Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Contractor Layoffs starting

Their last day in next Friday June 2nd. My Director said it was more than just his area, spans business . Likely company wide. As I am also a contractor, but not impacted (yet) , so I don’t want to give too much away .

We let everyone get away with more because of covid, we are now going to hold more people accountable"?

Anyone else sick of.... "We let everyone get away with more because of covid, we are now going to hold more people accountable"? Remember when every visit was a thank you for all you do and getting through this pandemic. Now it's "oh, you were really... —  read more 

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District Leader

Is anyone else noticing a major bummer trend? Our culture is rapidly deteriorating and it's, like, a serious issue. And, let's be real, it seems to be coming straight outta the DVP or SVP level. The management there is creating such a negative and... —  read more 

question for engineers

I see the work/ tech is old and boring, is it true for all CVS projects? The pay is good, that's why people are staying. can we work from outside USA for a period of time? who cares, we are remote anyways! I hate going to work!

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This new generation

This new generation of workers are terrible. What makes it bad is the young do not want to work, but what makes it worse is CVS is putting the young in these positions and they can not even run a shift right. Mostly not their fault because they are... —  read more 

Fs hoo

So the rx hours have changed, now it is time to look at fs hours. Fs in most cases should close by 9pm, help is hard to find .. could keep demand the same and allow a little overlap to take care of the customers needs.

High performance rating

I work at least 55-65 hours per week (M-F) and was literally just told during my annual performance review last week that the only thing holding me back from getting a high performer rating was not being more in touch with issues that arise during... —  read more 

why engineers dont leave cvs

cvs pays 20% more than the market outside, though there is not enough work, they keep the engineers without letting them go, allowed to work from home for ever. so there is never an exodus!

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