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Hiring freeze for FCT

I heard there was a hiring freeze on FCTs. Any rumors on what the plan is for this position?
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CVS Layoffs 2018

When will my job be safe? Never! Right, that's our modern capitalism - that's probably why there are rumors about layoffs in Woonsocket Rhode Island.
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see below

I want to start off by saying I have the utmost respect for the CVS, however,I think it was just a c---y guy that went off on a rampage and we should not be held accountable for his actions and anything else that had occurred should have been dealt... read more

Can't Manage the MI Program

The MI program at CVS is a knee jerk reaction by LP management that don't know what they are doing. They will say that they save payroll dollars, but the company will see shrink increase. Managers who step in to fill the MI void will be hurt as they... read more


What did everyone get for severance this time around? 2 weeks for every year, right?
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October 4 layoffs

From what I have managed to gather from some whispers and posts here, the most likely date for the next round of layoffs at CVS is October 4. Not really sure how credible the information is, but it has been repeated enough times in several places... read more

New info on incoming layoffs at CVS

Last word I got was the lay offs have been delayed due to hurricane Harvey, they didn't want to do the lay offs the same week as harvey. The layoff was supposed to happen last Thursday obviously the company doesn't want to look bad so they postponed... read more

Any news on incoming layoffs?

I see some people mention Thursday this week as the date for CVS layoffs, do we have a confirmation of this, or is it just speculation? I've been on pins and needles here for a few weeks now, could really use some concrete information, be it good or... read more

CVS Loss Prevention Layoffs coming

All Market Investigators, senior market investigators, and some RLPM's will be laid off this week. Source: regional loss prevention director. The excuse being given is a string of incidents by investigators leading to bad press. This is 100 percent... read more

Working at CVS Corporate office

Hello all - I have an opportunity to transfer and start working in the corporate office. How is it to work there? Culture? Mood, etc... The job is for an entry level. I cannot find an employee forum anywhere so got to post here on this website even... read more


The DM's and regional teams are always going out for lunch. Not just a average lunch but expensive and at high end places. Who pays the bill, CVS. They do this 3-4 times per week. Travel - when you book a room for travel, you must go through egencia... read more

Major Store Closings in 2017

The 2017 closings: Payless Shoes 1,000 Radio Shack 552 B The Limited 250 Closed all stores in Jan 2017 Family Christian 240 Wet Seal 171 B Closed all stores Jan 26 Crocs 160 J.C.Penney 138 Starting April this year Chico 120 BCBG Max Azria 120 B Early... read more

Manager Layoffs

I hear that many retailers are laying managers off. Right now, you can see it developing here, but not on CVS' page you need to look at Lowe's page, they will cut 3000 managers. Do you think CVS may do something like this soon? I know many companies... read more

AZ shared services center

The AZ facility is a shared services center and many of the jobs that are being eliminated in the corporate offices in the Northeast will be shifted to AZ where wages are lower.

CVS Layoffs 2017

Came here to see if someone had any information about layoffs in Woonsocket Rhode Island.

RIPR Coverage of CVS (Woonsocket) Layoffs

Rhode Island Public Radio Coverage of the Layoffs I believe there was a few folks here who did not believe that cuts took place, probably due to a modest media coverage we had... Anyhow, here is the RIPR (Public Radio Statio here in Rhode Island)... read more

CVS Severance Payment

Has anyone heard what the severance package is like? How many weeks per year of service? How about COBRA?

It was handled well at our location

our department let go of quite a few people, half in house, half in the field, management came to each person's desk, took them into an office to go over terms (paid through Dec 31st with medical, severance after that) then they were walked out of... read more

CVS HQ Woonsocket Layoffs

It’s a huge hit for our community, about 250 people will lose jobs and our economy is frail - there will be huge impacts across the board. CVS main office is located in Woonsocket, RI and it’s a major employer, about 5000 people work there – so, 250... read more

Full Layoff Summary

This is from NBC 10 - layoffs at CVS There is a massive layoff at CVS Health, sources tell the NBC 10 I-Team. Some employees have already been told that their position has been eliminated. CVS Health, which has more than 240,000 people in the nation... read more

I was told today!

So sad! I was told today. After more then 10 years. Hard work, loyalty, honesty. Just gets you no where with this company. With the amount of money they have, they are just very greedy. I'm sure you will here soon that with the extra money they will... read more

Corporate jobs

Heard a rumor that this time they are eliminating mostly corporate jobs. Can anyone confirm this?

1000 just let go

Most cuts are in RI at corp headquarters. 1000 jobs gone to outsourcing and restructuring.

Coram CBS layoffs Q4 2016 and Q1 2017

What updates do we have here and how many people will be laid off - it looks like Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 will be the timeline but nobody knows what levels will be affected - what groups, teams and locations and overall, how many folks will lose jobs as... read more
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Layoffs confirmed!!

10% of CVS IT's individual contributors will be laid off as it was passed down from the VP's on 10/12. No execution date revealed.

Layoffs?! We can't keep help!

Ha! We haven't heard about any layoffs in the Northern Indiana area, but maybe that is because we can't keep help here! Our pharmacists and techs are all leaving voluntarily!! Those who are staying are not only being told they are inadequate but are... read more

Company going downhill ever since CEO change

It surprises me the ideas the company comes up with. The curbside pickup being the newest piece of trash in an ongoing stream of trash ideas. More work for the same crap pay? Hilarious. As if that werent enought one would think more hours would be... read more

No cigarettes

Walking away from cigarette was a great moral move but its the only reason I can possibly see why they imagine I can run a pharmacy by myself half the time. There is absolutely no way I can ring register, type, fill and check prescriptions, and... read more

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