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My job was eliminated

My job was eliminated, I'm an advisor in Illinois and worked in analytics. It was just me and my new manager of a few months that are left. I came from a bigger team, many reorgs, and it was just me and my manager so instead of moving me, they told... —  read more 

Hours being cut

Anybody see that RPH hours are being cut in the near future? Have to pay for all those bonuses and increased benefits from somewhere.

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Ain’t that a b--ch!

New York

So we southerners are open busy as hel1 Getting exposed and DLS know we are just hanging on till we catch covid - all field mgt are hunkered down at home . Are NewYork stores business as usual ? Are the stores open ?

CVS MySchedule IOS

Cannot find it? Cannot find it? Then finally, there’s a website you have to go to first. Think it’s You initially login with CVSuser credentials (user name and password). Here is a thread that claims that apps track... —  read more 

Back to business

Per DL conference call, company wants us back to normal operating hours on 4/19. It's sad when the company simply does not care about us

Where are our leaders?

Where are our leaders during this pandemic? Home on their laptops? Doing what? Looking for ways to profit? They should be leading by example. Many of the CVS leaders are pharmacists, why are they not in the stores helping out? Providing leadership... —  read more 

CVS Hazardous Pay

How is our $300 comparing to what the competition doing. Do you think this is a fair pay for the risk we are undertaking daily (it's scary)? Thoughts??? Stay safe and good luck.

Corona Exposure

It’s simple-if we request an LOA or have documentation that we asked to be off and were denied if we get it sue CVS for liability and pain/suffering. This is ridiculous.

How cheap is CVS ?!

So, for hazardous pay we get Ft $300. Pt $150. If you work your shifts for March & April... Wow, instead of the $2.00 an hour like most companies (40hrs × $2.00 × 8weeks= $640.00) ! Blue light special 1/2 price...I know at least we are working and... —  read more 

Conf. Call

Well that was a huge waste of time. Thanks for the tiny bonus that won’t even begin to touch my medical bills now that I have coronavirus. 😒

Corporate needs to react now!

Hourly employees are dropping left and right. Why are fs still open?? Why have store operating hours only been reduced by 1 hour per day? I as an SM will not compromise my body and immune system because they've cut hours for some time now and we are... —  read more 

target raises

Target is giving retail workers temporary $2.00/ hr. raises.

Upper Management?

Why are the DL and higher ups know where to be seen? They are all working from home while we jeopardize our lives!

Over 7 thousand cases and counting

We are up to 7000 cases and still the testing is limited. We need masks, gloves, and other precautions to be taken. There were only 2000 cases yesterday. Our stores are cesspools and as much as we want to see our selves as health care workers we are... —  read more 

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We should start demanding Hazard Pay

Hours going back again.....Wow

After being told (like a bunch of us) that my store hours were going back to original hours - I get a hub task today that says they are not changing, they will stay the same. Anyone know the reason for this?

Has any one seen Larry?

They sent the second in command to do the live interview with CNBC yesterday. On today’s town hall, no sign of him. Where’s Larry?


Lets pretend the world isn’t burning around us, lets just continue to have normal conference calls about scores and numbers send emails to stores asking why carepass isn’t selling continue to tell our employees we are here for the... —  read more 

toilet paper

Ha...dl says im out of toilet paper because of cfr issues!!!!! I've heard it all!!

Where the F is our leadership

Not one meaningful statement from Larry or our acting president to our store teams. Just bs cleaning schedules and FAQs. Why are we still collecting customer surveys when our stores have been picked through like a dead carcass and we’ve had lines... —  read more 

Not safe

We have no hours so employees work for 3 to 4 hours on avg. alone that includes nights when closing. Pharmacy gone at 8 cashiers gone by 8 one shift supervisor that has to close 6 registers,do deposit and cashier functions all alone.

Store Hours

So now, because of some knuckle headed decision made by someone who has no idea what it takes or is like to run a store they are changing store hours again. Anyone else get their hours changed right back to what they were before the reduction?


The pressure is destroying store moral..

Store Manager Reviews

Anyone have their review yet as a store manager? Wondering what the percentages are like this year


Are there any store managers who have gotten the hub task for the new front store operating model for 2020?

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