Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens

Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens


Tracey Brown. Until this happens, the company will continue to tank. It is literally demonstrative of all that is wrong there. Change your course, show you can and will make decisions that would make your employees feel as though you care. Fire her! ... — read more 


I used to be a long time proponent of WAG. Since The Roz era, I've changed to CVS. Why? Stores still aren't perfect with them, which I'll never understand, BUT, they are staffed, and the staff members are friendly. They are stocked, and product is... — read more 

A failure of management

Company has lost over 60% value in the last five years, shouldn't that say enough. For the ones that have been managing the last five years and telling people what to obviously are doing things wrong...why should anyone listen to... — read more 

The Entire Board

Must GO!! They are all asleep at the wheel. Perhaps the most embarrassing track record of any board....anywhere. How do you sleep at night knowing just how badly you've performed as individuals tasked with leading a company towards success. Weather... — read more 

Replace the Entire Board

How many settlements, how many bad hires, how many bad strategies can be considered accepted for this current Board? Walgreens needs a scorched earth Policy here....they all must go. And how in the h3!! Is Tracey Brown still employed???? The right... — read more 


And just like that, the last benefit is out the window. Nobody in the leadership cares about productivity, we just have to look busy. Everything in this company is make believe.

This needs to happen

Walgreens needs are mid-level leadership purge. directors, managers, VP's - no questions asked, just revoke their access to systems, give them a fat check and send them away. This right here. Not only do we have too many managers at all levels, but... — read more 

Walgreens’ VillageMD to close all Illinois clinics VillageMD has recently closed dozens of clinics, part of a $1 billion cost-cutting plan …

They were so high on doing all this and now look what is happening. It's all beginning to happen. Walgreens closing 60 VillageMD clinics in bid to cut costsThe closures are part of a $1 billion cost-saving strategy the company is implementing on... — read more 

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