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Sales Budget Increase

Why the hell would the company increase FS Sales Budgets for the 2nd half of the year? Does anyone realize we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

Got threatened because of couponer

Karen comes in three times a week, goes to self checkout and uses a cvs “splat” hair coupon on anything and everything. Comes up on the screen to them as cvs manufacture coupon. I get told I better stop her next time she is in or I’m going to get... —  read more 

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There is a rumor of a layoff soon.

Does anyone know about the data analyst dental provider area? I don't discuss anything directly with them, but are they going to layoff soon? I'm being vague here. I am not in that department but there are a lot of departments in this same... —  read more 

Easy week

Kick back ,every single DL in my region And RD on vac yday through June 1 All 10 -

CVS Field Managers Social Distancing? Yeah Right

So i was told by a DL that CVS has directed all field managers to social distance, not corner a group of people in the offices and to spend an hour or less in stores. Well apparently it falls on deaf ears as RM’s, DL’s and the more pathetic than ever... —  read more 

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Hostile Work Environment

Hello All. I have been with CVS for several years now and I’ve never had any major issues or disputes with anyone. Last year we got a new staff pharmacist and she’s awful. She has caused there to be a hostile work environment for everyone. I have... —  read more 

Carepass most important stat

Got 85 customer service the last month, beat sales budget, up to date on everything thru this crazy time yet just got reamed out and told if I don’t get a carepass in next 2 days I will be held accountable Thank you for making up my mind to seek... —  read more 

CVS Cares

CVS hasn’t cared in years. Now we are being punished for a pandemic that had zero to do with us. We will never get a bonus as SM’s and forget about giving your hourly employees raises as they failed to over sell a carepass during all this. Don’t you... —  read more 

Hub remodel

Hello everyone.. Have a question... what would be the signs your location will become a hub? Any thoughts?

DL visits?

Why are DL’S being told they can only spend 30 minutes in a store and yet we are there 8+ hrs a day? Let’s not even ask about the Regionals .

Don’t call us Heroes, Increase Payroll

Because of unrealistic hours, the pandemic caused a sh– show in stores in March. It was unsafe and scary. Two employees taking on hundreds of customers. The best way to prepare for another surge in the future is to increase payroll now, and not let... —  read more 

CVS’s Response To Pandemic

CVS has done a good job reacting to employee safety during this pandemic. In comparison to other companies, they are on the ball. Imagine if they reacted this way to all the physical and psychological stress they put on us. Yes I’m thankful. But the... —  read more 

We have to adjust to the new normal

In this time of social distancing and free Rx delivery Drive-thru shopping as promoted by CVS, expecting customers to come in store for non-essential purchase, CAREPASS is obsolete. CVS will have come up with something different as social distancing... —  read more 

Cleaning Protocol

I was a housekeeper for 4 years during college. There is a specific way to truly disinfect, which believe it or not, I was trained on for 2 weeks.. to just tell a cashier to wipe everything down every hour is not disinfecting.. Not to mention this... —  read more 

Bonus Pay

Sooooo when is this bonus money coming?? And are we getting another one in June because this is getting ridiculous

Cvs suxx

Our entire store quit today, lol. Managers too...

Where is Larry?

I got his c-appy post card in the mail.. I see my do, to is opening a testing site...thats great... But where is our leader (he is no leader)..we are getting embarrassed by our competion.. Go into a Wal-Mart or Walgreens.. People, product...but we... —  read more 


Has anyone lost staff ? Any stores tested positive? If so how’s that handled?

My job was eliminated

My job was eliminated, I'm an advisor in Illinois and worked in analytics. It was just me and my new manager of a few months that are left. I came from a bigger team, many reorgs, and it was just me and my manager so instead of moving me, they told... —  read more 

Hours being cut

Anybody see that RPH hours are being cut in the near future? Have to pay for all those bonuses and increased benefits from somewhere.

Ain’t that a b--ch!

New York

So we southerners are open busy as hel1 Getting exposed and DLS know we are just hanging on till we catch covid - all field mgt are hunkered down at home . Are NewYork stores business as usual ? Are the stores open ?

CVS MySchedule IOS

Cannot find it? Cannot find it? Then finally, there’s a website you have to go to first. Think it’s You initially login with CVSuser credentials (user name and password). Here is a thread that claims that apps track... —  read more 

Back to business

Per DL conference call, company wants us back to normal operating hours on 4/19. It's sad when the company simply does not care about us

Where are our leaders?

Where are our leaders during this pandemic? Home on their laptops? Doing what? Looking for ways to profit? They should be leading by example. Many of the CVS leaders are pharmacists, why are they not in the stores helping out? Providing leadership... —  read more 

CVS Hazardous Pay

How is our $300 comparing to what the competition doing. Do you think this is a fair pay for the risk we are undertaking daily (it's scary)? Thoughts??? Stay safe and good luck.

Corona Exposure

It’s simple-if we request an LOA or have documentation that we asked to be off and were denied if we get it sue CVS for liability and pain/suffering. This is ridiculous.

How cheap is CVS ?!

So, for hazardous pay we get Ft $300. Pt $150. If you work your shifts for March & April... Wow, instead of the $2.00 an hour like most companies (40hrs × $2.00 × 8weeks= $640.00) ! Blue light special 1/2 price...I know at least we are working and... —  read more 

Conf. Call

Well that was a huge waste of time. Thanks for the tiny bonus that won’t even begin to touch my medical bills now that I have coronavirus. 😒

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Corporate needs to react now!

Hourly employees are dropping left and right. Why are fs still open?? Why have store operating hours only been reduced by 1 hour per day? I as an SM will not compromise my body and immune system because they've cut hours for some time now and we are... —  read more 

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