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Engagement surveys are Not Anonymous.

The only ones who give two sh.ts about any negative comments are the DL's and SM. Couple years ago SM had a tizzy, asked why I click NO to , "Would you recommend family or friend to work for CVS". To even take survey, need to sign on with your... read more

beauty centric remodel?

i recall someone posting on here a while ago that some stores are getting some sort of beauty centric remodel.. does anyone know what this type of remodel entails? what they do with beauty and what they tend to cut down on for it?

Engagement survey

I dont know about you guys, but i am going to slam them on the engagement survey. The only time that we get to voice our opinions! Make sure to use the typing part and fill that box up! My DL is going to he shocked when he sees his district results.

Prepare for the worst

If we all know what is coming our way then why do we just sit doing nothing. Our jobs is our bread and butter, our jobs is reason we can sleep at night knowing we are far away from being homeless and having nothing. So you go home from work to watch... read more

Regards to June

Someone had posted something about things happening in June. I'm not sure if this is everywhere but according to MySchedule, my demand has decreased yet again. Any other SM's seeing a decrease starting in June?

Going to a CVS for medical care

Going to a CVS for medical care would be a new low point in someone's life. The minute clinics are a joke with "health care professionals" who don't give a c-ap about their jobs. The operating hours are a joke too.


First off it is true about cuts. 5 stores in our district are being affected by these cuts which take effect on june 1st, and our DL said that these cuts are directly related to cost cutting measures due to aetna merger. I am only a shift, not a SM... read more
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The month of June and merger issues?

So I just found out, that our district is going to be hit, somewhat hard, with merger-related cutbacks officially starting on June 1st. This was announced on a conference call with the DL recently. We happen to be a good district with some high... read more

Aetna Employee Perspective of Merger

Aetna subsidiary employee here. Hate that CVS bought us and honestly hope Judge Leon throws a wrench in this deal. CVS s---s!!!! CVS strategy is going to be a flop. Who in the world wants to go to a CVS for their medical care??? The suburban CVS down... read more

Being Mistreated by Store Manager

I have been working at this 24 hours CVS for almost four years now. I started as a shift and now I am an operations manager. I've had many opportunities to become a store manager but I turned them down because they would interfere with my school (in... read more

There IS a great need for store managers at CVS

Back when they eliminated the assistant store manager position in favor of operations manager, they said at the meeting we had that there would be a push for more people to become store managers. Our ASM chose to go down to ops supervisor because... read more

Bird panic

Ok has anyone else been going through being overworked by their store manager. my store manager looks and acts like he is next. He looks like he is in panic mode. getting on employees for things he never asked them to do. He better not ask me to get... read more

Hours cut

Just looked at the most recent schedule. Starting in January my demand was cut to 157. To have only 2 people in the store all day 182 is required. So for 25 hours a week, the front is alone. Today, they’ve cut demand from 157 to 155. I’m done. They... read more


Bored with the whining , lies and ignorance. Taking a nap now.
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Slow death with trickle down layoffs

I've never seen anything like it at corporate headquarters. The feeling around the office is people on edge, or at minimum, feeling who will get the next hammer. I was in a seemingly regular meeting with general announcements where our department... read more

CVS vs Aetna

Just found this board. As Aetna takes over IT and financial planning I find it hilarious that the retail side has delusions of competence. It's strictly amateur hour in CVS. That's why the much of the IT infrastructure team has already been laid off... read more

When will this agony regarding the merger end?

I’m sure everyone will agree that this is taking too long, up to a degree that it’s hurting the company? I would like some honest thoughts on when this whole situation in court could end , realistically, and is there any doubt on what the outcome... read more

Where is the growth going to come from

Everyone is attacking the brick and mortar d--gstore biz. So where is the growth going to come from people. Keep drinking the koolaid and getting your paychecks while the company continues to decline in growth! Never purchase the stock the company... read more

Cvs vs Amazon Pill pak 113 to 51

People- it's all about growth!! 3-5 years ago the CVS and Walgreens world were had no barriers to growth . With Obama care and the aging of Americans baby boomers the growth path was going as far as anyone could see, hence CVS peek of 113. Since... read more


I got word today that they are (HR and ER)reviewing glassdoor/indeed employee reviews online. They didn’t say what they will be using the reviews for but at least they are reading truths written by store managers. I have a feeling its to shape the... read more

Having trouble hiring

I'm surprised with all the talk of more cuts - considering that we're having trouble filling the positions that have been created by more and more people leaving. Nobody wants to work here anymore. Fewer people are applying for jobs, and when they... read more


Anyone else having trouble signing up people for carepass? I keep asking and always get turned down. DL is all about carepass right now and my store is struggling signing people up. Anyone have good advice on how to upsell this to customers?

Rite aid and Fred's...

Reading some articles that both Rite Aid & Fred's pharmacies, are in danger of filing for bankruptcy THIS YEAR. (2019) What might that mean for cvs if both those companies were to completely fail? Might we suffer from some of the fallout of having 2... read more


Anyone else realize how pitiful our discount has become? With all the 30% off coupons and 40% off single item coupons they send out it really shows they don’t care about us. I know it’s petty but just an observation

Not fair...

So I was just hired as a full time supervisor and my manager is telling me I have to work 2 nights a week. Is this a thing? Seems a little ridiculous to me. It should be the managers job to work those. (FYI a co worker told me about this website)

CVS is drifting from the core business?

I generally was one of the few people at my workplace who had positive thoughts about the Aetna acquisition. I still think it was a good improvement and a good widening of the business. However, with all the store closings and the shifts at... read more

Aetna cares about numbers

It's a company run by ruthless actuaries and financiers that do everything they can to prevent old people from getting medical treatment. CVS is in the big leagues now. You thought things were bad under CVS? Aetna does not give a damn about weak... read more

Step down?

I’m thinking of trying to step down as a store manager and coast as an ops/ shift until I find another job. Anyone ever heard of this? Hopefully my DL doesn’t shoot it down.

Corp just fired EITS CVS Network team IT

CVS legacy it network team just wiped out in favor of Aetna execs running theses teams now. Whole teams fired including senior leadership which had been in place for a long time. CTO team next the PMO leadership will be next to be fired. Driving cost... read more

Candy land

For a healthcare company we have an awful lot of candy,backroom is stuffed sales floor is stuffed!


I started in the pharmacy at an EXTREMELY busy CVS. Like, call queues could easily go up to 7-10 on hold; it's bad. So because of this I never got trained well in QP or QT and was perpetually the pickup/ drive through/14-day b--ch. I got to do QP and... read more

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