Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Pay raises

What’s the new start pay rate for shifts and supervisors and rx techs …when will it be in my Hr …if the starting rate is 15 for everybody else

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Such statements worry me

It's not the first time I heard that companies avoid hiring those who have worked at CVS for a long time. Someone's written it here too. Is that really true? I've been looking for a job for a few months now and statements that CVS doesn't look good... —  read more 

Issues finding a new job

Everyone told me that with my resume and experience I would find a new job very quickly, but it turned out that was not the case and the whole experience depressed me a bit. Does anyone have difficulty getting a new job / how long did it take you... —  read more 

Strange layoff management

As far as I know, there wasn't much logic when it came to managing layoffs at Coram. They cut some of the best employees, while retaining some that are not even close to their level of expertise. The worst thing for me is that I realized that... —  read more 

Boycott CVS

Coram CVS closing. Thousands of long term staff laid off. The head of the snake who allowed Coram to be unprofitable year over year, has remained in place untouched. Instead they took the front line workers out. Pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy techs... —  read more 

CVS doesn't care...

about any of us, that much is very obvious. I hope no one thinks they are more than just a number for this company? Surprisingly, there is always someone who thinks their role is important and they are safer than others.

CVS Destroys Lives

Any healthcare organization should be in the business of helping people and saving lives. Except CVS. CVS is strictly and solely in healthcare to make money. No other reason. CVS is run by profiteering bandits, who destroy lives as they move across... —  read more 

Call with point person

Saw it mentioned in other posts but I also heard that we are one of the first only many waves to come. Also, some info for everyone after a meeting I had yesterday with a point person. **read the packets they sent you IN FULL and write down any... —  read more 

Deep contempt

I hate how almost until the last day they were trying to assure the employees that everything was fine at Coram. What a bunch of lies! I think the level of employee trust is now down to zero?


Raises in July what do we know since minimum wage will be 15 ...What is the new tap out rate for shifts managers and operation managers much tenure will you get if you've been with the company for awhile.

Engagement Survey

All full time employees should have minimum 35 hrs to 40 not 30 hrs as minimum...change the tap out rate for everyone ...bonuses not just for store managers but shifts and other employees especially long time employees ,those action points ain't... —  read more 

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Coram was a dying compamy

Reality is coram sold it self to cvs cause they saw no future. CVS is doing exactly what it should be doing, dissolving an unprofitable company and absorbing its business. Your fate would not have changed regardless.

Media Hushed

CVS has squashed any media attention to this massive layoff. The CEO of CVS, named the most powerful woman in the country, is presenting at a Forbes conference this month, hailing how wonderful CVS is and the awesome powers of her evil leadership and... —  read more 

300 Nurses

California, New York, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, 37 branches in all , 300 nurses, then they send an email that we are people focused and care deeply about our employees. There's an 800 number the fallen can call for emotional support... —  read more 

Atmosphere in stores

My hours have been cut but CVS still has expectations of me working as much as I did before. We are all more than overwhelmed and exhausted, and consequently there is a lot of intolerance among employees as well. What is the situation at your... —  read more 

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