Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Engineer is a Corp Plant

The “Engineer” is a clever ruse by CVS PR. Just my opinion and the theory. The idea is two fold. One, you will get so tired and disgusted with this person’s pointless posts, that you will stop visiting and engaging here. Two, The “Engineer” is... — read more 

Prem stock sale

Heard a rumor that Prem Shah unloaded 3 million $ worth of CVS stock on Friday. Is something big happening or is he getting canned due to his completely insensitive heart attack memo?!

This is a layoff page

Stop posting things other than layoffs. We don’t care about your bonus! we care about information if we’ll have a job week by week!!!!!! Stop bragging about your bonus for sitting in an office while we do the work for a cr-ppy hourly rate!! — read more 

Sc--w this place

Making me travel to shitholes every week just to get yelled at for not getting enough done. How am I supposed to accomplish anything if I’m on the road babysitting every week?

Which Targets are closing?

Does anyone know which of the Targets that are closing? Have you heard what Target is putting in to replace the pharmacy yet? Any idea how they picked the Targets that are going to close? Also, Is CVS still opening new CVS’s in Target with all the... — read more 

Past Paystubs

I have been trying to get my past paystubs (you know the ones before WorkDay) since the end of December. I’ve received two incident numbers and no results. Any suggestions on how I can get these quickly?

Omnicare is as good as gone

I absolutely don't think Omnicare will be in business in two years, at least not with CVS. One possibility is they are gutting it so badly they can shut it down within a couple years, or gut it so badly maybe someone will jump in buy the scraps. They... — read more 

Silent from director

Have anyone feel like their director is out of touch. We usually have bi-weekly meeting as a team but they been quiet lately. Not sure if they check out and looking for a role outside cvs. Also no need project for the team.

bonus 2023

did they announce bonus for 2023. I want to take that and then move on.... how much is it for 2023, company did very well, record breaking numbers I hear!

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