Topics regarding layoffs at Rite Aid Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rite Aid Corp.

Cutting fulltime and hours

Our store cut hours ansld multiple fulltime employees were told they could either be laid off, go part time with 24 hours and no chance for 40 again, or transfer to another store and hope you get more hours. One of them transferred and is getting... —  read more 

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More layoffs?

We all know more layoffs are going to happen sooner rather than later so this wait is driving me insane. I've been trying to find a new job but I've been here long enough that whatever I find doesn't pay enough for me to make the switch right now... —  read more 

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Self checkout

One of the stores near me is being cut from being 24 hours, and is installing self checkout. The 24 hours thing isn't bad, but self checkout sounds like a disaster. People already steal with no problems, people will still need a cashiers assistance... —  read more 

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Hour cuts for holidays

Our store is having hours cut drastically, to the point we barely have any coverage, and there are even shifts where there will be only one person at front end. And this is all during the busiest time of the year. We got an email saying to make sure... —  read more 

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8 days 'till 2019Q3 earnings...

On top of this reflecting the first full quarter under Heyward Donigan's watch,we should expect more clarity on both whether this company is truly headed in the 'rite' direction and the rumored changes to the BOD initially reported on the Y!Finance... —  read more 

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Bodaken and Syms out

Syms LinkedIn has been removed and Bodaken removed Rite Aid from his. Seems as if the integration with EnvisionRX and downsizing was all part of a bigger plan to partner with Pillpack. Rite Aid is going into E-commerce in a big way

Field Service was overstaffed

Too many technicians spent too much time beautifying equipment installations that no customer saw, and meant nothing to the bottom line. Had incompetent FTS regional management not burdened field techs with make-work and administrative tasks and... —  read more 

Thursday earnings report

While this will be Heyward Donigan's first as CEO,it will be still reflective of the the waning days under John Standley's watch as the honorable Ms. Donigan only came aboard a month or two ago.Let's not jump to any conclusions about the company's... —  read more 

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Not a good sign??

Noticed some SEC filings today, that showed execs selling some shares right before earnings tomorrow. Stock actually did well today, up over 8%, but to have a nice rise ahead of earnings and then have execs sell? Something is up. Either short sellers... —  read more 

What is up with stock?

I know the execs/shareholders approved the reverse stock split, (set to take place next monday), but now we're down to 45 cents, and still dropping?? If this keeps up there won't be anything left to split! I thought the last earnings report wasn't... —  read more 

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More store closing?

I heard that Walgreens said they would be closing another ~150 locations that they bought from us instead of converting them to Walgreens. Is this true? Is your store closing? If yes, did they offer you a job? When is this going down? Post any... —  read more 


rumor around the campfire (depending on who you subscribe to) cvs is going to merge with ra that is why standley resigned.. again its rumors that are flying so who knows


is a guy in the trench I'm hoping things will turn around but who knows...theres not much out there

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The Memo

Most people don't get the memo until it lands on their heads. Rite-Aid is just one of hundreds of major corporations axing people the past year or so. The media is even starting to admit the economy is falling apart, which means it has been for a... —  read more 

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