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CVS Hacienda Heights, CA.

Here's the latest on the CVS in Hacienda Heights, CA. I checked the broker listing and it is still listed as available for lease beginning August 1st; that's two weeks from now. I have noticed that I no longer see the usual employees working in the... read more
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Exciting read

If you come to this website day in/day out looking to complain about your work here is the article for you. But really y'all, please find somewhere to channel all your energy. There's this handy... read more
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Word on the block is they will be re visiting the DAPL position for its effectiveness. Many markets are in a trial with no DAPL in place just DL performing the pulse checks and audits. Most dapl have no concern or focus on external. 99% controllable... read more

Shift Merit increase

So turns out shifts got a royal . We were promised an increase of 2% per year of service up to 5years or the 16.50 cap. Turns out all of received 15.50 across the board and a lump sum. DM is being quiet about it and is not even talking to store... read more

Is it True?

Has anyone else heard about SM being demoted to store ops manager Rx managers will be manager of the entire store?

Blueprint for retail failure

As I’m sure the folks at Toys R Us just realized, corporate arrogance and greed will sink a company faster then to can imagine. I’m sure they all wondered “how could this have happened?”, but you can always point back to one or two crucial decisions... read more

Name this Company

1) Is adding 72 billion in debt. 2) Declining fs sales. 3) Lost tricare. 4) Government going after PBMs to cut out the middle man. 5) declining rx sales and margins- Walmart now Amazon. 6) highest prices on front store products. 7) No service... read more

Managers and Pharmacist

So late we are celebrating the employees increases because of the Trump tax cuts. I think it's great the company is investing in it's employees. However what did we get out of this? The hardest working employees, the back bone of the company, gets 0... read more

Target Mini Stores

Could this be a tie-in to CVS FS future?
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Target Takeover FS

Target will acquire most CVS front stores as this was the long term deal with CVS acquiring Target RX. CVS eliminating FS business allows for a more 'health' focus with buying Aetna and is a strategic business solution for the future of CVS. FS... read more

Where do you apply?

Money Talks News 15 Employers Offering Thousands of Jobs That Pay $100,000 So far this year alone, each of these companies has hired more than 3,600 workers who earn six-figure salaries. Could you be next? 15 Employers Offering Thousands of Jobs That... read more

Quiet lately

Districts might be getting smaller with realignment. Let's say they make districts around 6 stores that could eliminate a store manager position? Just a thought.

Save The Date 6/11

I posted weeks ago about saving the Date 6/11. Well here it is people IHOP has Become IHOB , The B is for Burgers!!! Now go back & do CFR!

Store manager salaries

I discovered another store manager with less experience and less education working at a store doing nearly the same amount of sales as my store makes about $10K more a year base salary (not including bonus) than me and I am irate. Will the store... read more

Stores Closing?

What's happening to cvs in August 2018? I'm not an employee, I'm a customer, but while perusing a broker site looking at retail space for lease I saw my local cvs (in SoCal) available for lease August 2018. I was shocked, so I called the store and... read more

Email about coupons

Did any others receive an email from corporate on Friday (May 25th) about restricting the manual in-put of manufacturer coupons?


Was asked to participate in the new class but have reservations about it being nothing more than free work for my DL. Any graduates of the program that can offer any advice?

NO new minimum for shift supervisors etc

Shift supervisor (soon to be whatever the new job title is, I forget) Found out I'll still be making the same as a cashier even after the raises, which will be insignificant. I had a pretty positive view of the company until these events, now I think... read more

Let's Make CVS Better

I am a shift and have been with this company about 8 years. I make the same as a cashier since the April raise went into effect. At least I did get a raise to 11.00. I do not turn on my furnace in the winter or my AC in the summer. Being single it is... read more

What will happen for dual role colleagues

Will current shift supervisor RXs be getting a higher raise than shift supervisors or techs? Since they do both I feel they should be started off higher. What will the new title be?

Fortune 500 and CVS

Anybody else finds it shameful that CVS made it into Fortune 500 top 10 once more over the backs of its employees? Growing revenues, growing profits, and what do we get for it? Layoffs, more work and fewer hours. Oh, and not to forget, constant worry... read more

A CVS of the future

What will a CVS look and be like in a few years? Will it be a clinic type environment or look the same?

So what about 6/11???

Poster throws a cryptic “save the date” grenade then disappears. Let’s have some details if you know so much.

Details of today's phone calls

Can we please have somebody share what was said during this morning's call after it takes place? I'm so nervous about the possible rumored changes that I barely managed to sleep at all. I would be really grateful if somebody would confirm or deny if... read more

New rumor can anyone confirm

So the rumor I have heard is that stores will be required to have a certain number of shifts per store, the title will change and we will have to interview for our job as there will only be so many positions in our store. Those that are chosen must... read more

Incoming changes

Clerks are going to $12, RX tech to $14, shift supervisors to $14 plus 2% for every year of service. I think there’s a cap on that but not sure what it is. Also the official elimination of titles such as photo tech, photo supervisor, head cashier... read more


Hearing rumors of another restructure coming soon. Anyone else?


Wondering what crazy plans the leadership team are working on now at Arizona conference. “You are doing a great job, you matter, don’t worry about those SM holes, a monkey can do that job, don’t worry about the stock price, it’s all relative”


Not sure if it's all district but seems to be a manager shortage out there. The bench is full of unless Smits for replacements.

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