000+ scripts a week. We were running at a fs payroll budget average of 270-290 my new weekly budget is 261-264 per week. Making an already... read more

The most stressful company to work for

This has to be the most stressful company to work for with all the metrics and checklist. I see so many stores being ran with little or no help. I see managers in their stores by themselves for hours at a time just to make payroll I see district... read more

District information

We know districts and leaders are changing but does anyone know when the announcements will be made? Seems crazy to actually wait til Jan 1 to tell stores.
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Healthcare Industry in Major Decline

Hospitals going bankrupt, big Pharma laying off many thousands, clinics closing, etc, etc. This is much bigger than CVS. Welcome to a true downturn, and this one feels like it will be big.
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Stand up and Fight!

CVS needs Pharmacists-- We need to all stand up and fight back. Company wide sick out. Hit them where it counts. Are we going to stand here and let them do this to so many good loyal employees? Who's with me?

Operating hours

Has anyone heard about minimum hour stores cut to below operating hours x 2? Making an already near impossible job more difficult.

Stick it out

I see a lot of people wanting to quit right away on their own due to stress, secrecy and uncertainties. But if you are already at a point where leaving CVS is a reality for you, then why not stick it out? If you do get laid off, you'll have severance... read more

Texas Updates

We received word here in TX via conference call this past Monday that the districts would be split up and combined into the reduced Areas. The DM and RX Supervisor title position would be eliminated in place of the newly created District Leader... read more


Its already been brought up in our district. Should get real interesting pretty soon. Rx hours cut again for the 2nd time this year. Closing at 7 starting in a couple weeks. BUT! We're getting a remodel!
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HR dept at the Orlando DC scrapped.

The HR department has been eliminated at the Orlando DC. One associate gone on 12/01 , the others at the end of Dec. Employees in other departments shown the door because of performance or errors. Very sad. No turkey given out before Thanksgiving... read more

Anonymous says they are cutting people.

But still no one responds with area/region/district. Regionals were made aware of this site, the only site with this so called news. If they started releasing information, then why hasn't it circulated anywhere else. 80% of these threads are... read more

leading with❤️??? Or leading with $$$🤑

Update from FL. Everyone has been spoken to and on a confidentiality bind. All districts and regions are realigning. Effective 1/1/18 DM and Sup position will no longer exist. Only 1 new role District leader per district that will oversee FS and RX (... read more

Treated employees

CVS Health doses not care about employees the way they did when Tom Ryan was president, Larry Merlo only wants dollars and numbers. It is a sad day for employees who have put in years of their lives for this company however what goes around comes... read more

Our DM just broke news

To sum up, our district is being broken into 4 different districts. My DM is keeping 6/22 stores then picking up 8 for 14 total stores, as a District Leader he'll be responsible for front & pharmacy. Our FMM is apparently gone but I'm not aware of... read more

Are they completely removing the DMs position?

Are all of the DMs going to be notified their services will not be needed starting next year? My husband is a DM and he still didn't get his notification. Is there a chance some are being speared, or is this a company wide thing and it's only a... read more

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Work For CVS

The High Turnover: Key roles pop up consistently on a company’s job site. How bad is it: A company should not be on the hunt for the same important roles in management or leadership every six months, and if they are that means that they have fallen... read more
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"What positions???"

Everyone asking what positions were affected, as if they can do anything about it with such late notice. If you're finding out people in your position are being impacted now, it's far too late to do anything. All you're accomplishing is getting a few... read more

DMs and Rx Sups Gone

In my area at least, all DMs and Rx Sup positions will no longer exist effective Jan. One "District Leader" per district will replace. I've heard that the plan is to have every District Leader come from an rx background so they know that side of the... read more

My RX Sup was let go last week.

Not sure if they were given the option to stay as an rph or given severance, but it is upsetting. No one is safe, and brick and mortar retail is going to the way side. CVS will continue to focus on ways to make things digital and mail order/home... read more

It's happening in Texas.

Dms were told they are being let go at end of December. A new "District Leader" position has been created and will oversee both FS and Rx. District was cut down to 10 stores from the original 22. That's all the into we've received.

Employee Stock Sell

It might be a great time for every employee to sell CVS stock. They have sold your DMs, RX sups and store managers out maybe it’s time to sell them out! Would love to see the bottom drop out.

5 Managers Put on Notice

5 managers in my district alone have been put on notice. The next district east of us, 3 managers. As this happens, please post updates. We have a closely knit district with stores within 5 minutes of each other, not sure if this is going on anywhere... read more

Tired of not knowing

I'm truly tired of not knowing what's going to happen. I wish they'd just come out and tell us what's going on, even if that means I find out my position is being cut. This waiting and anticipating has become worse than anything that might come out... read more

Store managers to get the info

Just announced that Corp approved DM'S to hold conf calls this week with store managers and tell them what's going on Posted by @Qyh1VJy-rzp, is this true? Does this mean that we'll know at least a little bit better what's in store for us? Or will... read more

With Amazon and Walmart competing

Cvs front store and pharmacy will be in decline for years-- in that environment Cvs will have to streamline the management side to account for the loss of sale and lack of changing with the times along with never putting money back into the stores... read more

Prayers For Everyone!

It’s all true everyone, everything you are hearing is true. Everyone in management or higher positions will be affected by all these cut backs if not by this month definitely by March. (Store managers) That’s bonus time. I’m sending everyone and... read more

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