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Manager pay

Was today our last paycheck until the 15th of Feb or do we get some sort of check on the 1st with everyone else?

A typical day at our stores

I wonder if these people who create our budgets have ever worked a day in the store before. They have never had to juggle helping an old non English speaking Russian grandma try to send money for the first time while trying to take a bunch of... read more

Walmart Leaves CVS!

Hours explanation

45-50k FS. Open 8-10. Truck comes 4-5am. Usually get 8 pallets or more. 2017 & 2018 got around 233-238 a week. Now 200-204 a week. Same workload if not more with stupid hub tasks. So cvs expects the same exact work to get done taking about 15% of the... read more


I’m a shift supervisor, recently transferred to a busy store after my first store lost hours the first of the year. I was lucky another store needed help. I have a concern though, we used to take the deposit to the bank everyday at my old store, but... read more


Instead of lashing out at each other, let's turn on customers. I would like to hear from Managers how you handle tons of (latinos, hipanics, maxicans ) very little English and 6-8 extracare cards tieing up the registers for hours . It's not about... read more


As someone on the caremark side, it is funny that all the retail folks here think that they have it hardest. We are all doing the jobs of 3 people, why instead of trashing each other consider spending that same amount of time trying to help those... read more

DL’s leaving

What do they know. Heard many are quitting or getting different jobs in organization. What do they know that is coming?


Im coming to realize that myschedule is not a demand tool. It is a budgeting tool to control payroll. If it was a true “demand” based system then it would populate more hours to care for our customers. Cvs is always preaching service, when in reality... read more

Health Hub Renderings Released

Why you look at that. They released renderings of what the new "health hub" stores look like. Looks as if we are retaining 80-85% of our FS Sales Space. No crazy reductions, it is clear that FS will continue to be a focus for CVS through the coming... read more

Too Busy for new posts!!!!!

No one is posting anything new because everyone is to busy working and doing the jobs of 3. It’s the CVS way. What are you doing to help the cause?

Store Closing

Store 6300 closing in Salem, VA, but all employees offered positions at other stores.

Pharmacist and Tech Survey

Everyone there is an survey in the hub for pharmacists and surveys. The more people that do it and give honest answers the better especially in regards to hours.

No Raises or bonuses?

I’m sure this is all CVS rumors around the district, but a lot of talk is going around that bonuses and raises will be put on hold this year for FS and RX. Our DM hasn’t said anything and someone asked and he just laughed and said “idk we’ll see”... read more

How do you know you are safe?

When CVS is deciding on which locations are profitable and which are not, what are the main detriments of that? Mainly, how much do we have to be making in our store (monthly or annually) to not have to worry about being closed in the next round of... read more

Wage discussions are not against policy

They would have you believe discussing what you make per hour at the store is grounds for termination. It is not ! It is against wage law to prevent employees from discussing wages at work! The handbook has been updated so discuss with each other and... read more

NY pharmacies can’t sell c-gare--es in new year.

Cvs already is ahead in this game. Have to give them credit for doing one thing right before the law forced them. Especially as a former smoker myself. C-gare--es don’t belong in pharmacies and Cvs definitely won on this. 👌

Crazy concept

dedicated cashiers for pickup. Our pharmacies would be so much less stressed and more efficient if the techs could focus on tech work and not have to keep an eye on register at the same time. These same cashiers could actually serve as front store... read more

For low volume store managers

If you are one of the low volume store managers that had hours cut to 1xhours open plus maybe four extra hours showing in optimization, but were told you could use more hours (presumably cut from a higher volume stores budget, think about this. You... read more

Brutal email

Brutal email today laying out tomorrow’s mandatory manager call! Begins with everyone taking the confidentiality module by midnight tonight (managers) absolutely nobody else to be in the office at that time and no calls to be taken on the sales... read more

More hours to stores would be a win-win situation

I said it before when they gave the pay increase that they should have just given more hours to stores. Doesn't matter that you give people a raise when you decrease the hours. Could have been a win win for stores to allow more payroll hours. More... read more

Some locations are getting improvements and hours

We are gaining hours and are designated as a new initial health hub . Project starts next week and to be complete by March ! Selecting the best of the best in the district as team members. Saw blue prints today and it is amazing. Retail space cut in... read more

Hang in there people

Want to work in a quick pace environment? Want to be a part of a back stabbing culture Want to work where call outs are common. want to work hard and never advance. Want to work holidays/ weekends / midnight Want to work 10 hours with no breaks. Want... read more

They don't give a f#?k about us.

You know it, you can feel it. I can. Oh its coming and you know it. Nothing we can do about it but jump ship. They cutting hours and pushing more work on you. Problems arise and they do nothing. Just have a plan for when they let you go. Do not wait... read more
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I just quit and it feels great

I’m a PIC in a store that does 2400/week (almost 20% over budget this year). I checked 552 scripts in 13 hours without overlap and finally said to hell with it. It isn’t worth losing my sanity over it killing a patient. Taking my license off the wall... read more

CVS to have death panels ?

HEALTH CVS Makes Plans To Ration Customers’ Health Care A health rationing organization’s opinion about so-called quality of life value will soon determine whether CVS customers can receive new pr-scrip-ion d--gs and treatments. By Justin Danhof CVS... read more
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District leaders vs policy violations

Do any of you have the same issue with DL turning a blind eye to serious policy violations committed by Rx personnel or like age employees and firing FS or older employees for basically no reason? Why does the company allow this?

Any truth to this?

Yes the announcement of new positions are rolling out. SM/RX hybrid. All SM have to become PTCB by July 2019 or within 6 months after they become a SM. Similar to WAGS. Mandatory one day minimum in the RX as a Tech going forward on July 1st. Anybody... read more

CVS-Aetna insurance products will not be put on halt

CVS CEO claims that the court review of the merger will not affect the insurance project that was planned. I certainly hope that he is right. The review will take some time and putting plan projects to a stop could cause a great deal of damage for... read more
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Judge agrees no court-appointed monitor is needed

The Federal Judge that is reviewing the CVS-Aetna ruled that there is no need for a court monitor to be appointed to oversee that the CVS and Aetna businesses remain separated while the merger is under review, and agreed on the implementation of four... read more
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5 days left in 2018..

..until a great deal of employees turn in their notices, asking for their well earned vacations, and saying... "BS to CVS".

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