Topics regarding layoffs at ULTA

Topics regarding layoffs at ULTA

Will layoffs continue?

I know retail was spared so far but can we be sure it's going to stay like that? Also, is anybody willing to share severance info with us - if there was any? Just to know what we can expect in case it's our turn next? I have to add, I think it's... — read more 

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Designers Laid Off 8/25

Multiple part time designers (D1 from the old system) were laid off 8/25 nation wide. Utah, New York, Nevada, California. Salon managers and prestige managers will be combined into one position in November and will not be grandfathered in.

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Ulta Closing All Stores Hoax

Do not fall for this. there is a ton of information on the web about how this hoax originated and it had to do with a statement that Sephora was buying Ulta and closing all the stores. The hoax was certainly: Completely false No stores are closing... — read more 

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Ulta Problems Abound

I'll start with my rant about pay - here at Ulta, our pay is low for responsibilities expected to fulfill. Period, it's low and they (exec mgmt) knows it - this is by design.... No time is given to recruit or network outside their 4 walls, you must... — read more 

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Working for ULTA

Prepare to have fun while working here at ULTA - here is a few bullets to bring you up to speed on the work culture here: Too much gossip and backstabbing Hours are bad - between 4 to 10 a week Mgmt is sometimes rude to customers and employees... — read more 

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