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Manager messing with my payroll.

So, I just found out that for the last 3 years my manager has been taking 30 min lunch breaks out of my pay every single shift. I don’t take a 30 min lunch breaks and I only work 4hr shifts. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

This is the TRUTH!!
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Cutting hours WILL be the downfall of CVS!

Cutting hours WILL be the downfall of CVS! And that INCLUDES the pharmacy! And yes you can cut hours to the point of no return and the company fails. Much like a ship taking on too much water and before the captain realizes it you’re sinking fast! In... read more

Wall Street and the big what if...

Glassdoor is one THE leading employee review sites around. On Glassdoor, cvs has consistently gotten very low ratings. Cvs is in the top 20 worst companies to work for. Our ceo currently has a failing grade on Glassdoor as most employees have an... read more

Cutting Hours, The Breakdown...

Saves company money Makes for good quartly report, pleases the stockholders, shares rise Negatives: This will/has backfired. Customer & employee satisfaction at all time low Customer service and safety for patient is our concern Mistakes are being... read more

Store remodel question...

So I heard thru the grapevine that our store is supposedly up for a remodel in 2019. I am a shift supervisor, not a SM, so where/how could I check on our computer system to see what might be going down and when? I don't want to ask my SM since I only... read more


I’ve never seen an inventory so disorganized. This will be my first with CVS. No extra payroll, still have all the normal weekly activities but expected to deliver an inventory ready store? Am I missing something? Yes I have asked for hours and or... read more

Theranos/Omnicare what deal was worse

I thought Walgreens leaders were incompetent for giving $120 MIL TO Theranos...ours paid $12.7 billion for Omnicare...moral of the story...none of these people are any smarter than us...the just kiss a-- and wear nicer suits

How long before we have job security again?

Is it ever going to happen? Or are we destined to work with a proverbial ax hanging over our heads for as long as we are employed here? And yes, I'm older and I've been here long enough to remember what it was like when job security was a thing at... read more

Are we ready with teams and plans?

The CVS PHARMACY of the past would have teams assembled Contractors ready and many departments fully involved in this hub idea. My question - Does CVS HEALTH have this ready and waiting? Are any of you just waiting With plans in hand waiting on the... read more

Kansas City layoffs

The Kansas City Business Insider is reporting the closure of mail order center.

Can we expect any management restructure?

Of course I’m talking about lower and some middle tiers of management. I believe the big fish covered their asses already, so that question I won’t bother asking. In light of the Aetna merger becoming a reality we are aware that there will be some... read more

If store managers were smart

Reposted If store/pharmacy managers were smart enough to handle Star source when it first rolled out we wouldn’t need the hiring center. I would take numerous calls a day from other store manager throughout the region asking me dumb questions. If... read more

Will CVS’s severance package be applied to Aetna workers?

Imagine that an Aetna worker is laid off at this point or even after the integration. What severance package would he receive Aetna’s or CVS’s. Nos sure if any of this was in the merger agreement and if it wasn’t what are the rules that are applied?

Chapter 4..... The Untouchables

Apparently there are more than one set of rules.... one for you low life PMs and the other for field management and above. DL still has his job and it’s going to swept under the rug. All those in the past who have been fired for letting someone else... read more

What’s up with this? Makes you wonder why company insiders are buying so much stock? I know it can’t just be because price is low. Nobody buys that much stock for no reason.

BOH numbers

Anyone else been having issues with bohs not updating when reviving a new truck. My last truck was double the size because of this, even my pharmacies pseudoephedrine products are out of control. It’s gotten so bad that they cancelled next weeks... read more

Store managers run this company

In the end we are the ones that run this company...they might want to start appreciating us...we make sales happen And fill the shelves along with our employees...dont treat us like c-ap and expect us to sell out...its a 2 way street ...we get up and... read more

Interesting analysis...

So a financial analyst gave a bullish outlook for Cvs stock and said there is a 40% upside potential to the stock and set a $76 price target for the stock. He basically said he likes the direction Cvs is going, (healthcare), and hence his bullish... read more

Asset Protection Going Way of Dodo Bird

Not exactly going extinct but major headcount reduction coming for DAPLs and RAPMs near you. City DAPLS and RAPMS will remain. Country DAPLs will be bye, bye! Suburbs will go green with DL's visiting those. DAPL's will be kept for high volume city... read more

Lots of dead wood at Aetna

You might be surprised they will make cuts at Aetna, they have lots of dead wood, especially senior execs just sitting around doing nothing but pretend work, some don't even pretend. It is all known, but nobody hardly ever gets fired, so they'll... read more

Store managers bonus pay is in!!!

Store Managers you can see your bonus (paid on 3/15) in myhr under mypay. Mine was very nice. I have to admit it...surprised they paid them out Happy Holidays SM's!!!! Now time to find a new job....

It all comes down to poor leadership

If the company stays with the same mindset the trajectory of the company and the stock will only continue is one direction. Make all the excuses for the stock crashing that you want. It all comes down to poor leadership even poorer decisions. No... read more

This is so frustrating

I really wish there was more transparency from CVS management regarding what's going on with the company and what changes are really going to happen. Right now we are all just guessing and in a lot of cases stressing over things that might not even... read more


I had my review last week and there was not one thing mentioned about my future with Cvs everything was we must execute...blah blah blah. Basically your stuck as a manager in a store that historically has bad service and there’s no way out. So if... read more

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