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Details of today's phone calls

Can we please have somebody share what was said during this morning's call after it takes place? I'm so nervous about the possible rumored changes that I barely managed to sleep at all. I would be really grateful if somebody would confirm or deny if... read more

New rumor can anyone confirm

So the rumor I have heard is that stores will be required to have a certain number of shifts per store, the title will change and we will have to interview for our job as there will only be so many positions in our store. Those that are chosen must... read more

Incoming changes

Clerks are going to $12, RX tech to $14, shift supervisors to $14 plus 2% for every year of service. I think there’s a cap on that but not sure what it is. Also the official elimination of titles such as photo tech, photo supervisor, head cashier... read more


Hearing rumors of another restructure coming soon. Anyone else?


Wondering what crazy plans the leadership team are working on now at Arizona conference. “You are doing a great job, you matter, don’t worry about those SM holes, a monkey can do that job, don’t worry about the stock price, it’s all relative”


Not sure if it's all district but seems to be a manager shortage out there. The bench is full of unless Smits for replacements.

Engagement Survey

The survey is around the corner. Its the stores only time a year to really show the corporate office how we feel. CVS loves numbers, maybe if these numbers come back real and not faked they will see how miserable store level employees really are. I... read more

We are doing online retailers a favor

We further thinned our anorexic ranks. We restructured our infrastructure at field level into chaos. We say offer help and walk to item although demand says differently. We continue to shift and mount stress to the lowest levels where customers see... read more

Walmart changes their Rx plan

After all of these layoffs, Amazon announces they are no longer entering pharmacy. Imagine how many jobs could have been saved if Amazon would have just admitted from the beginning that they couldn’t have gone down this road? Sad.

It's quiet

Any updates on soon to come changes .. ??? And where is all the mass exodus Y'all expected???

Asset Protection

Has anyone seen the new AP audit? New baseline and pulse checks. We got a preview today and let me tell you it dont look pretty for the SM/STL team. Lots and lots of accountability included. Here we go

There is greener grass on the other side.

For any of you that are thinking of getting out I would challenge you to really consider your options. I left in February, yes before bonuses, and yes before stock options (which it was my year to have some vest). I was offered a job that payed a... read more

Hiring of Minors in the Northeast

Does anyone know why we don't hire minors? I can't find a policy on it anywhere, my DL and hiring agent doesn't know why we don't allow it but just say "No" when I ask. Doesn't make any sense. Who can we call for this?

What's happening at CVS in April?

So many people here are mentioning April as the time when something big will happen, but nobody actually clarifies what that big thing is supposed to be. I'd be satisfied with a simple big good thing or big bad thing, just to know what to prepare... read more

I hate CVS !!

I understand the need to drive a profitable and successful business however the tactics CVS uses to make this happen are absolutely ridiculous and disgusting! No LEADING WITH HEART is evident with CVS. Greed took over and will be the demise of CVS... read more

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Tomorrow is bonus day

So let's start a tally Lots of posts over last 2 months Spoke of DL and store manages waiting for bonus then resigning. Now it's time ,who will be first?????

No pay increase for pharmacy managers!

Has anyone had their review this year? Looks like there is no raise to be had. And....most Pharm managers have reached their max! How is that possible!? Apparently with the new structure managers reached the peak of their earning potential!

CAR and Refunds

Doe's anyone get fired anymore for refunds or anything else on the CAR? It just seems like LP is not catching anyone like they used to. Managers just pencil whip those reports to be compliant. I remember when lp used to be in the stores investigating... read more

Mistakes in pharmacy?

Does anyone else notice more mistakes by our pharmacies lately? There are a few I know saying they have made double digit amounts and these rpm use to only make them once in awhile.

Weekly Conference Call

Had our weekly conference call yesterday morning. My DL told us that "things were going to get very, very bad soon", and encouraged us to have a back-up plan. I've thought for awhile now that he was going to leave after bonuses... and I've already... read more

Creativity at CVS is dead

CREATIVITY has been dead at CVS for a long, long time. I remember when we celebrated the creativity in this company by displaying it for every manager to see. An exchange of ideas existed for all to utilize. That exchange stimulated our minds and... read more

CVS Store Manager Layoffs

Any updates on Store Manager Layoffs? I have seen an old thread on this topic ( or @QxePGJj ) but I cannot see any updated information. Do you know: what locations may be affected what criteria may be used what time frame... read more

LP Audits

Do all districts/regions have the same audit? In our district the question “Does Store Manager work 2 closing shifts per week?” was implemented on our audit a couple of months ago. If Store Manager misses that question you automatically fail the... read more

Has any SM gone through an FFL class yet?

The RM for my area is starting an FFL in the near future. Can anyone who has already gone through it vouch for its helpfulness or lack there of? Do you feel any closer to a potential EL role? Thanks!

Store Managers Meetings

Just wanting to know how other districts handle their monthly Store Manager Meetings. Do you get extra payroll hours that week to attend the meeting or do you attend the meeting on your day off?

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