Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Topics regarding layoffs at CVS

Cutting hours

Cvs cutting hours of operation does that include front store as well in March ? Store is open 8 to 10 pm pharmacy 8 to 9 is beyond dead in the store after 9pm.

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january for SWEs

SWE's moved from aetna, slowly joining the cvs pharmcacy and slowly getting the mac(s) , id / passwords...still no great work , hoping from Feb we will get some work, cash bonus for 2022 work and stock bonus , been remote watching netflix all day for... —  read more 


So new year same thing.. it is all about carepass no other tasks matter, getting texts if not at ytd goal. Pressure is coming from above the dl level. Doesn't matter how you did last year.

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Store Manager Raises

I know last year there was talk about Store Managers receiving bigger raises to keep up with all other employee increases but now it seems silence from corporate. Are they still planning on bumping up our pay or do all the other positions just... —  read more 

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CVS never announces lay-offs

CVS never announces lay-offs. They quietly do it under the radar in small numbers. Also, the certainty perform performance based layoffs. By performance I mean people who do not measure success by the number of as--s they kiss or people who do not... —  read more 

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Close on Christmas

Why in the He-l is Cvs open Christmas how greedy can one company the CEO ,CFo, Vice president ain't working so why should cvs staff members have 2 its enough ...employees not wanting to show up for being scheduled Christmas day. Let employees spend... —  read more 

Dec off

100 software engineers from aetna told to take off, relax, read and be off in December and come back in January, to be moved to cvs pharmacy, what a great company ?

Cvs software engineers

A bunch of software engineers told they will be moved to cvs pharmacy from aetna, cvs health. We were hired two years back. Little to no work, we were told well receive some updates tomorrow or day after, and my promotion is due to principal engineer... —  read more 

aetna to cvs phrmacy

was hired as a engineer from aetna burlington ma been remote for 2 years but not much work, was told we will be moved under CVS pharmacy starting January.. any good news in the works ? or same? Are CVS pharmacy engineers remote?? I'm at 150 k... —  read more 

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