Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens

Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens

Walgreens IT Project Moratorium

All IT and IT related contractors have been informed on 2/1/23 that all non-production projects have been paused for 30 days for CIO review. This review has, in fact, been ongoing since August. Contractors have been advised by non-C-suite leadership... —  read more 

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Are we opening any new stores?

It feels as if every day I see a new announcement about a closing location and I don't remember when was the last time I heard about new ones opening. Is the goal to reduce the overall footprint, one store at the time? I can't help but worry about... —  read more 

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How can the CEO and the so called Upper Management whatevers continue to keep their jobs with numbers like this. How do they even look in the mirror. Yet store workers are paid didly squat while this company keeps paying fine after fine after... —  read more 

It's only going to get worse

Was told more hrs. are going to be cut next month. We have more chiefs than Indians so many associates get very few hrs now. No company needs 3-5 key holders working one shift with one associate. Other days it one key holder and one associate. It's... —  read more 

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Beating Wall Street Expectations

Yet, the Wall Street is spooked... With your forecast. Paywalled: Not Paywalled:

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Enough with credit cards!

I'm tired of having to push credit cards on every customer and I hate I have to continue trying even when they say no because I don't want to lose my job. I'm literally harassing people because the management has got its priorities wrong. It's... —  read more 

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Can't pay employees, This is so pathetic, admit no wrong doing? then why SETTLE then. Over $60 million in attorney fees alone. When are the employees going to wake up. READ THIS.... “We now go into battle armed and ready to fight back hard... —  read more 

Who are the thieves

Walgreens is so into bag checks for employees, it's like their obsession, but yet with all the news now, who really are the thieves......... how embarrassing and digusting. Walgreens Accused Of Overcharging For Dr-gs A report in Modern Healthcare... —  read more 

Closing locations

Can we know how many locations are closing each month and where they are? I keep reading articles about closing pharmacies but it's always local journalism focused on a single location and there's no way to figure out if it's a fluke or if there's... —  read more 

I feel completely unprotected

“The customer is always right” is a motto that sometimes needs a little re-examination. I agree that one should always be tactful and respectful in dealing with anyone, not just customers, however, it is true that employees feel very bad in delicate... —  read more 

Walgreens doesn't care

Walgreen protecting employees against covid-19 is a joke. The store I work in in Spokane only has one guard infront of a register wipes are provided to wipe carts but often run out and nobody bothers to check them until a customer ask . employees... —  read more 

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Low ball performance reviews

Are there any other pharmacists out there getting slapped in the face with a less than 3.0 on your annual performance review? This is a first for a lot of us! The rumor is that this is how they are avoiding pay raises/bonuses. It kind of makes... —  read more 

Just a Question

Hey folks, first time poster here. Are there any Windsor CT Distribution Center employees here? If so, how much longer are these 12 hour days going to continue? I do not want to see this throughout the Winter that’s for sure. I’m tired of coiming in... —  read more 

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What would you change here?

I started noticing that the situation is getting worse and worse. I no longer have much hope that things will get better and it is easier for me to find a new job....... Honestly, I don’t even know what I would most like to change here. Radical... —  read more 

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CVS is increasing their pay! $13 is their new minimum starting this month and they will be at 15 by next July! $15 is going to be their minimum for the people who work on the floor so it’ll be like 17-19 for their mgrs! I know CVS is different then... —  read more 

Thinking of coming back

I left a year ago on good terms and I ran into my old store manager a few days ago who said they were hiring. I told him I’d think about it but honestly, when I think about how bad it was there I’m a bit hesitant. I wanted to ask him if things have... —  read more 

What can it hurt?

Everyone should keep their resumes up to date and have their financials in order, but most of all always be looking for a better job. There is nothing wrong with taking control of your future. Granted you can’t control being laid off, but what you... —  read more 

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