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A new prosperous era for RAD,hopefully...

The reverse stock split officially took effect yesterday,and so far there has been no net drop in the adjusted stock price two days in.It finally seems as if the shorties have finally been fleeced.As outdated as my store's interior is(rite Choice... read more
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What is up with stock?

I know the execs/shareholders approved the reverse stock split, (set to take place next monday), but now we're down to 45 cents, and still dropping?? If this keeps up there won't be anything left to split! I thought the last earnings report wasn't... read more
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No worst case scenario in today's earnings report.

The first quarterly earnings since the March 12 shakeup produced a split decision(narrowed loss with a revenue drop with revised guidance)though wall street didn't treat it that way.Plans are in the works to add Amazon lockers at over a third of the... read more
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More store closing?

I heard that Walgreens said they would be closing another ~150 locations that they bought from us instead of converting them to Walgreens. Is this true? Is your store closing? If yes, did they offer you a job? When is this going down? Post any... read more


rumor around the campfire (depending on who you subscribe to) cvs is going to merge with ra that is why standley resigned.. again its rumors that are flying so who knows


is a guy in the trench I'm hoping things will turn around but who knows...theres not much out there
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The Memo

Most people don't get the memo until it lands on their heads. Rite-Aid is just one of hundreds of major corporations axing people the past year or so. The media is even starting to admit the economy is falling apart, which means it has been for a... read more
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Why stay?

My question is why do you rite aid people stay with a failing organization like Rite Aid. 401k is failing, company is doomed in the long run. Especially managers, i work for CVS in Sacramento and we are hiring like crazy, SM, ASM and especially... read more

Other layoffs?

So with 400 layoffs in corporate, what does this mean for the stores? Yea I'm sure things will get harder to get accomplished. But what about the employees in stores? I see it as it's only a matter of time before the stores start closing. But any... read more

Face it

Rite Aid is done. Everybody can see there is no future here. If you are smart, you are already looking for a new job.
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Will anything change?

Now that we know Standley is out for sure, does anybody think whoever they bring in as his replacement will be any better? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it is very improbable. I'm also afraid that once we have new leadership, they'll want to... read more

No real plan

Stock about 70c, no real plan, priorities that change with the wind. Yes-layoffs in March with new fiscal year at corporate. They can do more with less as the field and stores have done for a long time. Can’t pull labor from stores anymore. There’s... read more
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Being a 20-year RAD store-level veteran...

...whose longtime home store closed this past summer, the best thing I can do in the wake of today's bloodbath/shakeup at 30 Hunter Lane is take this with a grain of salt and hope no further closures occur in NorCal anytime soon(8 Sactown-area... read more

State of Rite Aid IT

Given the sorry state of Rite Aid's IT I am surprised the cuts are not deeper. The senior lineup is clueless and if we were to pull the plug on them nobody would notice. When it comes to grunts like you and me, people are hard working and it's OK... read more

Valley Green 30% Cuts

Valley Green lost about 1/3 of its work force yesterday. In total they are looking at about 400 workers being let go.

In work for rite aid corp

Lay offs confirmed. They not done. 200 got laid off yesterday. There 200 more to come. I survived for now. But my department lost 50 percent of our staff. You work for rite aid corp, I suggest get other work asap. There is more they are not... read more

Is it done?

Do we have any idea if all 400 people have been notified or if we can expect to learn about more layoffs before the end of the week? Also, any ideas on what was hit the hardest? I know of departments that didn't lose anybody (yet) so it'd be nice to... read more

Stock price

As of today Nov 20 2018 stock price ended at $1.07 if this goes under $1.00 gets pulled from NYSE so that's game over anyway.. buckle up peeps because the ones in the trenches are always the last to know
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Oh, well…

Oh, 2019 will be an interesting year, sit tight.
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Seven Rite Aid stores closed in Louisville since May

Here's the list, FYI: 9459 Westport Road pharmacy, May 21 8651 Preston Highway pharmacy, July 17 4838 Poplar Level Road pharmacy, July 31 5601 Bardstown Road pharmacy, August 13 701 Valley College Drive pharmacy, August 14 7118 South Side Drive... read more
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This belongs here as well

Found this on Walgreens, but I thought it belonged here as well: We were told for three months during two other stores' liquidations that our store would remain open. We helped close those other two stores while still also working at our own store... read more

Albertsons and Rite Aid merger is a no

Now that we know Albertsons merger fell through, do you think that's a good or bad thing for us? I personally think we are better off like this. Mergers are always bloodbaths, who knows what would be the end result in lost jobs on both sides... read more

Question about closings

I'm not sure if anybody from the closed stores checks this site, but if they do, I have a question regarding severance. Does anybody know who is entitled to severance when a store is closing? Is it all full-timers? And if they are, what kind of... read more
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Five Rite Aid stores in Charlotte closing

Those locations close to Walgreens continue to be screwed over. As part of its deal to buy hundreds of Rite Aid stores, Walgreens will soon close five Charlotte Rite Aid stores, and transfer the prescription records to nearby Walgreens stores... read more
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North Carolina losing three Rite Aid stores

One by one, we keep finding out which stores are closing and which ones will survive the culling of Walgreens merger. The Jacksonville Rite Aid, The Rite Aid at Marine Blvd. in Jacksonville and the Morehead City Rite Aid can be added to the list of... read more
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Rite Aid closings continue

Flowery Branch Rite Aid is closing next week, while the ones in Gainesville and Oakwood are closing at the end of the next month. Being acquired by Walgreens is the worst thing that could have happened to us. I can't believe some people were actually... read more
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How are they picking which stores to close?

I have heard that more Rite Aids that were bought by Walgreens are closing this month and in June. How are they picking who closes and who stays open? Please share where your store is and when your store is closing and also the reasons you were given... read more

Two more Rite Aid stores closing

Two more Rite Aid stores will be closing next month, both in Watertown. I'm not sure when Walgreens plans to stop announcing more closures, but any time now would be great... read more
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More Rite Aid closings

Rite Aid In Springfield will be closing on June 13th. The Walgreens bloodbath continues. The store is located at the intersection of Memorial and Tom Austin Hwy. Customers are being told that their records are being transferred across the street to... read more

Rite aid restructure

Why is no one talking about the dirty underhanded restructure “layoffs” going on at Rite aid!! If you dig deep you’ll see what’s really going on!
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600 Rite Aid stores closing

Posted this on Walgreens board, but I thought to share here as well, since Rite Aid will be the one that will bear the brunt of this consolidation. Rite Aid deal will apparently bring on carnage. Around 600 drugstores will be closed by Walgreens... read more

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