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More layoffs?

So the last time all the supervisors had meetings like this we all got laid off. Wonder what's up of course they tell us nothing

I wish it was over already

I'm not sure how much more of this uncertainty I can take. This whole Cigna deal has been a nightmare for us regular employees from the get go. I think it would be easier knowing I was being laid off than having to live with the stress and... read more

It s---s to be working for esrx In a rare instance of bipartisan agreement, lawmakers agree that drug prices are too high. President Trump has pledged to address this... read more
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Layoffs are nothing new at ESI

I worked for many years in the Columbus pharmacy site in a variety of roles, first for Merck-Medco, then Medco, then ESI until I was laid off by Express Scripts in 2016. Medco was a wonderful company to work for, ESI not so much. If roughly 15 years... read more

Plenty of layoffs incoming

On Thursday, the Connecticut-based health insurer Cigna offered to buy Express Scripts in a $52 billion deal that promises about $600 million in what the companies called "retained synergies" primarily from administrative efficiency. "Unfortunately... read more

Got resume?

Express Scripts (ESRX) files a preliminary prospectus with the SEC for a mixed shelf offering. Specific financial terms will be determined at the time of the respective offering.

Work From Home Layoffs

Is it true that some folks who are working from home are being laid off by Express Scripts? I hear that this is the case and wanted to see if someone would be able to share info on this.

CVS, Express Scripts Sued Over EpiPen Pricing By Jacklyn Wille Pharmacy benefit managers CVS Health Corp., Express Scripts Inc., and Prime Therapeutics LLC are in the crosshairs of a new proposed class action challenging the prices of... read more
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Let's save some money for...

Top pharmas team with Express Scripts to gin up savings for cash-paying patients:

A company on life support!

Stock plummets to 59. Over 800 layoffs YTD. Anthem leaving in 2019. Employees fearful of losing their jobs. Terrible senior management....sounds like Disaster RX Company!

Not looking good!

This elevator only has a down button. When Anthem leaves, we will really feel the hurt!

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