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The opportunities that come from the CVS-Aetna merger

Found this interview with Aetna’s CDO to be a good read. Even though I was originally pretty skeptic about the Aetna acquisition, and in some sense I still am, I gotta admit that there are a lot of opportunities that are emerging from it, especially... read more
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O---ids law suit

Company issues statement that all RPH and their asts are properly trained by the company on how and when to refuse dispensing of o---ids. This is how they are going to approach their defense.The employee knows better so we are going to do our own... read more

Profit and loss

Is it me or did I miss Octobers profit and loss statement?...they always mess around with this at the end of the year!

2019 MSH changes

Congrats lady and gents, worked optimization is finally gone! Budgets 40% MPC 25% (MCP for FS) Service 25% CR 10% With that being said, you miss budget and you are done for.

This is how we got around the layoff warnings

Hours have been reduced in Rx and Fs. Employees can not get full 40 hours as usual. They are being told to call sister depts to pick up hours or patch in their hours some how , like working call outs at a moments notice. This is a win for stores due... read more
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Stock prices

Everything is clicking ! Enjoy the stock prices! More great news to come! Good decisions by our leaders! Proud to work here

Bumping anonymous' comment on unpaid meetings

"FYI arbitration just ruled in favor of Rph and a SM on this issue! Major back pay coming there way! Anyone that feels you have unjustly been taken advantage of with hours can call advice and council to set up your meeting! The company encourages you... read more

Anyone tried two step verification?

It sounds like an idea that could save some time, but the timing of roll out prior to Jan 2019 sounds foolish in my opinion. Interested to hear first hand experience.

Corporate positions being eliminated quietly

Just found out my colleague in corporate is getting let go. This person (don't want to say male/female) has 30 days to find a new job. I know CVS is a HUGE company and maybe this stuff happens every year 'quietly' so maybe the big layoffs only get... read more

What will sm pay change lead to?

I've heard numerous times that the company is looking to go to 1 sm for 2 stores in the future. Is the sm salary change the start of this? If sms are not on the demand of the store then it would make sense. Any thoughts or insider info?

CVS, bye

I quit on my own yesterday, wish you all the best

Details about the holdup in the Aetna acquisition in NY

I don’t see anybody posting anything about this, so in case somebody missed this here are the details of the holdup in the merge with Aetna. NY Department of Financial Services is yet to rule on the matter, but apparently corporate lawyers are... read more
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CVS Layoffs 2019

What are your thoughts about potential CVS Layoffs in 2019?
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Targeting long term employees

Has anyone witnessed targeting of long term employees in the Fs or Rx? Do you see a youth movement in your region ? Our area has witnessed an extreme turnover of long time successfull respected team leaders ! Weigh in please! Is this happening as a... read more

new shirts?

Has anyone else heard anything about the new shirts coming? I saw a think where they said they are redesigning them with new fabric, crew neck or 4 neck option, new color, and new graphic design.

Self evaluation used to rank people

Our entire department had to assess ourselves, develop our individual development plans, and complete the mysuccess criteria with depth, including giving ourselves ratings on each area for our own performance which then our management gave us numeric... read more

𝘾𝙑𝙎 issues 🛑 Warning!

To all the fake posters who have no evidence of anything they are speaking of just STOP 🛑. Stop making up posts for attention Stop being a TROLL! It is what it is and It’s going to be what they make it become. We just have to accept it and ADJUST!... read more

For sale!

Front store operations just put up for sale. Inventory reduction phase is complete.

Demolishing the front store hours

I work in a very small cvs pharmacy. Store managers have came and gone. A few of them were the SM of my pharmacy and also the neighboring small town cvs. For the last two months we have not had any “store manager” and we do have somewhat of a front... read more


Does anyone know the status of how Omnicare is managing since the merge?

Hiring freeze in corporate

On the corporate side there is a hiring freeze right now, I've seen it first hand. Unless you have a very critical position, it's not getting filled this year. We've been told to cease our interviewing process for the one role we have posted... read more

CVS can and should treat its employees better

If CVS wants to be at the forefront of the industry they should consider having enough employees to satisfy their customers. It’s also not great to tinker with the salaries of their employees. Nobody is in a good mood when they have to work 2 jobs to... read more

More layoffs coming

So I don't have inside knowledge so I don't profess to have any special connections. I do know though with CVS putting in a travel freeze and freezing hiring, they did it much earlier than it is normally done each year which is near the end of... read more

Salary managers pay

Seems like SM pay schedule is changing. Now we will get paid on the 15th and last business day of each month. Down from 26 paychecks to 24 per year. Why would they do this? This takes place in February 2019.

2019 FS Budget

Word going around in our district is that minimum hour stores will be cut 27 hours weekly in the new year.

In support of “Good Luck People”

From an article about the merger! Taken from CVS Health website. BENEFITS FOR CONSUMERS Uniquely Integrated, Community-Based Health Care Experience Consumers will benefit from a uniquely integrated, community-based health care experience. The... read more

Good Luck people

As a long-term employee I have seen many charges from: company to company (name changes), policies, prices have always have been high, hours have been cut (over and over) one person does the work of 3. Things just don't get done, customer service... read more

Sorry guys. No class action can be taken

No class action suit can be taken ! They figured that out and had you sign arbitration letters! You can sue on your own but there is no money in it for an attorney to invest their time and assets! You can only go back 2 years and you must prove... read more

Shrinky Dink

CVS is missing its loss control budget now. One year of DIPL's running around failing store leaders for not looking at a report and has the program worked? CVS is missing shrink control budget and will miss by more next year. This is a trend. The... read more

FS hours

Someone should go ask your DL what FS hours look like next’ll soon miss the days of 2 FS employees.

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