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Bonus tied to Carepass

Has anyone heard that bonuses for this year are tied 100% to hitting Carepass sign up targets. I haven't had my mid year review yet, but was told by another manager with high my store health, Mcc and sales to budget that because they aren't hitting... —  read more 

CEO must go

Cvs in the news today “CVS hiding covid cases among current working employees, not letting public know they have it and requiring employees to stay at work after testing positive “.

Lazy employees

Cvs needs to stop hiring all of these lazy store managers. Just took over a new store this past week that was completely trashed. Cleaned it up in 2 days! Ugh. Makes me so angry how so lazy some store managers can be

When Is Enough, Enough?

This has to be the only career where a medical professional w/ doctorate credentials would put up with this abuse. 5 pharmacy calls, covid testing, flu shots, MD voicemail, MD calls, lane 1, lane 2, drop off, pick up, production, consultation, batch... —  read more 

Hostile Work Environment

Hello All. I have been with CVS for several years now and I’ve never had any major issues or disputes with anyone. Last year we got a new staff pharmacist and she’s awful. She has caused there to be a hostile work environment for everyone. I have... —  read more 

CVS Cares

CVS hasn’t cared in years. Now we are being punished for a pandemic that had zero to do with us. We will never get a bonus as SM’s and forget about giving your hourly employees raises as they failed to over sell a carepass during all this. Don’t you... —  read more 

DL visits?

Why are DL’S being told they can only spend 30 minutes in a store and yet we are there 8+ hrs a day? Let’s not even ask about the Regionals .

Cleaning Protocol

I was a housekeeper for 4 years during college. There is a specific way to truly disinfect, which believe it or not, I was trained on for 2 weeks.. to just tell a cashier to wipe everything down every hour is not disinfecting.. Not to mention this... —  read more 

Where is Larry?

I got his c-appy post card in the mail.. I see my do, to is opening a testing site...thats great... But where is our leader (he is no leader)..we are getting embarrassed by our competion.. Go into a Wal-Mart or Walgreens.. People, product...but we... —  read more 

My job was eliminated

My job was eliminated, I'm an advisor in Illinois and worked in analytics. It was just me and my new manager of a few months that are left. I came from a bigger team, many reorgs, and it was just me and my manager so instead of moving me, they told... —  read more 

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