Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens

Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens

Always short on staff

I started right before the pandemic hit and there hasn’t been one day that I’ve come to work and we’re not short staffed. I don’t understand why we can’t get more people scheduled or better yet - hire more people. Is this just in my location or is... —  read more 

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Your store is even worse?

My store is ridiculous. They have me down with no hours and there’s a snitch who does almost no work. You have to kiss their but and they are snotty no matter how hard you work. 1 of the worst jobs I’ve had as far as being treated like a person. They... —  read more 

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Lack of employees

I’m too tired. I’ve never had more work to do. I’ve been barely getting to finish everything lately. I am literally overwhelmed with the job. Closest colleagues have the same problem. I don’t know what your situation is like? If this continues, I’m... —  read more 

Roz Brewer....Good Luck!!!

I worked at Sam's Club when Roz Brewer was CEO. Honestly, all she is concerned about are two things.... cutting overall operating costs (meaning jobs) and diversifying the work force by forcing long term employees out for bogus reasons and replacing... —  read more 

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Should we be worried?

Our CFO doesn’t think Amazon’s role in the pharmacy industry will have much of an impact. But I think as online transactions become more of the norm due to the pandemic, what consumer would not want to purchase their medication through Amazon saving... —  read more 

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Walgreens Bonuses

For those of you who have not been with Walgreens for a very long time, managers used to be able to see their P&L statements every month to see how they were doing. Once Pessina and the Boots cronies came on board all of that went away. Why because... —  read more 

600 FTEs gone

Old colleagues just let me know they've been laid off 600 is the number they gave me. Times are tough everywhere. It's going to take a new business model to be in business these days.

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Don’t make this a career

If you need a part time job, then by all means I’d recommend this company to you. But to make it as a career is something I’d advise against especially if you’re looking for something more ‘challenging’. The work is repetitive, there is a lack of... —  read more 

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