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How many people have quit at your store?

It's out of control here. And they are not hiring replacements, at least for now, so we are left with an unmanageable amount of work to finish between us in the limited amount of hours we are given. And I don't blame anybody for leaving, the way... —  read more 

New Corvid 19 survey

Has anyone done or looked over this new survey ? Cause my str mgr hasn’t informed us on what this is about .

Testing in stores

Has anyone heard if Walgreens is gonna start testing customers for the virus in our stores ?

store manager theif

i work at an ohio location, today they arrested my store manager for stealing $20,000 worth of stuff over a six month period, yea that's right $20K....

WPRE - the 'essential non-employee' loophole

When you go into a Walgreens [WAG] it's not just their employees stocking or handling products, meet Walgreens Partners Retail Execution (WPRE). This is a series of third party merchandising companies that contract with WAG to do the resets WAG dont... —  read more 

The year of the Essential Worker

What this virus has taught us is that the workers in the store are essential, not the corporate slugs that have forgotten we existed for years. Instead of investing in all these new buildings and remodels they should have invested in training and... —  read more 

Shame on Walgreens for treating us like this

The only precautions we've taken are minimal. Tape to keep customers 6 feet away, really flexible taped on plexiglass and has to be re-taped to the counter daily, we clean maybe once or twice a day, and we are advised to just use germ-x between... —  read more 

Hiring anyone

Good job. Our Walgreens here are deciding to hire whoever applies, with no d–g testing or background checks. That should end well

CEO being paid too much compared to others?

See this article https://www.google.com/amp/s/simplywall.st/stocks/us/consumer-retailing/nasdaq-wba/walgreens-boots-alliance/news/should-you-be-pleased-about-the-ceo-pay-at-walgreens-boots-alliance-inc-s-nasdaqwba/amp/

Lunch break for pharmacist

Anyone have this yet? Was told they took away management bonuses over the last two years to help pay for “lunch breaks.,” paternity and maternity leave, safe a trip update etc. Has any pharmacist in the store actually have a lunch break where they... —  read more 

Asking political views

This year's associate survey had questions about your political view, if you're registered to vote, and if you're planning on voting. Is this legal?

Closures and Layoffs Continue at Walgreens

2 % of the bottom stores will be closed. Happened last year, will happen this and next year. This will continue. Until there are no more non profitable locations, so statistically with the down trend in sales this may never stop until there... —  read more 

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Big layoffs in corporate

Walgreens plans a big layoffs in IT. Rumor is that no package will be provided. My advice would be run away. Walgreens has no future. If there is an option for another job just take it and don't look back

Lack of managers and employees

So, how much longer will Walgreens be around with all their managers and employees leaving? I know a ton of stores near me that have no store manager anymore and most of the employees are quitting.

Store Manager Bonus GONE!?

With the store manager bonus being a thing of the past, how many managers are leaving or have left due to this? Kinda like taking a 5k-15k paycut. I'm sure cvs will be next to axe the bonus program. Less hours, no bonus = 2 weeks notice?

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No lunches or breaks for MOD

Is it normal for Walgreens to be so understaffed that the manager on duty doesn't get breaks or lunches because there is no one to cover? It seems to be trending in my area. It's a thing for opening manager to get no lunch because of no coverage, and... —  read more 

Code green

Any other area being forced to do "code green" in pharmacy? Or is it just the Carolinas. Code green is when the opening manager has to go back when rx opens and fill their queue and put it in ready bins and then put their truck up for then. Being... —  read more 

Reforms are needed!

What i am about to say, maybe harsh and it is just a thought. I am throwing this out to open up conversation and get others opinion. I didn’t like what happened, but I think some responsibility should lie within our profession. I think we should all... —  read more 

Walgreens Going Private?

Seems whatever is in their long term plan is something they don't want in the public eye. https://www.thestreet.com/video/what-walgreens-potentially-going-private-means-for-markets-15154711

Layoffs at corporate


Ny and nj area

What stores have a union in these areas , New York and New Jersey and maybe PA ?

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