Topics regarding layoffs at Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.

Good financial results

It was good to see the company report solid financial results. As far as layoffs go, I don't think we have anything to worry about right now. Hopefully, things will continue like this in the future. I enjoy working at Sally Beauty and not having to... — read more 

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This is going to hurt

A beauty supply retailer has announced plans to close select stores and distribution centers before the end of the year. Sally Beauty Supply announced it will be closing about 350 stores starting in December, with most of the retail locations... — read more 

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Closings and layoffs on the way

They are closing 2 BSG warehouses one in Pottsville, Pennsylvania another one in Oregon both in December. Sally warehouses are next they have a massive warehouse in Texas that’s gonna pump the work out. Sally warehouse workers WILL BE NEXT. They lied... — read more 

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More closings

Marinette Warehouse announced its closing today by the end of June. I honestly thought we were done with closings announcements, and now this. Sad news, especially for the employees. Do we have any idea when this will stop? When we won't have to... — read more 

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Closing Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are closing. First step is Anchorage, Alaska, Denton, Texas and Lincoln, Nebraska. Second step Clackamas Oregon, Pottsville, Pennsylvania and Marinette, Wisconsin. Step three once new distribution center in Texas is built will be... — read more 

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Major closings expected!

For those who missed it, Sally Beauty will be closing up to 100 stores as part of its restructuring or transformation or whatever it is they are calling it these days. Plus they mentioned things like saving costs through things like organizational... — read more 

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corporate peopleneed to move quickly stop nodding your head because you afraid to do your job feel bad for u

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They let people go today for no rhyme or reason, performance #s were not a factor. And the severance package being given to management is a f---ing joke. The call today was a scripted call with zero sympathy.

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SBH2020 Project?

Just curious if anyone knows what this is. They are making all of management stay home on 4/4 to "talk to us". Very disconcerting...I smell riffs again. Thoughts?

Hostile work enviroment

Since we are opening up about Sally Beauty, let me join in. I’ve been with Sally Beauty for a little over 2 years and I have to admit, I don’t know which is worse - the customers I am serving or the team I am working with. Customers can sometimes... — read more 

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Invest in your employees

The only good thing I can say about Sally Beauty is the company lets us have product samples and employee discounts - which doesn’t say much. We are given a huge amount of responsibilities, antiquated equipment, and very few hours to work with - all... — read more 

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Amazon and Sallys

So, it is clear we are doing something with Amazon, lying to your employees isn't fair! Be truthful if we need to look for new jobs,we've been loyal to you, try being loyal to us for once!

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Amazon and Sallys

So, it is clear we are doing something with Amazon, lying to your employees isn't fair! Be truthful if we need to look for new Nobel we've been loyal to you, try being loyal to us for once!

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Sally Beauty stores closing

Executives are managers are being laid off - stores are closing - what else to add. Can you please say which stores? I've been trying to find more info on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything on this. Is this a rumor, or has it been... — read more 

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Store closings

There is no official store closing list - there are some rumors flying around and there is one store that will be closed. This information will be guarded as if they announce anything ahead of time people would be jumping the ship and leaving in... — read more 

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