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Pessina Resigns as CEO

We need more old white men to collect their piles of money and find their way to the door. Hopefully someone who places value in employees as assets instead of costs to be cut will take over.

Covid -19

Walgreens out here making team members clean to make 40hours while hiring temps and no work...what kind of bs is on..also no hazard pay

Lunch break for pharmacist

Anyone have this yet? Was told they took away management bonuses over the last two years to help pay for “lunch breaks.,” paternity and maternity leave, safe a trip update etc. Has any pharmacist in the store actually have a lunch break where they... —  read more 

Big layoffs in corporate

Walgreens plans a big layoffs in IT. Rumor is that no package will be provided. My advice would be run away. Walgreens has no future. If there is an option for another job just take it and don't look back

Store Manager Bonus GONE!?

With the store manager bonus being a thing of the past, how many managers are leaving or have left due to this? Kinda like taking a 5k-15k paycut. I'm sure cvs will be next to axe the bonus program. Less hours, no bonus = 2 weeks notice?

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