Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

They set a bad example for us?

I get really disappointed when I see what kind of people come to managerial positions. Maybe I'm not right, but these people didn't deserve those positions. I worked hard and I was totally committed to this company, but when I see how they behave and... —  read more 

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Target channel is done

RD signed non–disclosures All pharmacy sups and pharmacy RDs to be laid off and pharmacies absorbed into cvs core districts. DLs will have more stores now including target, some realignment to keep it fair. Let the games begin.

Target channel = done

The long awaited dismissal of all of the target channel field leaders is upon us. Finally the easiness of being a target rx sup or rd sup is done! They are all going into core markets - announcement coming soon.

Throwing in the towel

I am a long time employee with well over 10 years in. I used to enjoy working at my store but within the last 2 years we’ve seen so many people come and go, and those that remain are nothing but straight up a–holes. What little pay we get isn’t... —  read more 

There is life after CVS

I left and I haven't looked back. I did come here after hearing about hours cuts and layoffs. Please know that there is life after CVS at all levels. CVS is a horrible company. Larry and his buddies on Wall Street destroyed what used to be a... —  read more 

Forced to work weekends

So apparently now if we can’t make our carepass target for the week the dl is making us work on the weekends. Doesn’t sound ethical to me. Should I report this to HR? Do you think it would even do anything?

Losing hours

As for selling carepass, it creates a huge and unbearable stress for me, but I still haven’t lost hours because of it. Someone here said that they lose hours for not selling carepass. How many of you are in that situation of losing hours? This... —  read more 


Hi there, SuperviseTrashMaster here with some stunning news! I'm quitting! After 5 long years of feeling unappreciated and stepped on, and stupidly taking the SMIT position, I've had enough of it. It's not even the customers at this point, it's the... —  read more 


Got my today. Noticed that the “$250” bonus wasn’t added to my bonus. Any salary mgr here get that “Covid bonus” added to their bonus?

Can you believe this?

We have to worry about layoffs and hours and the CEO lands in third place on the list of the most overpaid CEOs. How is that right? Sundar Pichai: Alphabet Inc.; compensation: $280,621,552 David M. Zaslav: Discovery Inc.; compensation:... —  read more 

CarePass bonus??

I keep hearing about a “CarePass bonus” is being calculated and will be announced during our yearly time. Lucky for my store we met our target for 2020 I finished out at 117% . Does anyone know where to find this “bonus” at? I looked at our bonus... —  read more 


DL threatening SM’s for not being at carepass target. DL states SM’s will have to come to district office for accountability if not at target. All you can do is ask every customer. You can’t make people sign up. This is causing a hostile work... —  read more 

Job Stability?

I just realized that I’m the longest employed person at my location. How the hell did that happen? More to the point - when did that happen? I’ve been here for 8 years. Everyone before me has either quit or been laid off. It makes me wonder how many... —  read more 

Public Shaming

Why must we public shame our company for action to take place? I have repetitively spoken to my DL and DAPL about staffing over the past few weeks. I have almost half of my staff out on COVID LOA. I have asked give me a break for a few weeks. I am... —  read more 

I Am DONE With CVS !!!

I’m happy to say I’m finally done as a customer with CVS and Merlo’s grand acid induced vision. I, along with all my family members have taken our business to another Pharmacy!!! No longer will I have to be insulted by rude pharmacists, wait in... —  read more 

Please be sensible

I’ve got a few colleagues who just want to up and quit. No back up plan, no job lined up, no nothing. They are just sick and tired of the company. While I agree there may be better opportunities, why put yourself through a financial loss when it’s... —  read more 

COVID Vaccine

Techs and pharmacists heading to give covid vaccines in just a few weeks. Any idea if these techs will be getting trained or are the pharmacists just going to tech them? Also, will anyone be getting hazard pay?

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