Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Wanting to get out of cvs

I keep hearing those who wish to leave cvs. I advise cvs workers to learn to make your own money. Be your own boss. You can do uber or lyft or sell on amazon or ebay or do door dash. Publish a book. Learn to invest in stocks. Start a dog walking... —  read more 

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I want to get out of retail

I am looking for a way out of this company, but also out of this industry in general. All the years spent in retail have left a toll on my health. However, how to get out of this industry without enough skills? Not so easy. I would love to hear the... —  read more 

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You hate your job?

Stop complaining and start taking steps. I work for cvs too and i feel the same. Either we leave or stay. Stop thinking that there is no way out. You could invest in stocks, start a online business, start a youtube channel, sell items on amazon or... —  read more 


We all have to invest. Invest in stocks and crypto. The rich do not work for money. They make money work for them. Tired of having to work for money, you should start investing. Invest the next stimulus check, invest a portion of your check. Try and... —  read more 

Sick time

Should I honor sick time during a holiday week. Scheduled for 40 and only worked because of a call out and they got holiday that equaled 40 hrs. Nit to mention they're aboain in the a-s to deal with.

Severance package

I am wondering if long time employees with multiple decades of service with CVS at closing stores and not wanting to transfer to another location, will be offered some kind of severance package to thank them for loyalty and dedication to CVS. I'd... —  read more 

Opened on Christmas

I am so tired of giving up time with my family to work for a company that sees me as a number. DLs and up will be enjoying Christmas while I am missing irreplaceable moments with my kids. It’s one day. Why can’t they close just for Christmas?... —  read more 

Red flags

I am very worried that our store will close soon. The atmosphere is very tense and you feel that something strange is happening in the background. However, is it enough to rely only on your intuition? Were there any red flags before they informed... —  read more 

F cvs

This is a D sucking company. Ball draining company. They gonna pay for what they done to everyone here. None caring company. We gave blood and tears for cvs and they turn on us. We gotta band together to bring the fall of cvs.

More than 900

900 came from “about” 300 per year.I was told 350-370 first year , 350-400 second year and it could be slightly above 400 the third year . ( that sounds like 1200 to me ). To combat revenue loss MANY more stores will be doing online orders .

Where did the stores go?

In 2018 we had 9,967 retail stores. Now on the MSH scorecard total store count is around 7500. CVS is announcing another 900 stores to close, where is the news from the other stores closing over the past 3 years?

Manager Pay

I've been with this company for 5 years, considered a leader for the district in terms of being an SMIT coach and a exceeds expectations the past two years. I make 63k a year. My district leader just hired a SMIT for me to train, no experience, from... —  read more 

Heart V. Greed

CVS had a chance to make a bold move to close on Thanksgiving day like all other companies to allow ALL employees to be with their families to show real appreciation and what bringing HEART to work truly means. In this episode, GREED won .

The disconnect is unreal

Busy from holidays and a typical Thanksgiving week and RL’s and DL’s sending out texts about carepass and AP quiz when stores are barely staffed and lines out the door. Wake up clowns its why there is a mass exodus. Having pharmacists run the company... —  read more 

It was worth a try

I finally got an offer from a company where I thought I would never get an offer. I seem to have underestimated myself. Honestly, I’m a little worried about starting there although on the other hand I can’t wait to get started. Anyway, I think I'll... —  read more 

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