Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS


Rumor has it myChat was taken down but Pharmacist were blowing it up complaining about be 100 pages in the red. Anyone else here this? Or know what’s going on?

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And here we go…

Here’s the cost of the so called increase. I do about 50k average a week in FS sales green zone goes in to effect this Friday. ACO will be the primary register. The register closest to the ACO is to be turned customer facing so we can still enroll... —  read more 

Keep it to yourself

A coworker of mine has a habit of speaking her mind in public about CVS - especially while at work. She was caught recently and was quickly suspended for a week. She couldn’t believe it (why I have no idea) and thought she’d be safe because we’re... —  read more 

Nobody is happy

I think nobody is currently happy at or with CVS other than the upper management which keeps pocketing their fat bonuses at the expense of employees and customers. We are always understaffed and overworked and this has affected customer service to... —  read more 

You gotta jump now

Its hard to leave a job you worked for years and we all was with cvs in better times and better years but those times are over. The world has changed and people has changed for the worse. They are trying to work miracles with very few staff and it is... —  read more 

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CVS is always changing

This company is always changing, but unfortunately, lately it is changing from bad to worse. I used to be proud to work for this company, and now I am proud when I get an invitation to an interview for a new job. Has CVS lost its compass? It seems to... —  read more 

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Call center- research

Author conducting research on use of simulation calls as an up-skill or training tool. If there is interest. Contact us via . Please include a description of your role in call center environment, describe your... —  read more 

Back to basics...

Cvs doesn’t care about there employees well being for one along with that for a pharmacy company they don’t even care about the well being of employees. On the retail side they cut and cut on hours and no time to get all the work done. They only want... —  read more 

Scared of Amazon?

CVS is really scared of Amazon and the threat they pose. Publicly cvs has said their not afraid of Amazon, but you and I both know they HAVE to say that, or investors will run for the hills. Just look at Aetna. CVS bought Aetna because of Amazon... —  read more 

No Loyalty!

No loyalty whatsoever for high performing/long tenured employees. I've been with the company for almost 16 years and have never been more discouraged with CVS than I am now. Recently became a DPC. The DL and I chose to work with each other for... —  read more 

News on Realignment

Whats happening with current core CVS DL’s? Will most stay in same location? And...What’s happening with former Target DL’s (or whatever they’re called for the Target channel.) Will Target DL’s be incorporated into the new leadership... —  read more 


The entire US is hurting for employees to fill their stores. The people who have been here for at least 2 years deserves more money!! Raise the cap for hourly colleagues! Raise the cap for store managers! This is ridiculous. I can go work at fast... —  read more 

Is it still worth it?

I was wondering if anyone still thinks this is a good company to work for. I’ve seen a lot of valid complaints here and for those who have been here for many years I can understand how it’s not the same company you started off with. As an employee... —  read more 

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