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Ulta Closing All Stores Hoax

Do not fall for this. there is a ton of information on the web about how this hoax originated and it had to do with a statement that Sephora was buying Ulta and closing all the stores. The hoax was certainly: Completely false No stores are closing... read more

No layoffs and no store closures at Ulta, but...

This is going to be a long rand on Ulta… Here at Ulta it feels like the company and the management do not trust employees or treats employees with trust and respect. For example, our bags must be clear – I’ve worked at many retailers and this was not... read more
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Ulta Problems Abound

I'll start with my rant about pay - here at Ulta, our pay is low for responsibilities expected to fulfill. Period, it's low and they (exec mgmt) knows it - this is by design.... No time is given to recruit or network outside their 4 walls, you must... read more
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Working for ULTA

Prepare to have fun while working here at ULTA - here is a few bullets to bring you up to speed on the work culture here: Too much gossip and backstabbing Hours are bad - between 4 to 10 a week Mgmt is sometimes rude to customers and employees... read more

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