Topics regarding layoffs at GNC

Topics regarding layoffs at GNC


I am a SM for GNC in PA. They've already closed 8 stores(I don't think permanently) and dissolved my region into another. Half of my staff is furloughed. Just so there's no confusion, GNC is allowing people to CHOOSE furlough. They're not laying... — read more 

GNC will not recover

More and more stores have been closing for good even before this pandemic hit. Now with the latest developments, this really might be the last nail in the coffin for this company. It makes me sad, really. This is not a bad place to work. Actually... — read more 

Double trouble

Me and my wife work for GNC - I am on a contract she's a FTE. We are both furloughed right now. The company has been good to us and we both hope we'll be back to work soon. Do not lose hope. Keep your skills up to date - this will pass and we'll be... — read more 


THEY LAID OFF ALMOST 100 people in October 2018 with no warning, people who had been there for decades! I am one of them. If they go bankrupt, it serves them right for treating their employees so horribly

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It's getting tougher

I hope they will not be cutting any more, but things are not going well. Folks are buying more online and this is putting pressure on everyone at GNC.

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GNC closing 200 stores

In news that surprises exactly nobody working at GNC, the company has announced it will close 200 stores this year. To be honest, with the kind of debt we are carrying, I'm more surprised the number is not significantly higher than 200. Anybody knows... — read more 

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